The Age of Rebirth: The Cannon Fodder Elder Sister Brings a Sister To Counterattack

Chapter 270 make things difficult

Chapter 270 Making things difficult

Tian Dalin came back, knowing this, the father and son entered the house. Sanya and the others are very consciously busy with their own affairs, no one listens to the corner.

Tian Shao said bluntly: “Father, mother, now she can want me to marry someone who doesn’t know the background for an unwarranted job, and she will sell Sanya and the others for her own benefit in the future. Father, mother, don’t let her If you have recruited a relative, let Sanya recruit a relative. If you think Sanya is not safe, my future children will also be named Tian.”

Both of them were a little confused, why did they get involved in recruiting.

Tian Shao saw that the two were silent, and said: “Father, mother, Sanya is filial and caring. She will definitely take good care of you after you stay at home.”

Tian Dalin hesitated. The main reason is that the second ya has reached the age to talk about marriage, and it will take two or three years before the third ya can talk about marriage. Moreover, their family mainly relies on Erya for heavy work now. If she is married off, there will be no strong labor for the family.

Tian Dalin was silent for a while and said, “Let us think about it.”

After Erya came back, she became anxious when she knew that Tian Shao didn’t want her to stay at home. She is not stupid, as long as she looks good, people from good family and good looks look down on her. If you marry someone from a poor family background or an ugly one, you might as well stay at home and recruit relatives. As far as her family’s current conditions are concerned, there are few families in Tianjia Village that can match her.

This time Erya was smart and didn’t mention what happened to the Min family. She just said crying that everyone in the village knew that she stayed at home to recruit relatives. If I change it now, I won’t be able to go out to meet people by then.

Tian Dalin and Li Guihua were in a difficult situation, they said: “You go back to the house first, we will think about it carefully.”

After returning to the house, Erya kept crying in the house.

The first few people were very sad to see her crying so sadly. They knew the reason of the matter and came to Tian Shao to intercede.

Sanya struggled for a while and said, “Elder Sister, I don’t want to leave someone behind.”

Tian Shao knew her temperament, not because she didn’t want to stay at home and bring in a wife, but because she didn’t want to have conflicts between the sisters. She asked the opinions of the first three younger sisters.

Although Siya was always beaten by Erya in the past, Erya will also avenge her when she is bullied outside: “Eldest sister, if you don’t get angry, you can beat her once, and if you can’t, then beat her three times until you calm down.” .”

This is really a bad idea.

Wuya hesitated for a while and said, “Eldest sister, we can’t live without second sister.”

Now my father is not in good health, and the work of carrying water and chopping firewood is done by the second sister. If she is married, she doesn’t know who to hand over these tasks to.

Liuya was straightforward and said, “Eldest sister, you can make a decision on this matter.”

Tian Shao looked at the four of them and said: “Now she dares to interfere in my marriage. If she finds a wife, it is difficult to guarantee that she will not marry you indiscriminately for the sake of profit. When the time comes, don’t regret it.”

The four sisters were stunned for a while, but Sanya quickly realized: “Sister, no, the marriage is up to the parents. Parents love us, and they won’t marry us indiscriminately.”

Tian Shao didn’t say forgiveness, nor did he say no. When she returned to the county seat, Erya ran to Tian Dalin and Li Guihua and cried again, her eyes were red and swollen from crying.

Li Guihua scolded: “Are you deceived by a job? Your father and I dare not interfere in your sister’s marriage. Why are you going to the county town to talk to her? She didn’t beat you up, but You’re lucky to slap you.”

Erya cried and said, “Mom, I’m also doing it for her own good.”

Li Guihua snorted coldly and said: “You are not for your sister’s good, you are for yourself. Your sister is so capable and anyone can live well by marrying casually, but you are different. Without your sister’s help, you will have to be with me for the rest of your life.” Digging in the soil.”

That thought was written all over his face, thinking that no one would be able to see it.

Erya cried even more sadly.

Tian Dalin felt disturbed, and said: “Don’t cry, the matter of recruiting a wife is settled and will not be changed. Your sister is angry now, and I will talk to your mother and her after her anger subsides.”

This trick is not a joke, how can you change it as you say, and if it spreads, you will think they are talking like farting! And if things drag on, there will be accidents, and what he fears most now is accidents.

Erya feels at ease.

That evening, Tian Shao was boiling medicine in the yard.

Old Mrs. Shen came over and said to her apologetically, “Daddy, I’m going to sell this house, and then go to my daughter’s place to buy two houses. This way, I will have someone to accompany me when I go to the hospital when I get sick.”

Tian Shao was a little puzzled, but she had never heard the old lady say that she wanted to sell the house before. But he doesn’t want to rent, and he won’t just stay here: “Grandma Shen, I’ll look for a house tomorrow, and I’ll move after I find a house.”

Ms. Shen said: “Brother, the buyer is very satisfied after seeing the house today, and I will go to transfer the ownership tomorrow. So tomorrow, tomorrow you have to move out.”

This is why Tian Shao wants to buy a house by himself. Renting a house is too unsafe, and the landlord has to leave if he doesn’t want to rent it to you. But this time is different, Mrs. Shen said before that she would not sell this house even if she died.

Tian Shao asked: “Grandma Shen, who bought the house?”

Grandma Shen avoided Tian Shao’s gaze, and said, “It’s a young couple who don’t get along with their family members, so they want to buy a house outside. The price they offered is good, so I want to sell it.”

Tian Shao didn’t understand what she looked guilty of. It was true that she bought the house on the assumption that she would move out. However, since Grandma Shen cooperated with the other party, Tian Shao didn’t expose it, and it would only make Grandma Shen unable to step down if it was revealed, it would be meaningless: “Okay, I will move out tomorrow.”

The medicine was prescribed, Tian Shao didn’t wait any longer, just poured the medicine into the thermos and went out on a bicycle.

Grandma Shen looked at her back and sighed. She didn’t want to be this villain either, but there was nothing the sister-in-law could do if she begged to come to her door.

He Guoqing was very surprised to see Tian Shao. It was almost dark and there must be something important.

Tian Shao stood outside the door and said with a smile: “Section Chief, I came here this time to ask my aunt to help me find a house.”

He Guoqing’s daughter-in-law is Zhen Chunlan, because she often buys mountain products from Tian Shao and walks closer.

Zhen Chunlan was cleaning up the dishes, and hurried out when she heard this: “Xiaotian, although the Shen’s house is a bit out of the way, but the room is spacious and you can cook alone. If you look for another house, you may not find a better place than this one.” .”

He Guoqing felt wrong, and asked, “Xiaotian, is it because the Shen family stopped renting a house to you?”

Tian Shao explained the reason, and then smiled wryly: “Grandma Shen told people before that she and her wife built this house brick by brick, and she would never sell it if she died. Now she suddenly said that she wanted to sell the house, and even I have to vacate the house tomorrow…”

He Guoqing and his wife are people who have gone through a lot of things, and they can tell that there is something tricky in it as soon as they hear it. Zhen Chunlan was straightforward, she asked directly: “Xiaotian, have you offended anyone recently?”

Tian Shao talked about Director Cao’s matchmaking, and said after finishing speaking: “I don’t want to have a date now, so I refuse. There is nothing else.”

The husband and wife understood as soon as they heard that Tian Shao probably didn’t want to go to see each other and was made things difficult.

(end of this chapter)

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