The Age of Rebirth: The Cannon Fodder Elder Sister Brings a Sister To Counterattack

Chapter 51 Misunderstand

Chapter 51 Misunderstanding

Tian Shao knew that Tian Lingling was a little surprised to find her, but she felt that there was no need to hide it.

The next day, Tian Lingling came to her after get off work: “Big girl, your mother said you were working in the county seat, so I thought you were being cheated. So you are here to do accounting with Accounting Chen!”

There was a complaint in the words, which made Tian Shao feel uncomfortable: “The opportunity is rare, I just want to try.”

Tian Lingling hesitated and asked: “Big girl, are you sure?”

Tian Shao smiled and said: “I will do my best to take the exam. I have fought for it, and I won’t regret it even if I fail.”

I have been preparing for the exam for more than ten days, and it is not good to talk about frustration at this time. Tian Lingling smiled and said: “Big girl, if you need my help, just ask, if I can’t do it, you can go to the third brother.”

Tian Shao felt that Tian Jianle had already helped him a lot, so there was no need to trouble others: “No, I don’t need anything here.”

Tian Lingling invited her to a state-run restaurant for dinner, but Tian Shao politely declined, saying that he would read a book after dinner: “Now every minute and every second is precious to me.”

Having said that, Tian Lingling couldn’t force her anymore: “Then I’ll treat you to dinner after you finish the exam.”

This time Tian Shao agreed.

Aunt Tian knew that Tian Lingling was Tian Jianle’s younger sister, and warmly invited her to stay for dinner: “Lingling, Jianle and my family are just like brothers, you are welcome when you come to Auntie’s house as if you were at your own. !”

As soon as Tian Lingling heard it, she understood that her brother had found the house. After leaving Wei’s house, she went to the transportation company to find Tian Jianle. Coincidentally, Tian Jianle came back from the car.

Tian Lingling questioned her: “Brother, you are looking for a house for Da Ya so that she can stay in the county to prepare for the exam. Why didn’t you tell me such a big thing?”

Although she didn’t understand why she was angry, Tian Jianle still explained: “Aunt Li doesn’t want people to know that Da Ya is preparing for the exam in the county, so Da Ya asked me not to tell this matter. Lingling, it’s not a big deal. Why are you angry? ?”

“Brother, am I someone else? I am your sister.”

Tian Jianle said strangely: “This is not an important matter, what does it matter if you know?”

Tian Lingling said angrily: “It doesn’t matter why, Aunt Li said that Da Ya found a temporary job in the county, and now Da Ya suspects that this job was found by you. Then Mother accidentally told about the recruitment of elementary school workers, The eldest sister-in-law can’t hide her words, and the second sister-in-law will definitely make trouble if she finds out.”

Tian Jianle really has nothing to worry about: “Da Ya said that all she needs to do is to help her sign up for the primary school recruitment exam, and I don’t need to take care of the rest.”

The woman’s junior high school diploma was mixed up. If she was asked to take the exam, it would be strange if she passed the exam.

Tian Lingling said very unhappy: “If you don’t pass the exam, we will definitely have to help you find a job.”

It is not easy to find a job in the city. Not only do you need contacts, but you also need to spend a lot of money. Relatively speaking, the job of an elementary school teacher does not require too much effort.

Tian Jianle was silent for a while and said: “My aunt is at Wei’s house. She gets up before dawn every day to memorize and studies in the middle of the night. Aunt Wei told me that she has never seen someone who works so hard. The other accountant Chen treats her the same way.” Full of praise, I have inquired, this person is very strict and rarely praises others.”

“You mean, she must be able to enter the textile factory?”

“I mean, even if she doesn’t get into the textile factory, with her ability, she will definitely be able to work in an elementary school.”

Tian Lingling was disgusted when she heard this, but she was smart enough not to say it. After all, Tian Daya is her savior, and speaking ill of the other party will make her feel heartless.

“What about the eldest brother’s work?”

Tian Jianle still respects Mrs. Tian very much. Although she has many minor problems, she is diligent and filial to her parents. He said: “You don’t have to worry about this matter, I will tell my eldest brother and sister-in-law when I get home.”

“That’s OK.”

The driver of the transportation company will take two to three days off for long-distance travel. The next morning, Tian Jianle went to Wei’s house to visit Tian Shao, but Tian Shao happened to be in class so he didn’t bother him.

When Tian Shao took a break, Aunt Wei handed her a big bag of things, and said with a smile that Tian Jianle bought it.

Aunt Wei said with a smile: “Big ya, Jianle said that you bothered to study and bought malted milk to replenish your body. Big ya, Jianle really has nothing to say to you, you should cherish it!”

Tian Shao’s heart skipped a beat when she heard the word cherish, but she couldn’t explain it because they didn’t specifically name her, otherwise she couldn’t explain clearly: “Brother Jianle is really good. People in our village will help if they ask him.”

After entering the house, Tian Shao opened the bag, and seeing the contents, she immediately understood why Aunt Wei had misunderstood it. There is a can of malted milk, a box of biscuits, a pack of peach cakes, a pack of white rabbit toffee and six boxes of canned meat in this bag.

Looking at the things placed on the bed, Accountant Chen couldn’t help but ask, “Brother, are you and Tian Jianle brothers and sisters of the same clan?”

Before she thought they were brothers and sisters of the same clan, but after hearing what Aunt Wei said, she felt that she might have misunderstood.

Tian Shao hopes to be a brother of the same clan, so that he can avoid many troubles, but unfortunately he is not: “Tian Jianle’s ancestral home is Henan, and his grandfather fled here when there was a disaster there.”

Accountant Chen reminded: “If you are not a sibling of the same clan, then you should not get too close to Tian Jianle in the future, or you will be misunderstood.”

Tian Shao explained: “Aunt Chen, Tian Jianle helped me so much because I saved Tian Lingling, and he repaid his sister’s favor.”

Speaking of which, Tian Jianle is much more affectionate and righteous than Tian Lingling. She lives here and Tian Jianle has come over twice, each time bringing something, but Tian Lingling came here on purpose and was empty-handed.

Accountant Chen also thought that Tian Jianle’s help was a life-saving grace, but he didn’t think so when he saw the things he sent.

After thinking about it in her heart, she said: “Big girl, it is reasonable for Tian Lingling to come forward for these matters, but she doesn’t even know that you are staying in the county to prepare for the exam. On the other hand, Tian Jianle is helping you find a house and coming to the door every now and then. Asking about you and sending so many things, I think he may have other thoughts about you.”

Tian Shao laughed and said, “It’s nothing. Aunt Chen, you don’t know. For some reason, someone pretended to be Tian Lingling’s savior, and Tian Jianle asked her parents to give him a lot of things.”

After a pause, she explained the reason why Tian Jianle was able to work in the transportation company: “He helped me in this way. Firstly, he valued his love and generosity; secondly, he probably wanted the Jiang family to think that their family was grateful.”

Accountant Chen dispelled his doubts, but he still reminded: “If he is really interested in you, don’t agree, he is not worthy of you.”

Tian Shao laughed and said, “Aunt Chen, brother Jianle is a good worker and also values ​​love and righteousness. He is a very good marriage partner. It’s just that he and I are not on the same road, so you don’t have to worry.”

She does not reject marriage, but the future husband must be handsome and have common topics with her. There is no way, since she was a child, she has been a pretty dog, and she looks down on those who are not handsome.

“You can’t think better than that.”

(end of this chapter)

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