The Age of Rebirth: The Cannon Fodder Elder Sister Brings a Sister To Counterattack

Chapter 201 chance encounter

Chapter 201 Coincidence

Peng Lihua’s forehead was bleeding, and she was in a daze, unable to stop Tian Shao and the others.

Tian Shao got up and took the ugly girl from Li Aihua, and said to everyone: “Brother Zhao, let’s go.”

Being so ill, there was no longer a moment to lose.

The three people standing at the door had a good relationship with Li Gao. Originally, they wanted to delay the time, but when they saw Tian Shao being so fierce, they quickly got out of the way. This girl is not easy to mess with, it’s better not to offend her.

Walking on the street, Wan Sanhe said to them: “There is a clinic in the town, I’ll take you there.”

Tian Shao shook his head and said: “If we don’t go to the town health center, let’s go back to the county seat. The town health center can’t treat the ugly girl like this.”

The town health center can only treat minor ailments and pains, so a person like Ugly Ya must be given antipyretics and a full-body examination. She is seven years old, and she feels light when held in her hands. One can imagine how poor her body is.

Xiao Zhao heard that she thought well, nodded and said: “Okay, you take my car, and I will take you.”

There were three bicycles when he came, and Wansanhe didn’t know how to ride a bicycle. Tian Shao said decisively: “Brother Wan, you push the bicycle back to your home first, and I will ride the bicycle back in two days.”

Wan Sanhe waved his hand and said, “Don’t be so troublesome. You send Chouya to the hospital first, and I will push the car back to the textile factory for you.”

He didn’t dare to push such a valuable thing home. He wouldn’t be able to pay for it if it was stolen and sold.

At this time, Tian Shao was in a hurry to send Chouya to the hospital, so he stopped being polite to Wan Sanhe, and carried Chouya on Xiao Zhao’s bicycle and left. The road is relatively slippery, and one person falls and two people cannot speed up.

Just when Tian Shao regretted that he should send Chouya to the town health center first, he suddenly heard a beeping sound from behind. She turned her head and saw a jeep behind her.

Tian Shao immediately jumped off the bicycle and waved vigorously towards the speeding jeep. Fortunately, the jeep stopped, and it was an acquaintance who got out of the car.

Zhao Kang followed the leader to work in Shuangqiao Town. He was confused when he saw Tian Shao holding a child. As far as he knew, the Hongqi club where Tian Shao’s family was located was dozens of miles away!

Tian Shao said with red eyes: “Zhao Kang, Zhao Kang, my sister has a high fever and needs to be rushed to the hospital. Can you give me a ride?”

Zhao Kang immediately turned around and asked the leader in the car. With the leader’s consent, he let Tian Shao sit in the back first and then said to Li Aihua: “Comrade Li, you accompany Tian Shao to the hospital by car, and I will ride the car back for you.”

Li Aihua did not hesitate, nodded and said: “Thank you!”

Zhao Kang waved his hands and said, “Hurry up, the child cannot be delayed.”

Sitting in the car no longer needs to blow the wind, and Tian Shao’s cold hands began to warm up. The old man sitting next to him saw that the ugly girl was talking nonsense, and said displeasedly: “Why did the child get sent to the hospital with such a burn?”

There is a sense of blame in the words.

Tian Shao explained with red eyes: “We also got the news two hours ago. If I knew that she was having such a difficult time in Li’s house, I would have taken her home long ago, so I wouldn’t have left her here to suffer.”

Having been here for half a year, she has completely integrated herself into this family, and she is very sad to see the ugly girl like this. It was also she who saw that Tian Dalin and Li Guihua loved their children so much that she believed that Liu Ya sent them to a good family, who would have thought that it was a wolf den.

The old man said to the driver with a straight face, “Hurry up.”

Arriving at the county seat more than forty minutes later, the old man ordered the driver to take them directly to the hospital gate. Tian Shao hurriedly thanked her and rushed into the wish with the ugly girl in her arms, and Li Aihua also hurriedly followed.

The nurse also blamed Chou Ya when she saw her like this: “The child was brought in after being burnt like this. How do you, a mother, take care of it?”

Tian Shao didn’t bother to explain, and said, “Nurse, quickly give her antipyretics.”

Li Aihua felt that the nurse had a problem with her eyesight, and Tian Shao could tell by looking at her that she would not be able to give birth to such a big child when she was less than twenty, but she didn’t say much about the importance of medical treatment now.

The hospital is very humane, the doctor saw the situation of Chou Ya and prescribed medicine immediately, but when prescribing the medicine, she asked: “This child has a fever like this and the fever must be reduced as soon as possible. Our hospital happened to receive a few boxes of Nisini the day before yesterday. This medicine It is very effective in reducing fever, and the fever will subside soon after using it.”

Tian Shao knows that penicillin is actually penicillin, which is a rotten drug in the 21st century, but now it is a scarce resource: “You can use whatever money you have. Don’t worry, I work in a textile factory, and I won’t let my debts go if I have a job.”

The doctor was secretly relieved to hear that she was willing to use it, and she didn’t want a little life to disappear in her hands: “Then I will apply for you.”

For ordinary diseases, even if you want to use penicillin, you won’t use it. But the child would die if he didn’t use it, so the leader approved it as soon as he heard it.

During the injection, I found that Ugly Ya’s hands were covered with skin and bones, and her fingers were like chicken feet. The nurse took a look at Tian Shao, thinking that there must be something hidden behind the use of such an expensive medicine, she lowered her head and got the needle seriously without saying anything.

The needle was on, Tian Shao asked worriedly: “Doctor, is my sister okay?”

The nurse’s attitude towards her changed, and her tone was much more relaxed than before: “You guys should be able to reduce the fever soon after taking this medicine, and the fever will not be life-threatening, but the specific situation will not be known until she wakes up. “

Some children will burn out their brains and become fools because they burn for too long. Just because he was afraid of scaring Tian Shao, he didn’t say this.

The nurse said to the two of them, “Leave one of you to guard her, and the other to go with me to go through the hospitalization procedures.”

After finishing the hospitalization procedures, Tian Shao went to the doctor again, and told her that she wanted to give Chou Ya a full body examination. “

On the way here, she was in a hurry and didn’t pay attention, but just now she found that Ugly Ya was not only malnourished but also had many scars on her body. These are evidences and must remain.

The doctor who treated Chouya was surnamed Xu, and she asked suspiciously, “The injury on your sister’s arm is not old, how could you not know?”

Tian Shao told the doctor the reason, and then said: “That woman looks gentle and gentle, but she is actually a snake and a scorpion. I went to pick up my sister to the hospital today and she refused to allow her to see a doctor. With her virtue, wait for my sister. Well, I will definitely try my best to get back. With your diagnosis statement, if she dares to ask for someone, I will slap her face with the diagnosis statement.”

I have never seen such an ugly face in this line of work. Dr. Xu nodded and said, “Okay, when your sister wakes up, I will give her a full body checkup, but the cost is not cheap.”

Tian Shao shook his head and said: “Check the money, I can’t let her go back to that wolf den.”

Actually, she is still not completely sure that the ugly girl is Liuya, but even if she is not, she can’t let her go back to Li’s house, otherwise the child is waiting for a dead end.

(end of this chapter)

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