The Age of Rebirth: The Cannon Fodder Elder Sister Brings a Sister To Counterattack

Chapter 297 Buy medicine (seeking subscription)

Chapter 297 Buying Medicine (for Subscription)

Tian Shao took an hour off at noon the next day to go home to get ginseng, and then sent the ginseng and the little Tian Qi he left to Li Qiao.

After the medicine was delivered, Tian Shao also got the two lists made by the other party. One is the names of various medicinal materials, which can be seen as prescriptions at a glance; the other is the materials needed.

After scanning, there were actually a lot of names of herbs listed on it, Tian Shao asked strangely: “Teacher, is there any doctor in there?”

Li Qiao nodded and said: “There is a Chinese medicine doctor, who is fifty-eight years old this year. He treats bruises, and he is also good at other things. This time, my uncle fell ill, and it was thanks to the traditional Chinese medicine he boiled that he saved his life.”

Tian Shao asked: “By the way, teacher, which village do they live in Sanhe Commune?”

Hearing that it was Majia Village, Tian Shao secretly thought it was a coincidence. Tian Jianle’s maternal ancestor’s home is Majia Village in Sanhe Commune. She thought she would find an opportunity to find Tian Jianle and see if they could improve their living environment. These people can return to their posts as long as they survive for another year, and continue to shine for the country’s educational cause.

Thinking of this, Tian Shao asked: “Teacher, is this uncle of yours also a teacher at the university?”

Hearing that this old gentleman used to be a master of physics at Qingda University, Tian Shao’s heart felt hot. This is really sleepy and sent a pillow. But don’t worry about this matter, people are not in good health and they are powerless. After taking care of your body, just ask them to help you with some questions.

Tian Shao returned to the rented room, she copied the two checklists, and then burned the originals. Looking at this new list, she frowned and thought about what to do? The necessary supplies can be bought on the black market, but medicinal materials, ginseng and other tonics have to be bought in the provincial capital. There may be some in the district, but the goal is too big, and it is not worthwhile to go to the provincial capital just for this purpose.

As soon as she went to work the next morning, Zhao Xiaorou noticed that her expression was not right. She endured it until noon when everyone else had left before she asked, “What’s the matter with you, frowning as soon as you come here? Another person who doesn’t have eyes is here to provoke you.”

Tian Shao shook his head and said: “No, I want to buy some things, but the county does not have to go to the provincial capital to buy them. I don’t know how to ask for leave.”

She said to the outside world that her body has been recuperated. Of course, even if she didn’t say it herself, she could tell from her rosy cheeks. Going to the provincial capital requires three days off. Now she is not only doing the accounting but also getting used to the fund-raising house. She is worried that He Guoqing will not approve the leave.

Zhao Xiaorou thought it was a big deal, and said, “I happen to be going to the provincial capital in the future, so please give me the list!”


Zhao Xiaorou said with a smile: “It’s not true, do you still think that I will go to the provincial capital specially for you? It’s crazy, who is willing to go to the provincial capital if there is nothing wrong.”

Getting the list, Zhao Xiaorou scanned it: “Who did you buy it for, and why are you returning so many herbs?”

Tian Shao didn’t hide it from her, and said with a sigh: “It’s my teacher’s uncle. Those people are in a bad situation now, so it’s a good thing to help them. It’s a good relationship.”

Zhao Xiaorou paused, turned to look at her and said, “You are too courageous, so you are not afraid that I will send you in.”

“Sister Xiaorou, I know you won’t do it.” Tian Shao said. From the fact that she helped herself three times and four times, she knew that she was a soft-hearted and kind girl, but the environment forced her to protect herself with indifference and difficulty.

Zhao Xiaorou was silent, and said: “I will send these things to you directly, and you can go to the post office to pick them up. Also, don’t let people know, it’s really dangerous. If they want you to buy hard-to-find medicinal materials in the future, you should hand them over to me. me!”

Tian Shao didn’t try to be brave, and agreed.

Give her the prepared bag of money, but Zhao Xiaorou also confiscated it: “No, I’ll pay the money.”

“No, I’ll give it to you!”

Zhao Xiaorou was silent, and said: “No, I just don’t buy clothes and skin care products this month.”

Tian Shao didn’t argue with her anymore.

Because the other party was waiting for the medicine, Zhao Xiaorou asked for leave that day for fear of delaying the other party’s illness, and then went to the provincial capital at night.

On the third day when Zhao Xiaorou went to the provincial capital, someone delivered a large package to her place of residence. Tian Shao felt that it was too heavy to carry, so when he took it apart, he found that besides the items on the list, there were more things like milk powder and canned meat.

Tian Shao first picked out the medicinal materials and sent them to Li Qiao. If you are sick, you can’t delay it. If you delay for one more day, there will be more danger: “Teacher, this is only a part of the medicinal materials. If you take them more conspicuously, I will give them to you after two days.” Bring it.”

Li Qiao shook his head and said, “No, you will always be watched if you run here. You live in Huishan Street now, and I will send someone to pick it up from you when the time comes!”

“Is it reliable?”

Li Qiao said very relieved: “Don’t worry, it’s my uncle’s grandson. That child came to the countryside to take care of my uncle. It’s thanks to him being by my side to take care of my uncle that I survived the past few years.”

The word boil expresses how much sadness.

Hearing that it was a young man, Tian Shao said: “Then let him come directly to the place where I live to get it. Well, when someone sees it and asks, let him say it is my cousin.”

Li Qiao smiled and said, “That kid is one year older than you, and his name is Song Mingyang. He is taller than you, and no one will believe his cousin.”

Well, it can only be my cousin.

Two days later, Tian Shao was washing up and getting ready to go to bed, when suddenly someone knocked on the door outside. Tian Shaoji was concerned about the past, went to the yard and asked, “Who is it?”

“It’s me, Song Mingyang.”

As soon as Tian Shao heard this, he immediately went to the house and took out a big backpack, opened the door and stuffed the backpack to the other party: “It’s getting late, it’s dangerous to drive at night, hurry back!”

There will be no moon and it will be pitch black outside. Tian Shao only knows that this young man is tall, but he doesn’t see clearly what he looks like.

Song Mingyang didn’t know that the back basket was so heavy, and in the end he almost fell to the ground with the back basket. He stabilized his body and said softly, “Thank you.”

Originally thought that Tian Shao would refuse, but he didn’t expect the other party to grab the medicine for them without hesitation, and not only that, but also bought so many things. Comparing those who fell into trouble, Song Mingyang was inexplicable for a while.

Tian Shao lowered his voice and said, “Come to me directly if you have anything to do in the future, it will be safer.”

Song Mingyang said hello and left.

Tian Shao turned around after bolting the door, and saw Erya standing in the middle of the yard. She was so frightened that her heart was about to jump out. After recovering, she cursed: “Tian Erya, are you trying to scare me to death? Scaring me to death is no good for you.”

Erya said worriedly: “Sister, who is that man?”

She could see clearly just now, Tian Shao gave the man a basket of things, if it was her sister’s partner, it would be troublesome.

As far as that little thought is concerned, Tian Shao doesn’t even need to guess: “You don’t know each other, and you probably won’t have the chance to know each other in the future.”

If the future brother-in-law will definitely know each other, then he is not the target. Erya asked curiously: “Sister, why did he come to pick up things in the middle of the night, wouldn’t it be good for outsiders to see?”

Tian Shao said: “Sit upright and walk straight, what is there to be afraid of? Alright, go back to sleep quickly!”

Erya yawned and went back to sleep. There are three meals a day in the cafeteria, and she has to go to work in the cafeteria at five o’clock every morning. But it’s a pity to rest for an hour in the morning, and one hour in the afternoon, which is relatively easy to say.

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