The Age of Rebirth: The Cannon Fodder Elder Sister Brings a Sister To Counterattack

Chapter 256 Zhao Kang is back

Chapter 256 Zhao Kang is back

Tian Shao went back to the bathroom after eating and drinking, and did not tie her hands and feet when she returned to the interrogation room. Tian Shao was determined, it seemed that these two people really lied to him, they had no evidence at all to prove that Grandma Yuxiu was a bad person.

Breathing out a foul breath, Tian Shao said to himself: “Zhao Kang, you have to find Pei Yue as soon as possible! Whether my little life can be saved depends entirely on you.”

When she talked to Qin Ge just now, she deliberately revealed that Pei Yue had that kind of meaning for her. As long as Qin Ge has concerns, he will not touch her for the time being.

Tian Dalin and Li Guihua arrived at the county seat, and went directly to the textile factory to ask Li Aihua about the situation.

Before Li Guihua could say anything, tears came out first: “Officer Li, how could my eldest be arrested? Who killed my eldest!”

Li Aihua explained the cause of the matter, and said after finishing speaking: “This matter is still under investigation, you must be steady and not make trouble. Otherwise, there may be no room for change in this matter.”

Tian Dalin was stunned, and when he came back to his senses, he cursed: “Aunt Yuxiu has been gone for several years, who is so wicked to slander her to harm my eldest daughter?”

Use a dead person as a raft, and you are not afraid of retribution.

Captain Tian was also trembling with anger. When he came here, he thought of many possibilities, but he did not expect such an absurd reason: “Dalin, Guihua, when Aunt Yuxiu returned to the village, the comrade who escorted Aunt Yuxiu left a phone number for me. The phone number is at I’m at home, I’m going to pick up the phone now and call this comrade.”

Call that comrade, as long as it proves that Aunt Yuxiu is a good person, then Tian Shao’s grievances can also be cleared. It’s a good idea, but unfortunately, I can’t find the little book with the phone number written on it. I searched the house and found nothing.

Captain Tian was so angry that he lost his temper at home, but if he couldn’t find it, he couldn’t find it, and it was useless to be angry.

Li Guihua knew she couldn’t find the phone number, so she fainted from anxiety. This time he pinched her Renzhong and did not wake up, so Li Aihua rushed her to the hospital.

After half a bottle of medicine was injected, the talent woke up faintly.

Li Aihua held her hand and said: “Auntie, don’t worry, I will definitely rescue Xiao Shao.”

She provoked this matter, and she will risk her life to save Xiao Shao.

Li Guihua said with red eyes: “Officer Li, my eldest sister is relying on you.”

After leaving the hospital, Li Aihua went to the Public Security Bureau. When she heard that Zhao Kang would come back, she threw down her bicycle and ran upstairs.

The person next to him helped her up the bicycle and put it away.

“Zhao Kang, Zhao Kang…”

Running to the office but not seeing Zhao Kang, Li Aihua stood at the door and shouted loudly: “Zhao Kang, Zhao Kang…”

Zhao Kang was reporting work to the leader when he heard Li Aihua’s crying voice, his face changed slightly.

The leader waved his hand and said, “Your partner has been looking for you for the past two days, so hurry up!”

Anyway, the case has been completed, and it is the same for Zhao Kang’s deputy to report the details.

When Li Aihua saw him, he grabbed his arm and said, “Zhao Kang, Zhao Kang, do you know where Pei Yue is? Xiao Shao was arrested by those people, and she told me that Pei Yue could save her. Zhao Kang, Pei Yue Where is Yue?”

She didn’t know why Tian Shao was so sure that Pei Yue could save her, even Father Li didn’t dare to intervene in this matter. But it was a matter of life, she believed that Tian Shao would not talk nonsense.

As soon as Zhao Kang came back, a colleague told him that Li Aihua had come to him several times for urgent matters, and that he planned to go to her after reporting work.

Seeing her panicked appearance, Zhao Kang blamed himself a little. Bringing her back to the office, Zhao Kang poured a glass of water for her, and said softly, “Don’t worry, take a sip of water and explain the process in detail.”

Li Aihua is still in the mood to drink water now. She told Tian Shao’s story in detail, and then said: “My father has already found out clearly that this matter was done by Yu Bo’s mother, Yao Ermei.”

She knew that Tian Shao would often go to the black market to buy things, but many people had done this, and as long as they were not caught on the spot, no one would take care of it. As for speculation, it is purely slander, Tian Shao is busy studying and writing books every day, and has no time to engage in these things.

“anything else?”

Li Aihua was very annoyed and said, “Didn’t you hear that? That shrew reported that Grandma Zhu Yuxiu was a bad person, saying that Grandma Yuxiu must have taught Tian Shao other shady things besides teaching Tian Shao to read, write, make accounts and draw. Now she has not caught her.” Take the opportunity, and if you seize the opportunity in the future, you will harm people.”

“Then there are only two things to report.”

Li Aihua nodded and said: “It’s these two things. Zhao Kang, where is Pei Yue now, let’s find him quickly, now only he can save Tian Shao.”

Zhao Kang asked Li Aihua to go to his dormitory together! He also lives in the staff dormitory of the police family building, but he lives in a single room, and he puts all the materials of the investigation of Zhu Yuxiu in the room.

Seeing him take out a file bag, Li Aihua asked, “Aren’t you calling Pei Yue? What are you doing with this?”

Zhao Kang didn’t hide it from her, and said: “When you were still in the provincial capital, Pei Yue called me and asked me to check Grandma Zhu. These are the information I found.”

Li Aihua now understood why Tian Shao wanted to find Pei Yue, and she asked eagerly, “Then is Grandma Zhu a good person or a bad person?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Li Aihua knew that he was being stupid again. If Grandma Zhu was really bad/partner Tian Shao had been called in for questioning, it’s possible that nothing happened.

“Grandma Zhu is not only not a bad person, on the contrary, she is our comrade and a person who has made great contributions to the country.”

Li Aihua opened his mouth so wide that an egg could be stuffed in. This reversal was really unexpected. When she came back to her senses, she said happily: “Great, great, hand in this information to Tian Shao and everything will be fine.”

Zhao Kang nodded and said: “Let’s go, come with me to pick up Tian Shao.”

Li Aihua said three good things in a row.

Zhao Kang went directly to Qin Ge, handed him the information in his hand, and said, “Director Qin, this is Grandma Zhu who was entrusted by my comrade-in-arms Pei Yue last November. Director Qin, Grandma Zhu’s files are very confidential. High, I don’t have enough authority to only check this.”

After reading the information inside, Qin Ge’s face was terribly gloomy. It was really hit by that girl, someone who ate Xiongxin wanted to use him to get rid of Tian Shao.

Li Aihua saw that he looked a little scared, so he couldn’t help leaning towards Zhao Kang.

Zhao Kang’s expression is not good, now that he knows that Grandma Zhu belongs to them, he should release Tian Shao immediately. He said in a bad tone: “Director Qin, if you don’t believe me, you can call the army for verification.”

Qin Ge came back to his senses and said: “No need, this material is enough to prove that Zhu Yuxiu is our comrade. It’s a pity that her old man is gone, otherwise Qin will definitely come to visit.”

These are all scene words. Even if he might not go, an old lady living in the countryside is not worth his troubles.

Zhao Kang asked: “Director Qin, now that the matter has been investigated, shouldn’t accountant Tian be released?”

Qin Ge nodded, and immediately asked someone to release Tian Shao.

(end of this chapter)

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