The Age of Rebirth: The Cannon Fodder Elder Sister Brings a Sister To Counterattack

Chapter 43 old clothes

Chapter 43 Old Clothes

Li Aihua turned on the TV for Li Sankui to watch, and then dragged Tian Shao into the room. This room is small but well planned. The bed is against the left wall, the wardrobe is directly opposite, and the desk is in front of the window.

Tian Shao thought she was going to whisper to herself, but she didn’t expect that she would drag out the camphor wood box under the bed: “Lingling, these are my old clothes, take them back if you don’t mind.”

The clothes on Tian Shao’s body have been patched with more than a dozen patches, and this is considered the best clothes in the Tian family. The old clothes that Li Aihua took out were 60% to 70% new and had no patches. It was too late for Tian Shao to be grateful for such good clothes, but she deliberately pretended to be sorry when she looked at these clothes: “Sister Li, I don’t care about these clothes.” If you can’t wear it, you should give it to someone else!”

She didn’t like to use second-hand goods since she was a child, even if the clothes were new and fit her, she wouldn’t wear them.

Li Aihua said with a smile: “Don’t you have four younger sisters? Take it back and wear it for them!”

Tian Shao didn’t refuse any more, took all the dark-colored clothes inside, and then explained: “My younger sister and the others are going to work in the fields, bright-colored clothes are not suitable for them, you should keep them for relatives and friends !”

Li Aihua stuffed a light blue shirt into her hand, and then dragged her to the next room. The layout of the room next door is the same as Li Aihua’s, but the area is bigger.

Li Aihua also dragged out a box from under the bed. The clothes in this box were black, gray, army green, khaki and other dark-colored clothes.

Li Aihua said with a smile: “These are my brother’s old clothes. He is so tall that he can’t wear them now. Lingling, these clothes are resistant to dirt. If you don’t mind my brother wearing them, take them back.”

Tian Shao didn’t refuse this time, and she couldn’t bear to refuse. She stuffed all the twenty yuan that Li’s mother gave back to Li Aihua.

Seeing that Li Aihua didn’t accept it, she smiled and said, “Sister Li, you can accept it! I took advantage of the 20 yuan for these clothes and trousers. If you accept them, I dare not take these clothes.”

Then she added: “Sister Aihua, this money is not for you, but for your brother. If you take his clothes without her consent, you have to give him some compensation, otherwise it’s not good.”

Li Aihua couldn’t agree with her, so Shi Shi had no choice but to accept the money.

I didn’t put the things in the back basket, but took a cloth bag from Li’s house. Unfortunately, when I went downstairs, I ran into the old lady Huang.

Before the old lady could speak, Li Aihua smiled and said, “Aunt Huang, my mother ordered me to give Lingling the old clothes that I can’t wear at home.”

Old lady Huang’s complexion suddenly turned ugly. She had asked Mother Li for old clothes before, but Mother Li said that she had already given them to relatives, but now it seems that she is not giving them to relatives but is unwilling to give them to her.

Li Aihua ignored her, and said to Tian Shao, “Let’s go!”

Arrived on the street, Li Aihua looked up and said, “Lingling, it’s so sunny, it takes about 20 minutes to walk to the transportation company, so let me take you there!”

Tian Shao smiled and said: “We usually work under the sun, and now it’s nothing to rush. Sister Aihua, you should go to work quickly, you can’t be late, or you will be exploited by people with malicious intentions.” .”

Hearing this, Li Aihua rode his bicycle away without hesitation.

When the two siblings were left, Li Sankui said excitedly: “Sister, that TV is really good-looking. There is also that electric fan, it is so comfortable to blow on the body.”

Tian Shao looked at him amusedly. He didn’t move his **** when he said he was going back just now. It was obvious that the TV was too exciting and he didn’t want to go home: “We will buy one when we make money ourselves.”

Hearing this, the starlight in Li Sankui’s eyes instantly dimmed: “This TV must be very expensive, how can we afford it?”

Tian Shao said with a smile: “We definitely can’t afford it now, but as long as you listen to me, I guarantee that both of us will have a TV within five years.”


“Of course it is true. If you don’t believe me, just wait and see. I will definitely be able to enter the textile factory in a month.”

She could actually come to the county alone this time, and she brought Sankui here not because she really wanted him to protect her, nor because she needed him to carry things, but because she wanted him to see the world. Boys will definitely want to go out as long as they see the colorfulness outside.

Uncle was so kind to their family, Tian Shao also wanted to bring Li Sankui out. As for the other cousins, it will be his business when Li Sankui emerges.

Thinking about Tian Shao’s performance in the city these two days, Li Sankui said: “Cousin, I believe you.”

“If you believe in me, you must read the characters first, and I will talk about the rest later.”

Li Sankui’s face suddenly collapsed, it’s so difficult to read characters!

After walking for about half an hour, the siblings finally arrived at the transportation company.

On the walls on both sides of the transportation company’s gate, there are slogans such as “labor is the most glorious”, “promote revolution, engage in transportation”, and “safety is the first”. Tian Shao thinks it has the characteristics of the times.

Just as the two were about to pass, a large truck drove out of it. Li Sankui shouted excitedly: “Cousin, cousin, look, this is a car, this is a big truck.”

Seeing him like this, Tian Shao decided to ask Li Sankui to go out more when he saw Uncle Li next time. Otherwise, he would be very excited when he saw a big truck, and he would not be laughed at when dealing with people like this ignorant person.

The big truck drove by, and Tian Shao ate a mouthful of ashes. She ignored the excited Li Sankui, crossed the road and said to the guard: “Master, I’m looking for Tian Jianle, is he in this company today?”

After speaking, he handed over a cigarette with both hands.

The doorman felt that the little girl was quite capable, took his cigarette and put it on the table and asked, “Who are you? What can I do with Tian Jianle?”

Tian Shao smiled and said: “My name is Tian Daya, and I am Tian Jianle’s younger sister. I made an appointment the day before yesterday to come to see him at noon today.”

She specifically said she was her sister, because she was worried that people here would misunderstand her. After all, Tian Jianle didn’t have a date yet, and a big girl came to him, so it wouldn’t be suspicious. As for not declaring her name, firstly, she was worried that Tian Jianle would not know her name, and secondly, she was worried that someone might misunderstand her as her younger sister, Tian Lingling.

Tian Jianle has been studying here for six years, so someone must know her sister. I was misunderstood and thought that touching porcelain would be unbeautiful. Alas, if it wasn’t for Tian Lingling’s name on the graduation certificate, she would have changed her name now.

The guard nodded and said, “Tian Jianle has come to work, you wait here, I’ll send someone to call him out.”

“Thank you, sir.”

There was a car coming from outside, Li Sankui followed the car with his eyes, and when the car drove in and disappeared, he said to Tian Shao: “Cousin, it would be great if I could learn to drive in the future!”

Tian Shao glanced at him, smiled and said, “If you want to learn to drive in five years, I will find someone to teach you.”

Li Sankui thought she was joking, and said with a smile: “Cousin, I will remember what you said.”

“Remember well, I will definitely fulfill my promise in five years.” It will be difficult to buy a car five years later. After all, it is not easy to buy a car at that time, but it will be a trivial matter for Li Sankui to learn to drive.

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