The Age of Rebirth: The Cannon Fodder Elder Sister Brings a Sister To Counterattack

Chapter 198 Well-wishers (1)

Chapter 198 Good-hearted people (1)

The two sisters went home on Sunday, and before they entered the yard, they heard the sound of babbling and singing. After entering the courtyard, I realized that many people had gathered in the main room. That’s right, it’s pretty nice to gather together to listen to an opera and chat with you when you have nothing to do in winter.

Seeing the two sisters, Li Guihua raised her voice to everyone with a smile on her face: “My daughter is back, so I won’t greet you. Let’s continue chatting tomorrow.”

As soon as these aunts and aunts left, Tian Dalin immediately came out of the house and carried the radio into the house, making Tian Shao secretly laugh. The last time I came back, I heard Er Ya complain that the husband and wife were always fighting for the right to use the radio, and finally reached an agreement that Li Guihua would use it in the morning and return to Tian Dalin in the afternoon and evening.

Sanya closed the gate of the courtyard, and then went to Tian Dalin holding the military coat as if offering a treasure.

Tian Dalin couldn’t bear to take off this military overcoat, it was too warm: “Big ya, where did you get these clothes?”

Knowing that it was from the Li family, Tian Dalin nodded and touched Dayi with a reluctant expression on his face, “Dear girl, I want to give this army coat to your uncle.”

Afraid Tian Shao would be unhappy, he explained: “Dad stays at home in winter and doesn’t go out very much, so he doesn’t need it. It’s cold in the mountains, and your uncle often goes hunting in the snow, so he needs these clothes even more.”

Tian Shao would never refuse, and said with a smile: “Father, after two years I will buy you a new one to wear.”

Tian Dalin said cheerfully: “Okay, Dad is waiting.”

Tian Shao didn’t want to get up early in the morning to go on his way in the cold winter months, so he went back to the county after eating.

In the evening, Tian Shao was reading in the house, while Sanya was outside making medicine for her. Suddenly she heard Sanya yell “it’s snowing”, Tian Shao put down the book in hand and walked out.

Going out of the house and looking up, the snow is very small and sparse. But slowly, the snow became denser and bigger, like a white net woven. The medicine was boiled, because the snow was so heavy that I couldn’t see anything from a distance of ten feet.

Tian Shao doesn’t want to drink medicine in the house, it will make the whole room smell of medicine, so when the medicine is finished, put it directly on the stove to cool.

The two sisters entered the house, and Sanya shook off the snowflakes on her body and said in a low voice: “Sister, it’s getting colder this time when it snows, so I don’t know what’s going on at home?”

Tian Shao said with a smile: “My father and mother have made new padded jackets this year, and there is charcoal at home. Don’t worry, it won’t freeze.”

Even the quilts are new, so it’s warmer, so I don’t need to rely on sisters to keep warm like in previous years. But both she and Sanya are afraid of the cold, so they have to warm their feet with soup skin at night, otherwise they will still be cold after sleeping all night. It can be seen from this that Sanya needs to be recuperated even if her health is not good, otherwise she will suffer a great crime when the bad days come.

The two sisters woke up the next morning, and there was a thick layer of snow outside.

Sanya took the broom and swept the snow in the yard first, and then started breakfast. When Tian Shao went to work, she boiled the medicine and went to the door to sweep the snow.

Also because this girl is diligent, the residents here all praise her.

The snowy road is not easy to walk Tian Shao went out ten minutes early, and no one else came when he arrived at the office, so he got hot water and wiped his desk first, then sat down and got busy.

Tang Meiru and Zhao Xiaorou came after a while, and Meng Yang was not seen until the bell rang for work.

Tang Meiru said worriedly, “Why didn’t Brother Meng come?”

Of the three people, she named Meng Yang as Brother Meng, and the other two were accountants Meng. Meng Yang corrected her a few times, but it was a pity that Tang Meiru didn’t seem to hear it, so Meng Yang also followed her after many times.

Zhao Xiaorou didn’t even lift her head.

Tian Shao said euphemistically: “I don’t know, maybe I have something to ask the leader for leave!”

From the time they entered the factory to now, only Meng Yang has not asked for leave among the three of them. Well, she asked for leave more times than Zhao Xiaorou, but luckily the boss didn’t mind her good performance on weekdays.

When Section Chief He came, Tang Meiru stood up and asked: “Section Chief, Meng Yang didn’t come to work, did he ask you for leave for something?”

He Guoqing shook his head and said, “No, it might be late.”

After saying this, he entered the office.

Tang Meiru knew that Meng Yang was a person with a strong sense of time, and he would never be late for anything. She looked at the other two people in the department who were indifferent, stomped her feet and walked out.

Tian Shao frowned as she watched the background of her walking out quickly. Meng Yang was not a three-year-old child, so he must have something to worry about if he didn’t come. Looking at Tang Meiru’s expression, she probably has interests in Meng Yang. Well, now I don’t know if this girl has anything to do with Xu Lina, she doesn’t want them to be a couple.

Looking up at Zhao Xiaorou, she saw the girl bowed her head to work, and she also calmed down and was busy with the things in hand.

After a while, Tang Meiru and Meng Yang came together.

Tian Shao saw that Meng Yang’s forehead was red and swollen, and his hands seemed to be scratched, so she asked, “Accountant Meng, what’s wrong with you?”

Meng Yang said depressedly: “Lu Taihuai fell down uncontrollably and scratched his hand.”

Tang Meiru said quickly: “Brother Meng, you are doing well. Someone in the purchasing department broke his leg and was sent to the hospital.”

Compared to that unlucky guy, Meng Yang felt that he was really not miserable.

Tian Shao sincerely suggested: “Accountant Meng, it’s safer to walk when it snows.”

Tang Meiru vetoed this proposal, and said loudly: “Brother Meng’s home is half an hour’s walk from our factory, which is too inconvenient.”

Tian Shao smiled and said that he didn’t think carefully, so he stopped talking. She worked with Meng Yang for half a year and didn’t know where the other lived, but Tang Meiru knew it like the back of his hand after being here for half a month. Well, I don’t know if Meng Yang knows what she’s thinking.

Getting off work at noon, Tang Meiru said enthusiastically: “Brother Meng, your hands are not convenient, I will make you a meal and come back to eat!”

“no, I’m fine.”

Tang Meiru said with a smile: “Brother Meng, there is braised pork at noon today, and it will be gone if you go late. You don’t have handy hands now, so you don’t have to be so polite with me.”

Tian Shao was pleasantly surprised when he heard that there was braised pork, he took out the lunch box from the drawer and said, “Sister Meiru, help me make a piece of braised pork, thank you.”

Seeing that Tian Shao asked Tang Meiru to cook, Meng Yang gave her the lunch box.

Tian Shao got the braised pork and went back. What she didn’t expect was that about a quarter of an hour after she left, a middle-aged man in thin clothes who was flushed from the cold came to him.

“Big brother, is this a textile factory?”

The guard did not look down on him, and asked: “We are a textile factory here, brother, what do you want?”

The middle-aged man hurriedly said: “Is there someone named Tian Daya in your textile factory? I have an urgent matter with her.”

The guard thought for a while and shook his head and said, “You are in the wrong place. There is no Tian Daya in our factory. Brother, you can go to other factories to find it!”

(end of this chapter)

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