The Age of Rebirth: The Cannon Fodder Elder Sister Brings a Sister To Counterattack

Chapter 237 Clear grievances (2)

Chapter 237 Gratitude and grudges are clear (2)

The second uncle has also helped Tian Dalin’s family a lot in recent years. For example, when Li Guihua was hospitalized, he not only borrowed money, but also asked his daughter-in-law to take care of her for several days when Li Guihua went home to recuperate. Therefore, Tian Shao still respects the old man very much.

Seeing that his face was livid with anger, Tian Shao thought for a while and said, “Grand Uncle, I know you have always hoped that our Tian family can prosper. But have you ever thought that, like my grandma, who abuses her daughter-in-law and granddaughter like my grandma, she doesn’t get any rewards?” Punishment, everyone has seen it and learned from it, do you think such a family will be of one mind? How can the Tian clan prosper if the small family can’t work together?”

After a pause, Tian Shao said again: “And the old saying is good, mothers are kind and filial to their children, and parents are filial if they love their children. Parents are not loving, and use righteousness to persecute and suppress their children. Do you think those who are willing to be filial?”

Second Uncle looked at Tian Shao, and sighed a little: “I know what you said makes sense, but you are promising now, if you let your grandma leave you alone, you will be talked about.”

Tian Shao smiled, and said: “Great Uncle, if I really let my grandma go, I wouldn’t bet with her anymore. My second uncle is selfish and puts himself first in everything. My second aunt wishes she could have everything.” I took everything to my own house. Great uncle, do you think they will take good care of my grandma when she gets too old to move?”

Second Uncle said in a deep voice: “I don’t take care of it now, let alone in the future.”

If you want him to say, this niece and daughter-in-law are a fool. Dalin is filial and generous, so he is so estranged from his son, hoping that Tian Erlin will not know if he is afraid of dying in the house.

Only then did Tian Shao express her intentions: “I made this bet with grandma to let grandma see clearly that the second uncle’s family is unreliable. If she can wake up and stop embarrassing our family, when she gets old, she will move.” No, parents will definitely take care of it. But if she is still obsessed and always wants to pick up my family’s things to supplement my second uncle, we won’t take a look at her if she is hungry or cold in the future.”

The second uncle was very pleased after hearing this, and said: “You are a good boy, I will persuade your grandma.”

Tian Shao didn’t speak. She would give Mrs. Tian a chance, all for Tian Dalin’s sake. If she repents, she will not lose her pension money in the future. If it is still the same as before, when their family leaves Tianjia Village, the old lady Yuantian will not know what happened to them thousands of miles away.

When Second Uncle got up and was about to leave, Tian Shao said: “Grand Uncle, don’t we have three low mountains in our village? It’s a pity to leave them deserted. You can mobilize everyone to plant some fruit trees.”

The second uncle sat back again after hearing this: “Then what do you think is good?”

Tian Shao thought about this before, and she said: “Our climate here allows us to grow many fruits. But we must choose good saplings, so that we will not worry about selling them in the future.”

Second Uncle looked at Tian Shao with piercing eyes, and said, “Ah, can you buy good tree species?”

Tian Shao said: “Before buying tree seeds, we’d better ask the technicians from the County Department of Agriculture to see what kind of fruit trees are most suitable for our short hills. In this way, we can also look for saplings.”

Second Uncle hesitated, and said, “We don’t know the technicians from the Ministry of Agriculture either.”

Tian Shao shook his head and said, “I don’t know each other either, but Brother Jianle should. Uncle Grandpa, it’s not easy for me to gossip about him in the village, so you can tell him! Brother Jianle is kind-hearted and will definitely help. “

After a pause, Tian Shao said again: “Grand Uncle, I will go to the provincial capital in a while, and then I will ask my friends in the provincial capital where there are high-quality saplings to buy. You must make sure to plant the saplings. If you don’t understand or have difficulties in the future, you can ask the Ministry of Agriculture for technical advice. People. They are professional and give professional advice.”

Helped out with an idea and promised to find high-quality saplings. This is already the limit, and she will not intervene in other things. After all, she has so many things to do, it is impossible to spend time and energy here.

The second uncle was overjoyed, and said, “Okay, then go to the provincial capital to help inquire about the saplings. I will talk to Jianle about the matter here.”

Once the matter of the saplings is resolved, it is equivalent to solving a big problem.

Tian Shao saw his expression and realized it belatedly. It is probably difficult to get saplings that are not excellent species in the 21st century. But she can only do her best on this matter, and she really can’t talk about it two years later.

As soon as the second uncle left, Li Guihua complained: “You child, how can you be so blind, you dare to come up with such a thing.”

Tian Shao was not afraid of being blamed by them, and said, “Mother, Second Uncle is kind to us. His wish is to make everyone in the Tian family full and no longer hungry. I just came up with an idea without doing anything. If the villagers If you don’t agree and don’t want to do it, there’s nothing you can do. If you agree, even if it fails, there’s no big loss, just a little tired.”

The younger generation does not have a strong sense of clan, but the older generation still has a sense of responsibility.

Li Guihua stretched out his hand to poke her head, but Tian Shao stared at her and put his hand down: “The work in the field is exhausting, let them open up wasteland and plant trees, and when there is no result after exhausting work, I will definitely blame you of.”

Tian Shao still said the same thing: “If you don’t do it, you will always be poor. If you do it, you may be able to change the status quo. It’s like when I took off production to prepare for the exam. If I failed, I just went home to farm, but if I succeeded, I went to the factory to eat commodity grain and get paid. .”

Tian Dalin finally spoke: “Big girl, you did the right thing. You have an idea and they don’t want to do it. It’s their problem. If you don’t succeed, you have accumulated experience.”

There will be no pies in the sky, there are discus, the discus that smashes people to death.

Tian Shao hummed, and said to Tian Dalin: “Father, you must not be soft-hearted this time, or grandma will depend on our house in the future. If the house is noisy every day, I will not come back.”

Tian Dalin nodded and said, “Don’t worry, unless she promises not to subsidize your second uncle with our things in the future.”

“Grandma’s guarantee, are you sure it will work?”

Tian Dalin also became smarter this time, and said: “I will make her swear a poisonous oath, and then I will ask my great-uncle and uncle to be witnesses. If she doesn’t keep her promise, I won’t give her anything else except the money and food she must give.” Nevermind.”

“Dad, are you sure you can do it?”

Tian Dalin smiled wryly and said: “Father is not in good health now and the family has to rely on you to support me. I can no longer burden you.”

Tian Shao felt a little relieved when he heard this. She was a little worried that Tian Dalin would be like Li Guihua before, but now she seems to be thinking too much. That’s okay, he’s clear-headed and his younger sisters won’t be led astray.

Knowing that Tian Shao is going to the provincial capital in a few days, Tian Dalin asked, “Do you still have enough money?”

Li Guihua brought it up as soon as she heard it. In addition to the distribution from the team last year, she now has nearly 300 yuan on hand. I plan to save for another two years and renovate the family house.

Tian Shao said with a smile: “I have enough money. But my uncle told me to bring Miss Damei with me when I return for a follow-up visit. You can tell my uncle later, let him go into the mountain and tell uncle about this .”

Li Guihua also felt sorry for her niece, and said, “Big girl, take her there and take care of her on the way.”

“I told my uncle, I will pay for food and housing, and she will pay for the consultation and medicine.”

Li Guihua was a little distressed, but she didn’t object because she didn’t eat much for two or three days.

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