The Age of Rebirth: The Cannon Fodder Elder Sister Brings a Sister To Counterattack

Chapter 205 Li Jin and Peng Lihua were beaten

Chapter 205 Li Jin and Peng Lihua were beaten

After apologizing and paying the medical bills, the beating was over, and Zhao Kang asked her to go back.

Tian Shao didn’t want to stay here either, it’s bad luck, but before she left, she said to Li Jin and his wife sincerely: “Ugly girl is too sick and the doctor sent her to the hospital. She is now in room 306 on the second floor of the inpatient department of the county hospital. You can go and see her.” Look at her!”

Li Jin said with a straight face: “Let’s go see Chouya now.”

After the two groups of people left, the female police officer said bitterly, “This girl is still working in a textile factory, why is she so stupid. This couple is obviously not a good person, why did you tell them about your sister’s hospitalization?”

She didn’t understand the cause and effect, but only the dialogue between the two sides pieced together the truth.

Zhao Kang didn’t think it was a good thing for Tian Shao to let the two of them go to the hospital, but he didn’t specifically remind them. He smiled and said, “She is Tian Lingling, whom you have always praised before. Do you think she is stupid or smart?”

“Her name is Tian Shao, not Tian Lingling.”

“I changed my name last month to Tian Shao.”

The female police officer immediately changed her words after knowing Tian Shao’s great achievements, and said: “So she deliberately told her her sister was hospitalized and the ward number. What is the purpose of doing this?”

Zhao Kang can’t guess, but he knows that this matter is not over yet.

As soon as he went to work today, Tian Shao told He Guoqing what happened yesterday. Most people have sympathy and pity for the weak, and He Guoqing is also a parent, so he was very angry when he heard this. So Tian Shao was called away by the police because of beating time. Instead of criticizing, he comforted her, saying that if something happened, the factory would come forward.

Tian Shao was very moved when he heard this, and he was so lucky to meet such a leader.

Tang Meiru was particularly curious, and asked after Tian Shao sat back in her seat: “Accountant Tian, ​​what did the police call you to do?”

Tian Shao was very busy and didn’t have time to explain to her, and the two of them didn’t know each other enough: “It’s just my personal matters, but it’s been resolved now.”

“How did you solve it?”

Zhao Xiaorou dropped the pen in her hand, and said very irritably: “Tang Meiru, is it time to go to work now? You are so busy, I still have a lot of things to do.”

There were a lot of things to do at the end of the year, and Tian Shao didn’t help them prepare for the final exam, so Zhao Xiaorou and Meng Yang worked overtime these days. Of course, Zhao Xiaorou got angry mainly because she didn’t want to hear her chatter. He is ugly and has an ugly voice, and he talks non-stop all day long, which is annoying to death.

Tang Meiru didn’t dare to say anything. At first, he was a little unconvinced, but after knowing Zhao Xiaorou’s background, he didn’t dare to fart.

Li Jin and Peng Lihua went to the hospital. When they got to room 306, they opened the door and went in without much thought. Li Guihua and Tian Dalin were full of anger, seeing that they could still spare them.


Peng Lihua’s screams lingered on the hospital building for a long time. .

The female police officer followed Zhao Kang to the hospital, and was dumbfounded when she saw Li Jin and Peng Lihua. Li Jin’s nose was crooked and bleeding, and three of his teeth were knocked out; Peng Li’s right hand was broken, and more than a dozen scratch marks on his fair face looked horrible.

Well, now this policewoman knows why Tian Shao sent two people to the hospital. This is because I can’t do it anymore, so let the two of them come to her door and call her parents!

Because Sanya was in the hospital, Zhao Kang took all four of them back to the Public Security Bureau.

Tian Dalin and Li Guihua are not Tian Shao. If they want to apologize, there is no way; to pay for medical expenses is even more like a dream.

Li Guihua pointed at Li Jin and his wife and yelled: “When I came to adopt my daughter, I said that I would treat her as my own, and I swore that if I didn’t do it, I would die in the future. As a result, you used her as a maid and made five The 20-year-old child has never had enough food to wear and sleep in the firewood house from morning to night, and she often beats and scolds her. I don’t care if she is sick, let her suffer by herself. If it weren’t for my big sister who got the news, Liuya would be dead now. .Beating you will be light, I wish I could strangle you jackal couple to death.”

Her roar was heard by the whole building.

Tian Dalin stared at Li Jin, and said: “Our Liuya has only a handful of bones left, and you still want to take her back. Let me tell you, if you dare to take a step closer to my Liuya, I will break your dog legs. “

Li Jin suffered such a big loss, how could he be willing to back down. But the husband and wife also felt sorry for the child. The meaning of the Public Security Bureau was the same as before, asking Tian Dalin and his wife to apologize and pay money.

It’s a pity that Li Jin and his wife disagreed, and Tian Dalin and his wife didn’t let go. There was no other way, Zhao Kang had no choice but to find Tian Shao again.

Tian Shao was also very cooperative. When he came to the Public Security Bureau, he said that it was wrong for a husband and wife to beat someone, and asked them to admit their mistake and pay for it: “Father, you beat someone so badly. If you don’t apologize and pay for it, you and your mother will be detained.”

After finishing speaking, she winked at Tian Dalin, but she was not noticed because she was carrying Zhao Kang behind her back.

It’s a pity that neither of them listened to Tian Shao’s persuasion, Li Guihua scolded her too much.

Zhao Kang originally thought Tian Shao was doing it for them to see, but seeing her being scolded to the point of tears, he felt that he was thinking too much.

Li Jin said in a cold voice: “Tian, ​​stop acting, I will never let you go.”

The veins on Tian Dalin’s face were exposed one by one, like an enraged lion, he clenched his fists and rushed forward to beat Li Jin, but when he was stopped, he shouted: “You won’t let us go, I won’t let you go today! .”

Li Jin might be afraid if he was outside, but here is the Public Security Bureau: “Kill me? Come on, I want to see if you have the ability.”

Tian Dalin was so angry that his eyes went dark, and he fell to the ground.

Li Guihua saw that he was dizzy and frightened, she was at a loss, she cried and said: “The head of the house, what’s wrong with you, the head of the house?”

Tian Shao saw Tian Dalin’s dizziness so realistically, and felt that he had a talent for acting. However, Tian Shao said to Zhao Kang anxiously, “Zhao Kang, my father is not in good health. During this time, he often feels dizzy and chest tight. Please send my father to the hospital immediately.”

Li Jin endured the pain and taunted: “It’s quite like that.”

Zhao Kang saw that Tian Dalin didn’t seem to be pretending, so he immediately got into the car with him on his back, and then took the three of them to the hospital.

In the car, Tian Shao pinched Tian Dalin hard, but found that there was no response, and began to panic. This, this is really dizzy, not pretending to be dizzy. If there is any good or bad, she will not be able to forgive herself.

The Public Security Bureau is not far from the hospital and will arrive soon.

Dr. Xu gave Tian Dalin an injection immediately after the examination, and he woke up not long after.

Tian Shao watched him wake up before he relaxed, and then told the doctor that he would give Tian Dalin a full-body examination. Ben was still thinking about how to persuade him, but now he happened to do it.

Doctor Xu took a look at Tian Shao, and then examined Tian Dalin from head to toe. After such an operation, both Li Guihua and Tian Dalin were terrified. This, this, they won’t really have any serious illnesses!

(end of this chapter)

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