The Age of Rebirth: The Cannon Fodder Elder Sister Brings a Sister To Counterattack

Chapter 239 no fiancée no object

Chapter 239 No fiancée and no partner

The five of them waited for the bus after having breakfast in the cafeteria.

Li Fuguo looked at the oncoming bus and reached out to stop it. When he got into the car, seeing that Li Aihua and the others were not moving, he raised his voice and said, “Elder Sister, Comrade Zhao, get in the car!”

Li Aihua said with a smile: “Fuguo, we still have things to do, you are busy with your work and don’t worry about us.”

Zhao Kang also said: “Yes, go do your work! Don’t worry, I promise to bring them back intact.”

Li Fuguo got out of the car and asked, “What else do you need to do? My dad solemnly told me yesterday that I must entertain you well today.”

Li Aihua casually found a reason and said: “We went to the park last time to play, Tian Shao liked the scenery there and wanted to visit again. There are so many of us, we won’t get lost, so go about your business!”

The more she behaved like this, the more Li Fuguo didn’t want to leave. He wanted to see what kind of medicine this group of people sold in their gourds.

Li Aihua had no choice but to pull Tian Shao aside and whispered, “If you don’t want her to know about your book publishing, I’ll just find a reason to send him away.”

Tian Shao smiled, and said: “It’s not something shameful that I publish a book, and it’s okay for him to know. But old doctor Jiang doesn’t want others to know where she lives, so he can’t be allowed to go with her when the time comes.”

“Okay, I’ll send him away after lunch.”

There was a bus coming, Li Fuguo saw them get on the bus and quickly followed, sat down and said: “Sister, where are you going? Don’t get on the wrong bus?”

Li Aihua didn’t hide it from her anymore, saying that they were going to the publishing house.

Li Fuguo is an employee of the printing factory, and the printing factory is inseparable from the publishing house. He asked a little strangely: “Sister, what are you doing at the publishing house?”

Li Aihua played a charade and said, “You will know when you arrive.”

Just getting into the car, Niu Damei was worried that she would vomit again. Fortunately, the road in the provincial capital was flat and not bumpy, so there was no abnormal reaction.

After sitting for about 20 minutes, Niu Damei asked softly, “Ah, how long will it take to arrive?”

Tian Shao said softly: “It’s not that fast, we’ll have to change trains later to get to the publishing house.”

She told Niu Damei last night that she had to go to work in the morning, and would go to see Dr. Jiang in the afternoon. Although Niu Damei really wanted to see a doctor earlier, she didn’t dare to raise any objections. This time she came here to benefit from Tian Shao’s glory.

Niu Damei let out a cry and did not speak again.

Li Fuguo sat behind them. He grew up in Yongning County and could understand the conversation between the two, but he couldn’t speak. Li Fuguo said with a smile: “Tian Shao, is your nickname Da Ya?”

Seeing Tian Shao nodding, Li Fuguo joked: “It’s a coincidence that the author’s name is also Da Ya in a comic book that has sold well in the market recently.”

After saying this, he paused, knowing that Tian Shao is going to the publishing house now. Thinking of this, he stuttered a little: “Tian, ​​Tian Shao, you are the one who wrote “Little Hero Ayong”, right?”

Tian Shao smiled and nodded. The pen name is Da Ya, to let the world remember this kind and filial girl.

Li Fuguo was so shocked that he couldn’t speak, and he came back to his senses after a while: “I’ve read this book too, it’s very interesting, I didn’t expect it to be written by you. Tian Shao, you are so talented. “

Tian Shao politely said that he was just lucky.

Li Fuguo asked: “Tian Shao, what will happen to Ah Yong after he leaves the orphanage? The elder sister who adopted her is a good person, right?”

Tian Shao didn’t want to spoil any spoilers, and said with a smile: “The second book has been proofread, and it will be sent to be printed soon. When it is published, you will know whether the eldest sister is good or bad.”

It’s still a secret.

Li Fuguo thought about the purpose of coming this time, and became enthusiastic about Tian Shao.

Tian Shao also wanted to know about the printing process, so he asked him many questions in the name of collecting materials. She has always believed that a good memory is not as good as a bad pen, so when Li Fuguo was speaking, she took a pen and paper from her satchel and took it out.

After getting out of the car, the two were still chatting enthusiastically.

Niu Damei couldn’t understand Mandarin, and seeing the two of them talking non-stop, many thoughts flashed in their minds.

Zhao Kang also thought more, lowered his voice and asked Li Aihua: “Second Uncle really just asked Fu Guo to accompany us?”

From the beginning, I felt that this matter was unreasonable. After all, he is a public security officer, so he doesn’t need Li Fuguo to accompany him. Seeing his enthusiasm for Tian Shao now, he suddenly suspected that Second Uncle Li was trying to match the two of them.

Thinking of this, he feels sorry for his comrade-in-arms, what a girl, Pei Yue is so unlucky to miss her like this.

Li Aihua smiled, and said in a mosquito-like voice: “It’s useless what my second uncle and Fu Guo think. Tian Shao likes to be good-looking, and only someone like your comrade-in-arms can impress her. Fu Guo’s looks are too ordinary. Look at her.” not on.”

Although she doesn’t like Pei Yue, she must admit that he is really good-looking. My cousin’s appearance can only be considered decent, not handsome.

Zhao Kang’s heart moved when he heard this, and he said, “You mean she still misses my comrade-in-arms.”

Li Aihua was so angry that he twisted his arm, and cursed: “What nonsense are you talking about? Who do you think Tian Shao is? Your comrades-in-arms are all people with fiancees, how could Tian Shao still miss it.”

Zhao Kang is very concerned about Pei Yue’s life-long affairs after he has a fortune. He hurriedly explained: “No, that guy doesn’t have a fiancee. And he hasn’t been in a relationship for so many years. He was talking nonsense that day.”

That guy is as young as he is! But he is someone who has a target, and someone is incomparable.

“What did you say?”

Tian Shao was shocked by Li Aihua’s shout, thinking that there was some dispute between the two: “Sister Aihua, what’s wrong?”

She doesn’t want the two of them arguing on the street, it doesn’t look good!

Li Aihua took her arm and said: “It’s nothing, it’s just that he just said something that shocked me. Forget it, let’s not talk about it. Tian Shao, speaking of your third comic book, I haven’t read it yet. Show me now, okay?”

She is also very busy recently. She has to go to work during the day and go to night school at night, and she has to cultivate a relationship with Zhao Kang on Sunday. When I got busy, I forgot many things, and I forgot about the comic book.

Just then, the bus came.

Tian Shao said with a smile: “No need to read, I will tell you slowly on the way back, get in the car first.”

After getting in the car, Li Fuguo continued to chat with Tian Shao until he got off the car.

What happened last time left Li Aihua with lingering fears, which is why she specially asked Zhao Kang to accompany her here. Fortunately, there will be no soldiers holding wooden warehouses at the gate of the publishing house.

Zhao Kangduo is a perceptive person, just by looking at her, he knew that what happened last time must have frightened his daughter-in-law quite badly. It’s just that he didn’t dare to mention it. Once Li Aihua knew that Pei Yue had threatened Tian Shao, his impression would be even worse.

After Tian Shao registered, Li Aihua said: “Xiao Shao, go in and find Editor-in-Chief Gu! Let’s just stroll around here and come back after ten o’clock.”

There are two big men Zhao Kang and Li Fuguo following, Tian Shao is also relieved: “Okay, meet here at ten o’clock, and then take the car to Changxi State-owned Restaurant for dinner.”


(end of this chapter)

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