The Age of Rebirth: The Cannon Fodder Elder Sister Brings a Sister To Counterattack

Chapter 287 Er Ya goes to work

Chapter 287 Arya Going to Work

Tian Shao was very annoyed by the constant stream of people coming to the door, so she went back after lunch.

Arriving in the county seat, Tian Shao pointed to another empty room and said, “You live there. Remember, if you need me in the future, remember to knock on the door. Don’t just open the door and come in like at home.”

Erya obediently responded, and then said: “Eldest sister, I want to go outside.”

Now Erya is still in the excitement of going to work

Tian Shao is used to taking naps, so he will be a little sleepy: “There are more thieves in the county than at home. If I am not at home, you must remember to lock the door when you go out.”


Tian Shao gave her an industrial ticket and said, “Go to the supply and marketing agency to buy toothpaste and soap. Don’t confuse them with each other in the future.”

Erya nodded in response. Tian Shao doesn’t like to share toiletries with others. Everyone in this family knows that Sanya uses these things separately in the county. Although I felt that she was a little hypocritical, I didn’t dare to object.

Speaking of which, it is also useful for Erya to come to the county seat. Except for the unpalatable fried dishes, she did all the other work, and even boiled the medicine, which saved Tian Shao a lot of trouble.

The next morning, Tian Shao took her to the textile factory, and saw that she was so nervous that she clenched her hands tightly and didn’t care. But when she got outside the cafeteria, she still reminded: “After you go there, you must do the work that you should do well. Don’t do the work that is not yours, or you will do it in the future.”

“Then what is my job?”

Tian Shao said: “Someone will tell you when the time comes. There are many people in the cafeteria, and many of them have broken mouths. If someone inquires about my family or my affairs, don’t say anything. One of your careless words may be completely changed when it spreads out.”

Especially when she pulled down the old factory manager, how many people were staring at her!

Erya repeatedly promised that she would not say anything.

Tian Shao said very bluntly: “If you say so, let me know that I can find a place to live outside!”

Don’t even think about the female worker’s dormitory, even the regular employees can’t make arrangements to get her a temporary worker. Fortunately, Zhao Kang bought two houses, otherwise she would have to rent another house, and she would not want to sleep with Erya.

Tian Shao took her to the master chef in the kitchen, said some good things and handed her over to him before returning to the office. She is now the biggest thorn in the textile factory, the kind of thorn that even the leaders dare not mess with. As long as Tian Erya is not stupid, no one will dare to bully her blatantly.

The last of the four arrived was Zhao Xiaorou again. The girl was wearing a white dress, a pair of white leather shoes underneath, a ponytail, and a red butterfly hair clip. Even without makeup, this appearance is not inferior to the later female stars.

Meng Yang took a look twice and quickly lowered his head, not daring to look again.

Liu Wan’er praised: “Accountant Zhao, where did you buy your clothes? They look so pretty?”

“My cousin bought it in a department store, and the style is so-so.”

Zhao Xiaorou really thinks this dress is too ordinary, without any special features. She felt that Tian Shao should be persuaded to design more clothes, so that she could also dress beautifully. But thinking about Tian Shao’s temperament, she gave up in an instant.

Liu Wan’er felt that she was owed something, so she should follow Tian Shao’s example of not saying anything. The more you say, the more wrong you are. In the end, not only is it useless, but you also have to hate it.

After everyone sat down, Meng Yang smiled and said, “I’d like to tell you some good news. Last week, our section chief proposed to recruit three more accountants, and Director Liang has already agreed. We won’t have to do this again until July.” tired.”

It is already April, and I will be free after two more months of exhaustion. Then I will have time to go to the movies with my partner.

Zhao Xiaorou and Tian Shao were indifferent to this matter, but Liu Wan’er was very excited. The salary of the cashier is quite different from that of the accountant, and the benefits are also much less, so she wants to take an accountant exam.

Liu Wan’er asked: “How do you recruit this accountant? Are you recruiting from within?”

Meng Yang said with a smile: “The recruitment is the same as last year, and after passing two exams, we will recruit based on merit.”

Liu Wan’er felt cold when she heard this.

Tian Shao went back to the office after lunch, and Zhao Xiaorou threw an envelope to her: “This is five hundred yuan, and I lent you all of it. Let me tell you, if you lack money, you can design a few more sets of clothes, and I’m sure it will be better than you writing a book.” Earn more.”

Tian Shao shook his head and said: “Writing books is my hobby, and I feel a sense of accomplishment without making a single book.”

Her dream is to become a cartoonist, but it is a pity that she gave up because she has no talent. Now that I have an opportunity, my dream will come true.

All right, chicken and duck talk.

Zhao Xiaorou said: “What kind of business do you want? Let me tell you, doing business is really dangerous now. If you get caught, not only will you lose your job, but your reputation will also be ruined. Your future is so good now, why do you take such a risk?”

Tian Shao said with a smile: “It’s not reselling materials, this business is a one-off sale. Sister Xiaorou, I know what I know, but why do you only save five hundred yuan?”

Five hundred yuan is a lot for ordinary workers, but it is too little for Zhao Xiaorou.

“My uncle said that he will buy me a generous dowry.” Zhao Xiaorou said. She felt that she had no burden, and the dowry had already been prepared, so there was no need to save money.

Tian Shao originally wanted to return the money, but after hearing this, she immediately put the money in her satchel. Just store it with her first, and return it to her when you need it later.

After getting off work in the afternoon, Tian Shao came back after eating and making medicine for Erya. Originally, she was not going to pay attention to her, but when she saw something in her hand, her heart skipped a beat and she said, “What are you holding?”

“Sister, this is the fish head. The master gave it to me. Not only I have it, everyone in the cafeteria has it.”

Seeing that Tian Shao didn’t speak, Erya squatted beside her and said excitedly: “Sister, we work in the cafeteria, and the three meals are actually free of charge. Also, in the future, there will be uncooked dishes in the cafeteria for me. , we can save a lot of food money.”

Tian Shao frowned and said: “Next time they will divide the dishes, you push it away, saying that we don’t have to cook.”

There are plenty of vegetables at home, and you don’t need to spend money to buy them; as for meat dishes, they can’t be shared with Tian Erya, so why take the risk.

Erya was reluctant, but she didn’t dare to make Tian Shao angry, so she lowered her head and agreed.

Tian Shao also didn’t want to reason with her, and said: “If you don’t listen, take it back and do it outside, don’t take it back. Also, if the superior finds out and asks you to top up the package, I don’t care. If you don’t have a job, go home and plant it.” Just don’t regret it.”

She had heard a long time ago that the chef in the cafeteria deliberately left some dishes, and then shared them among the people. Because the quantity is not much, the leaders who are in charge of this matter turn a blind eye. But now that the factory manager has changed, I don’t know if the cafeteria will be cleaned up.

Erya’s complexion changed drastically immediately, she hurriedly stood up and said, “Sister, I’ll take the fish head back now.”

Tian Shao stopped her and said, “Since you took it back, sending it back would be like slapping some master chefs in the face, and you won’t be able to gain a foothold in the cafeteria in the future. Forget it this time, remember to push it away and don’t bring it back.”

Erya was terrified, she really didn’t know that taking a dish was so famous.

(end of this chapter)

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