The Age of Rebirth: The Cannon Fodder Elder Sister Brings a Sister To Counterattack

Chapter 298 Song Mingyang

Chapter 298 Song Mingyang

There was no moonlight, no stars, and it was dark, with the mournful chirping of crickets everywhere. Song Mingyang is used to walking at night and is not afraid, and even likes this kind of night. It was pitch black, no one would come out at night like this, and he was safer.

After walking for an hour and a half, I returned to my place of residence in the dark.

Old man Song hurriedly opened the door when he heard the movement, and was relieved to see him intact. Every time his grandson went out at night, he was afraid of any accidents.

He helped Song Mingyang put the basket on the ground, and asked strangely: “Aren’t you going to fetch medicinal materials? Why is it so heavy?”

Song Mingyang only cared about the journey, and didn’t look at the things inside. He lit the fire first, and then took out the contents of the backpack. Seeing him take out a can of milk powder, Mr. Song said in surprise, “Did this girl take it by mistake?”

Song Mingyang didn’t speak, and continued to take out two cans of milk powder from the back basket, besides that, there were canned meat, toffee, rice, and a pack of medicine was placed at the bottom.

Old Master Song saw that Song Mingyang had taken a letter inside, and hurriedly stopped him: “Don’t open it, this letter might belong to that girl.”

“Grandpa, this letter must be for us.” Song Mingyang also had his reasons for saying this. This pack of medicine only weighs two or three catties, but these things add up to thirty catties, and there is absolutely no way they could be taken by mistake.

Mr. Song also had a cautious temperament developed in the past few years. After listening to his explanation, he nodded and agreed to open the envelope. There was no word in the envelope, only one hundred yuan and twenty catties of food stamps.

Seeing these things, Mr. Song was sure that Tian Shao had given the wrong things, no one would stuff money and food into the basket. He said puzzledly: “Xiaoqiao said that this girl came from the countryside, and it has only been more than half a year since she was admitted to the textile factory. Where did she get so many good things?”

Song Mingyang was silent for a while and said: “Grandpa, let’s keep the things. I will return the money and food to her in two days.”

Except for the old man, the other two grandpas are not in good health. These things are timely rain for them. With so many things, it is unreasonable to ask for money and food.

According to Mr. Song’s original intention, he sent back everything except the medicinal materials, but he felt distressed after seeing his thin grandson: “Leave them all! Mingyang, you remember this favor, and you will have a chance to repay this girl in the future.”

Song Mingyang nodded, and then said softly: “Grandpa, you must cheer up and wait until the day when your grievances are avenged.”

Old Master Song thought about Li Qiao’s words. Even a little girl has such beliefs. He should believe it even more: “Don’t worry, my old bones didn’t fall down so quickly.”

Song Mingyang left some things behind, and then said to Mr. Song: “Grandfather, I’ll XZ these things up first. You cook some porridge, it nourishes the stomach.”

When I first came here, several cadres from the village came to search from time to time, and a lot of things were taken away in the previous two raids. When Song Mingyang gained experience, he hid things and made them for a few old people at night. He is good at hiding things and has not been found so far.

After Song Mingyang recovered Dong XZ, he turned back and found that the other three old people had also woken up by the smell of porridge. People who gnaw sweet potatoes and eat wild vegetables here every day rarely see fine grains. Weakness and collapse of faith have already gone to several.

Several old men were talking while lighting the fire, and everyone showed long-lost smiles. What brought all this was not a few catties of rice and canned meat, but what Tian Shao said to Li Qiao before. These old people saw hope, and now they got medicinal materials, so they all cheered up.

Song Mingyang had a sore nose, turned his head and wiped away his tears, and stood guard outside, guarding against anyone approaching. In fact, the farm work is busy now, and the villagers are exhausted. In addition, it is dark, except for a few ill-intentioned people, they will not come out.

Tian Shao didn’t know that her words were intended to cheer up Li Qiao, but she didn’t expect to affect so many people. But if she knew, she would say more.

Because he was worried about this matter, Tian Shao found a time to go to the transportation company to find Tian Jianle. Unfortunately, he left the car and hasn’t come back yet. That’s the bad thing about being a truck driver. You can’t find someone when you have something to do.

Tian Shao didn’t go back to the office either, and went directly to the construction site to watch. The foundation is being laid now, but the speed is very fast, and half of it has been completed in just a few days. Because the factory sent people to watch it specially, and the employees who paid the money would also come to see it after get off work, so Tian Shao didn’t worry about quality problems.

Turning around the construction site, Tian Shao found that the engineering team was constructing according to the blueprint design and went back.

Walking down the office building, I happened to meet Tangyuanyuan coming out of it.

Tang Yuanyuan pulled her aside and said, “Xiao Shao, I just went to find you, and you are not in the office.”

“Is there a problem?”

Tang Yuanyuan really has something to do, she lowered her head and said: “Xiao Shao, don’t you know a very powerful doctor in the provincial capital? Can you tell me her address, I want to see this doctor.”

Tian Shao frowned and said, “You haven’t been married for half a year, so what’s the rush?”

It’s not Tang Yuanyuan who is in a hurry, but her mother-in-law. The sister-in-law was pregnant in the second month after entering the door. She held the two for three years. She had no stomach movement for half a year and was urged every day.

Tian Shao asked: “Did you and Deng Jing go to the hospital for an examination?”

Tang Yuanyuan nodded and said: “I checked, both of us are fine. Xiao Shao, I heard that the doctor cured your cousin, so I want to ask her to help me adjust my body.”

Tian Shao shook his head and said: “The last time I went for a follow-up visit, the old doctor said that he would go back to his hometown in a few days and would not go back to Jiang Province for a short time. But even if she didn’t leave, she wouldn’t prescribe you medicine if you were fine. Yes. Sister Aihua went with us last time, and I wanted to ask her to prescribe some medicines, but the old man said that she is in good health and does not need to take medicines.”

Tang Yuanyuan had a bitter face, urging her every day, and she dared not go back.

Tian Shao saw her frown, thought for a while and said: “The old man said that it is easy to conceive if you maintain a happy mood, but if you are very nervous and think about having a child every day, it is not easy to conceive. I think you can move out to live for a while.” Time, maybe I’ll get pregnant when I feel better!”

This is not nonsense, but many doctors in later generations said so. The more I want a child, the more I can’t get pregnant. I tried for a long time and gave up when I saw no hope. Instead, I got pregnant immediately. There is also a saying that traveling is also very easy to conceive a child.

Tang Yuanyuan was very surprised, and said: “There is such a saying?”

Tian Shao smiled and said: “I don’t know, it’s the old doctor who said that. What he said after practicing medicine for more than 40 years is based on experience. I think you might as well give it a try, maybe it will be effective!”

Being born every day, Tang Yuanyuan is also a little annoyed: “Okay, I will discuss with Jing Xian at night and then find a house to move out.”

(end of this chapter)

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