The Age of Rebirth: The Cannon Fodder Elder Sister Brings a Sister To Counterattack

Chapter 25 despised

Chapter 25 is despised

After walking for a while, Tian Shao stopped another old man to ask for directions. After making sure that the man didn’t lie to them just now, he continued to walk forward. After walking for about a quarter of an hour, he finally arrived at the gate of the textile factory.

Li Sankui stood opposite the textile factory, pointed to the plaque hanging beside the gate and asked, “Sister, what is written on it?”

Tian Shao said: “Yongning Textile Factory. Sankui, come out and live in my house during the slack season, and let Sanya teach you how to read. Otherwise, if you want to travel far in the future, you will have to ask someone for the car.”

Most of them are relatively simple, and they will tell you kindly when you ask them; but there are also some malicious people who deliberately point to other cars, and then let you take the wrong car. Two relatives in her hometown were deceived by people, so that they said that the people in the city were very bad, but in fact those people may not be from the city.

“Why am I traveling so far? Even in the county town, it’s my first time here.”

Tian Shao didn’t laugh at him either. Now there are a few people who can predict the rapid development of the country in the next 30 years. The economic growth has made many countries call miracles: “Literacy is beneficial and harmless. Well, let’s get down to business first.”

There is no rush on this matter. When she is admitted to the textile factory and has the right to speak at home, then there is no rush to talk about it. Uncle Li also took care of the family a lot, so Tian Shao wanted to give this cousin a hand.

“What business are you doing?”

“You will know when you arrive.”

The two crossed the road to the gate of the textile factory. Tian Shao was about to step forward to ask the guard, but was stopped by a young man in a blue shirt and black trousers: “What are you doing?”

Waiting for the two to turn around, the man looked up and down at the siblings, Tian Shao was very unhappy with his scrutiny.

Because she didn’t know the man’s identity, Tian Shao was annoyed and didn’t dare to show it. She said with a smile: “We heard that the textile factory is recruiting accountants, so we came to sign up.”

The man looked at Tian Shao’s patched clothes and couldn’t help laughing. The smile was full of sarcasm: “You want to come to our textile factory to sign up as an accountant? Do you know how to read?”

At this time, a middle-aged man in his forties came over, but Tian Shao noticed that he was walking with a limp. When he came to him, the man asked, “Accountant Jiang, are these two your relatives?”

Accountant Jiang disdains, he does not have such poor relatives: “No, I saw that they were sneaking around the factory gate with malicious intentions, so I stopped them for questioning.”

Tian Shao was furious, and he opened his mouth to slander others. He was by no means a good bird: “I came here with my brother in the open, why do you say that we were sneaking around and harboring malicious intentions? Let me tell you, my family has five generations of poor peasants. No matter how poor we are, we have never taken another needle and thread. If you don’t give me an explanation today, I will go to your leader, and if your leader doesn’t care, I will go to the factory manager.”

Jiang Wencheng looked at her countryman, and felt that she was so intimidated that he couldn’t speak. He didn’t expect his teeth to be sharp: “You said you came to sign up? Why didn’t you just go to the factory to sign up, but stood outside the gate and lingered long time?”

Tian Shao sneered and said: “You said we lingered at the door for a long time, so you have been staring at us for a long time? It’s only about eight o’clock now, and eight o’clock in the morning should be the rush hour for going to work. You mean the security guards, the guards and everyone The people at work are all blind, and none of us can see our siblings, and you are the only one in charge.”

The doorman of the textile factory looked at Tian Shao. The girl looked childish, but she was quite courageous: “You said that your family has five generations of poor peasants, but do you have evidence?”

Tian Shao took out the letter of introduction and said, “Comrade, my name is Tian Lingling, and I am from Tianjia Village, Hongqi Society. Comrade, this is the letter of introduction from our captain. Please read it.”

Jiang Wencheng said angrily: “How dare you, a country girl, come to report to our factory as an accountant? Are you literate? Can you handle accounts…”

Tian Shao saw that the guards didn’t want to see this Jiang, so she was very popular in the factory. She interrupted the other party directly and asked: “The leader and the old people say that without investigation and verification, you have no right to speak. You don’t even know me. No one knows, so why do you say that I can’t read and can’t handle accounts. I’ll tell you that not only can I read more than you, but I can also handle accounts better than you.”

It is this kind of state-owned enterprise. If it is in their office, mentally retarded people can’t even enter the door.

Accountant Jiang almost jumped up: “What are you, you actually…”

Seeing that he wanted to say more, the man hurriedly said: “Accountant Jiang, it’s time to go to work soon, you should go to the office quickly. If it is late, Section Chief He has something to do with you, and it will be bad if you don’t see you.”

Accountant Jiang raised his hand and glanced at the watch on his wrist, then ignored Tian Shao and his brother, and hurried into the factory on a bicycle.

The man looked at Tian Shao and said with a smile: “Girl, this is Accountant Jiang from the finance department. He is a college student. How dare you say that you know more words than him and do accounts better than him, so that other people will think you are Madness.”

Tian Shao stuffed a pack of Hongta cigarettes into the man’s hand and said, “Hi, uncle, may I ask your name?”

Ma Dong was very surprised, he didn’t expect this little girl to look so simple, but she was so good at it. He took the cigarettes, took one out of it and put it in his pocket, and returned the rest to Tian Shao: “My surname is Ma. Little girl, although our recruitment conditions are not high, all the applicants who come to sign up this time are qualified.” An old accountant who has worked in other places, by the way, there are also two college students who have also signed up.”

Tian Shao was very surprised, and asked: “Aren’t all the college students assigned by the above, why do they still have to come here for the exam?”

Ma Dong said proudly: “The places they allocated are not as good as our textile factory. This time, because the recruitment conditions are relaxed, they also came to take the exam. Once they are admitted, they will be transferred here.”

It is equivalent to saying that the people who came to take the exam this time are experienced accountants, not melon eggs.

“Boom, boom, boom…”

Li Sankui was taken aback and asked, “Who is ringing the bell?”

Ma Dong explained in a good-tempered manner: “This is the bell for going to work in our factory. If the bell rings and you don’t arrive at the post, you will be deducted wages.”

This is just to say, if you are really late, as long as the leader doesn’t pursue it, nothing will happen.

Tian Shao actually has a lot of questions, such as why the recruitment conditions are so relaxed this time, and why three accountants are recruited at once. She is in this line of work, and the transfer of three accountants in the finance department at once means that something has happened. It’s just that she didn’t ask anything, just said: “Uncle Ma, I want to sign up, but who should I go to?”

Ma Dong asked with a smile: “Girl, listen to what you said just now, have you done accounts before?”

She has not only done accounting, many accounts of listed companies have been checked, but Tian Daya has not done accounting. She can say that she has studied accounting, but she can’t lie and do accounting, and she can be easily exposed.

(end of this chapter)

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