The Age of Rebirth: The Cannon Fodder Elder Sister Brings a Sister To Counterattack

Chapter 313 cooked raw rice

Chapter 313 Raw rice and cooked rice

Erya knew that Sankui wanted to live with them, and strongly objected. It’s not that she can’t tolerate Sankui, but that she thinks that Sankui, a big man, will gossip if he lives with their sisters.

Tian Shao felt that she was really tormented by those old-school ideas, and said: “San Kui is our younger brother, what can we gossip about when we live together? You don’t want to study more, I don’t know what you are thinking all day long. If you If you feel that you won’t be able to marry a good man after affecting your reputation, then move out.”

Erya said: “I am a temporary worker and cannot apply for a bed.”

This is really rather to move out than live under the same roof with Sankui, this feudal thinking is heavy enough. Tian Shao said: “If you can’t apply for a bed, you can rent a room. Anyway, you don’t need to cook, and you can rent a room for up to three yuan.”

Erya is reluctant, three yuan can buy a lot of things, even meat can buy more than four catties. She struggled for a while and asked, “Then we moved, will Sankui live with us after we move?”

The house raised by the factory will be completed this month, and it is not like there will be formaldehyde in the future. Now that the house is built and the walls are painted, it can be moved in after it dries.

Tian Shao said: “I don’t like to live in high-rise buildings. I have already changed houses with Sister Aihua, and we will all live here from now on.”

Erya’s mouth was wide open, and when she regained her senses, she was about to ask questions, but she suddenly came to her senses looking at Tian Shao’s indifferent eyes. He didn’t dare to question Tian Shao, but asked implicitly: “Sister, do parents know about this?”

“Yes, I told them.”

Seeing that Tian Shao didn’t want to continue talking, Erya continued to ask: “Did mother agree?”

How is this possible, how could the parents agree to such an outrageous thing.

Tian Shao looked at Erya, and said seriously: “The house is mine, and how I want to deal with it is my business. Tell them, it is my respect for them, and it doesn’t mean they can make decisions for me.”

Er Ya’s face flushed red, the meaning of these words made her stop thinking about it. She wanted to live in a building, so she dared to have other ideas.

She felt wronged, but she didn’t dare to argue with Tian Shao. Even her parents can’t control her anymore, if she dares to say more, she will be kicked out.

San Kui felt a little sorry to see the two sisters arguing with him: “Sister, if you forget it, I’ll go to the dormitory.”

Tian Shao said: “This house is mine, and I’ll just say what I say. No one else, including your uncle and aunt, can make up my mind for me. Well, it’s getting late today, so go back and rest! We’ll move everything out on Sunday.” come over.”

The third leader answered and left.

Erya lay on the bed depressed, but after smelling the smell of medicine, she went to the kitchen and said to Tian Shao who was lighting the fire, “Go in and read, I’ll make the medicine.”

Tian Shao got up very simply, and said, “Don’t talk about changing houses.”

Erya said reluctantly, I know, and lowered her head to light the fire.

The next evening Tian Shao was having dinner when there was a knock on the door. Although the law and order in the county is very good now, Tian Shao still locks the door habitually when he stays at home, and Erya does the same when he is at home.

“Who is it?”

Hearing Tian Jianle’s voice, she opened the door and asked with a smile, “Brother Jianle, why are you here?”

After speaking, he invited him into the yard, the door was not closed but only ajar. Poured a glass of water for Tian Jianle, seeing him hesitant to speak, Tian Shao smiled and said: “Brother Jianle, you are here for Sister Zhang’s business, right?”

Tian Jianle said with some embarrassment: “Xiao Shao, I wanted to tell you about this a few days ago, but I didn’t know how to say it. Huilan, she is actually quite good, but I misunderstood her before.”

Tian Shao burst out laughing, and said, “There’s nothing wrong with that. I don’t like Zhang Huilan, but you are the one who has a relationship with her and wants to spend the rest of her life with her. As long as you like it, that’s fine.”

She didn’t know what method Zhang Huilan used to win Tian Jianle and make him change his mind and marry her. However, she had already reminded Tian Jianle before, and she was doing her best, no matter how much she wanted to do, she was unwilling to do it. Furthermore, everything has two sides. Zhang Huilan predicts the future and uses it properly. With her assistance, Tian Jianle may be able to reach a higher level than in her previous life!

Tian Jianle saw that she really didn’t care, and said, “Big girl, I’m going to the provincial capital on Saturday to discuss the wedding date, and it should be at the end of this month if nothing else happens. Xiao Shao, you must come to have a wedding banquet then!”

Tian Shao asked suspiciously: “Why are you in such a hurry?”

Tian Jianle said somewhat unnaturally: “My parents hope to get married soon, after all, they are not young. Besides, the weather in July and August is too hot, and the food will easily spoil.”

Tian Shao didn’t understand what he looked like. The two of them must have become a good thing, so they were eager to get married. After all, it is not a good reputation to get pregnant before marriage.

As a reborn person full of hands/king bombs, he would use such indecent means to tie down a man. For Zhang Huilan, Tian Shao was really convinced. At the same time, he also decided not to go to Tian Jianle unless necessary. Well, it’s better not to make it too obvious so as not to be suspected by Zhang Huilan. Anyway, she will leave Yongning County the next year at the latest, and naturally there will be no more contact with her by then.

Tian Shao changed the subject with a smile: “I asked Zhao Gongan two days ago, and he said that Chihu’s case has been closed. Now that Gu Fei is back, as long as he doesn’t go back to his old job and is honest, the Public Security Bureau will not arrest him. “

As for Qin Ge, he doesn’t take a small guy to heart. The reason why Gu Fei had to go back to the county seat was that Tian Shao had many things that were inconvenient for him to do.

Tian Jianle did not object again this time, and the few people Gu Fei had offended before were all arrested. After the black/market is also a big change this time, as long as Gu Fei doesn’t do this business anymore, he will be fine.

The two were talking, and Arya came back.

Tian Jianle greeted him and went back. Before leaving, he said to Tian Shao: “Big girl, Sankui is also working in the transportation company now. If there is anything in the future, you can ask Sankui to take it with you.”

Tian Shao knew that she was going to get married and began to avoid suspicion, but this was exactly what she wanted.

After he left, Erya hesitated for a while and said: “Eldest sister, I heard that she is very close to that female educated youth. Eldest sister, you should stop having more contact with him in the future!”

Tian Shao smiled and said, “He and Zhang Huilan are dating and will get married soon.”

Erya was worried that Tian Shao was interested in Tian Jianle before, but now she looks relieved: “It’s fine if you get married, so that Xu Xiaohong won’t always spread rumors about you. But I don’t think Zhang Zhiqing is a good match, and their family will meet again in the future.” It’s more lively.”

Hearing her gloating tone, Tian Shao shook his head and said, “Whether others are good or bad has nothing to do with us, as long as we live our lives well.”

Erya knew that she and Tian Shao couldn’t chat, so she changed the subject cleverly: “Sister, you haven’t boiled the medicine yet, have you? I’ll make it for you. By the way, you only have eight packs of medicine left, so you have to go quickly.” Grab the medicine.”

Tian Shao waved his hands and said, “No more grabbing, just finish eating this.”

(end of this chapter)

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