The Age of Rebirth: The Cannon Fodder Elder Sister Brings a Sister To Counterattack

Chapter 22 Grandfather's house

Chapter 22 Ancestral home

Tian Jianle also felt that Tian Shao was a little arrogant, but he didn’t show it on his face like Tian Lingling: “Big ya, although it’s just an elementary school exam, the requirements are still relatively high.”

Tian Shao asked in Mandarin: “What are your requirements?”

Tian Jianle was startled for a moment, but then asked in surprise, “You can speak Mandarin?”

Not only can speak, but it is also very standard, without an accent at all, and this alone is better than many people. At least among the people he knew, there were few who spoke more standard Mandarin than her.

“Of course, if I go to class, I will definitely speak Mandarin instead of dialect. Also, I have finished all the courses in high school by myself.” Da Ya has the textbooks for two years of high school, and it is relatively easy for her to look through them in the past two days.

Tian Jianle opened his mouth, and said after a while: “Are you telling the truth?”

Tian Shao said: “I lied to you and I won’t get any benefits. I wanted to get a high school diploma through self-study, so I went to the high school to inquire about it two years ago, but unfortunately they didn’t agree to take the test, otherwise I would definitely have got a high school diploma now gone.”

The reason why I want to say this is to let the siblings know that she is very smart and a quick learner. In the future, through the two of them, when she gets admitted to the textile factory and becomes an accountant, everyone will no longer think she is a monster.

Tian Lingling didn’t believe it, and asked, “Why haven’t I heard of it before?”

“Grandma Yuxiu said that Muxiu would be destroyed by Lin Feng, and told me not to be too outstanding, or I would be in danger.” Anyway, if you can’t explain things, you can just blame Grandma Yuxiu.

Da Ya doesn’t know, but Tian Shao infers from memory that Grandma Yuxiu is not a simple person. As for why it’s not simple, she can’t guess without getting useful information.

Tian Lingling took a breath.

Tian Jianle thought for a while, and only remembered that this old man was always dressed neatly, but he didn’t like to talk, and there was nothing more: “Since you are so confident, let me tell my friends, wait for me to talk.” I will let you know when the registration time is confirmed.”

Tian Shao thanked her, and then asked Tian Lingling: “Lingling, have you found a job yet?”

Tian Lingling has already decided to go to work in a garment factory, not an ordinary worker but a member of the propaganda department. It’s just that she doesn’t know Tian Shao well, so she won’t tell her such an important matter: “Not yet. It’s too hard to find a job now, let’s see luck!”

Tian Shao just listened to these words, and he didn’t take it seriously. The transportation company is one of the most popular companies at the moment. As the second in command of the transportation company, it is not difficult for Jiang Baicheng to arrange a job for Tian Lingling. I’m afraid that this girl has high vision and wants to get into a good unit.

Tian Shao asked: “Tian Jianle, Lingling, what do I need to bring when I sign up?”

Tian Lingling knows this best, she said: “Just bring your household registration book, letter of introduction, and your graduation certificate.”

Tian Shao was quite surprised, and asked, “Do I need a letter of introduction to sign up?”

“Definitely, the unit has read your letter of introduction to confirm that you have no identity.” Her household registration was moved to the county seat three years ago, so there is no need to issue an additional letter of introduction.

Captain Tian is a nice person. It should be no problem to ask him to open a letter of introduction and help keep the secret.

Tian Shao didn’t ask any more questions, and left after exchanging a few more pleasantries. Looking at her back, Tian Lingling pouted and said, “Third brother, do you think her words are credible?”

“Why, do you think she is talking big? Lingling, her big talk has no effect except to make us look down on you.” Therefore, he believed that Tian Shao had finished high school by herself.

It is also Da Ya who has completed the elementary and junior high school courses by herself. In addition, Tian Jianle has not finished elementary school and does not know that the middle school and high school courses are completely different. It’s just that he was preconceived, so he believed Tian Shao’s words.

Tian Lingling thinks what he said makes sense, but thinking about Tian Shao’s attitude, she is still a little worried: “Third Brother, if Da Ya wants to enter the factory, you must not agree to help when the time comes.”

Tian Jianle smiled, and said, “It’s useless even if I agree. Those places are basically reserved by default, and I don’t have that much face to take food from these people.”

If it’s my sister, even if I offend someone, I have to get the job. But Tian Daya is an outsider, saving his sister to a commune elementary school teacher is enough, it is not worth him to offend others. As for the teachers in the commune, because it is not formal, the competition will not be very fierce.

Tian Lingling was relieved after hearing the words.

When Tian Shao returned home, he saw a young boy with thick eyebrows and big eyes standing at the door. This is the cousin of the original owner, and he is very close. Affected by the original body’s emotions, he will be in a good mood: “San Kui, why are you here at this time?”

It’s not that when it rains, everyone goes to work and no one is at home.

Li Sankui pulled Tian Shao from head to toe, seeing that there was no problem, he said: “Uncle Ah Jin went back to the mountain yesterday evening and said that you drowned yourself in the river. Grandma almost fainted when she heard that, and sent me out before dawn.”

“Is grandma okay?”

“It’s okay. If it wasn’t for her inconvenient legs and feet, she would have come by herself.”

Tian Shao knew that the old man was a victim of little feet, the remnants of feudal thought. But luckily, she married the original grandfather, who is a very capable person.

Seeing Tian Shao walking past her, Li Sankui sighed and said, “You and I carry the basket in together.”

His shoulders are almost broken from carrying it in the mountains, and he can’t move it anymore.

When I lifted it, I realized that the back basket was very heavy, and I didn’t know what was in it. Carried into the house, Tian Shao asked: “Are these all for us?”

Sankui was happy, and said: “If I don’t give it to you, what am I doing here?”

Tian Shao took out the things in the back basket after hearing this. On the top is a gray rabbit, alive, but with a broken left leg. After asking, I found out that it was caught by Uncle Li yesterday, thinking that the farming will be busy soon, so I asked Li Sankui to send it to them to make up for it. In addition, there are many mountain products such as dried mushrooms and dried fungus, and there are two pieces of bacon and a small pot of honey at the bottom. This is wild honey, very rare.

Looking at these things, Tian Shao was quite moved: “We can’t have this honey, it’s good for your health to drink more when grandma is old.”

The Li family has fields and land in the mountains, and the uncle knows how to hunt, so they live in a very comfortable life. All these years, they have relied on their support for the family to survive. Tian Shao learned from memory that, except for the New Year and festivals, the meat that their family eats on weekdays is all sent by their uncle.

Li Sankui smiled and said: “This time we received about ten catties of honey, which is enough to eat.”

Li’s family lives in the mountains, and it takes more than five hours to walk from Tianjia Village to their home, which must be fast. It is also because the transportation is too far away, so as long as it is not too much, the commune will turn a blind eye to their affairs.

Tian Shao quickly looked outside when he heard this, and he was secretly relieved to be sure that no one was there: “This place is no different than the mountains, so don’t mention what you eat and use, you know?”

“Cousin, why are you still as timid as before?”

Tian Shao said in a low voice: “Do you know how much wild honey like this in the city costs per catty? Two or three yuan per catty. My father only spends two or three cents for a day’s work. Will you tell the villagers if they hear about it?” Go to the commune and confiscate the honey.”

Normal price The market price of wild honey is more than one yuan, but the problem is that this thing is hard to find and there is no market, so the price is relatively high.

Li Sankui’s jaw almost dropped in shock: “Cousin, you didn’t lie to me?”

Tian Shao thought for a while and said: “I’m going to the city tomorrow, you come with me, and then you’ll know if I lied to you. But remember, don’t talk nonsense when you go out in the future.”

Li Sankui was sixteen years old and hadn’t been to the county yet. Hearing this, his eyes lit up: “I don’t talk, I don’t talk.”

(end of this chapter)

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