The Age of Rebirth: The Cannon Fodder Elder Sister Brings a Sister To Counterattack

Chapter 195 Tian Jianle broke up

Chapter 195 Tian Jianle breaks up

Tian Shao spent one night writing a copy, and handed it over to Li Aihua the next day.

Looking at the seven characters “How Women Protect Themselves” above, Li Aihua thought of what happened yesterday: “Tian Shao, I have already inquired about this matter. He Taozhi was just frightened, not hurt.”

Tian Shao said: “I know! But if it weren’t for He Taozhi’s alertness and martial arts ability to protect himself, no one can predict what the consequences will be. So I think it is necessary for us to do more publicity in the factory so that The female workers in the factory should be vigilant and protect themselves.”

Li Aihua said with a smile: “Tian Shao, if this matter is to be done, it should be done by the Propaganda Department. If I have to intervene from the Personnel Department, the Propaganda Department will lose face.”

Tian Shao shook his head and said: “If the propaganda department is in charge, it should be done after your incident spreads, but they haven’t made any movement until now. Sister Aihua, you are also one of the victims, I think it will be better if you come forward .”

After a pause, she said: “Everyone outside knows that Yan Yaozong plotted against you, but they don’t know the specific process. You have to tell everyone what he did, so that if there are girls who encounter similar things, they will be defensive. Falling into a trap foolishly like you.”

Li Aihua did not refuse this time, but her mind remained the same: “Yes, but the Propaganda Section should take the lead in this matter.”

Tian Shao smiled, and asked back: “Sister Aihua, if you want to find it, you should go to the Women’s Federation to find the propaganda department? This department is not good at work, let alone its personnel.”

Li Aihua hesitated for a while and said: “Then I will go to the director of the Women’s Federation to discuss this matter with her.”

Tian Shao told Li Aihua: “Tell the director of the Women’s Federation that this is your idea, don’t mention my name.”

Li Aihua looked at her puzzled.

Tian Shao is not afraid of Xu Lina, but just doesn’t want to take trouble anymore. Before, I helped the propaganda department to copy the blackboard newspaper, so when the big leaders came to the factory, they wanted her to do it for them. Chief He refused, and those people thought she had no sense of collective honor, which was really funny and angry.

Knowing the reason, Li Aihua promised not to tell her. She knows Tian Shao so well and knows that she is very busy.

Tian Jianle also came to Tian Shao for help after get off work that day. It turned out that he and Du Siyi had quarreled and hadn’t seen each other for three days. But until now, she didn’t know why the other party was angry.

Tian Shao showed a very embarrassed expression: “Brother Jianle, I have never had a date, so I don’t know why Miss Du is angry.”

Actually, it’s okay to ask for advice, after all, people in the 21st century don’t know what they haven’t seen. It’s just that she knows a truth, it’s better not to intervene in the quarrel between male and female friends, otherwise ordinary quarrels may turn into breakups in the end. And although she and Tian Jianle are friends, their relationship hasn’t reached that level yet.

Tian Jianle also felt that he was dizzy, so he did something stupid. It’s also because Tian Shao is good at everything, and she is about the same age as Du Siyi, so she came to ask subconsciously.

“Big ya, I’m sorry, I’m really in a hurry to go to the doctor.”

Tian Shao would not care about such a trivial matter, and said with a smile: “I think girls are thin-skinned, you go to her and say some nice words to coax the matter to pass.”

Like the two are in a relationship now, the relationship is confirmed and they are basically about to get married. So she felt that as long as Tian Jianle lowered his posture to coax each other, the two would soon be fine.

Unexpectedly, Du Siyi came to her the next day, and said aggressively: “If you have anything to do in the future, you can come to my house to build music. There are so many people in your factory, why should you go to him if you can’t go to anyone?”

As soon as Tian Shao heard it, he knew that someone was sowing discord.

Seeing that she didn’t speak, Du Siyi became more and more angry, and her voice became louder: “I’m talking to you, did you hear me?”

She still thought this girl was nice during dinner, but now she has reservations. Tian Shao didn’t explain, it’s unnecessary: ​​”Tian Jianle helped me because I saved his sister, not because we have something in between.”

Du Siyi didn’t believe it at all: “Since Tian Lingling is the one who saved you, just go to him if you have any troubles. Jianle is my target, and I don’t want you to go to him again.”

Tian Shao was speechless. If there is evidence to prove that she has something with Tian Jianle, it’s okay for you to ask for it. If there is no evidence, just because someone provokes a few words to interfere with Tian Jianle’s affairs, it is making trouble for yourself

Shaking his head, Tian Shao said: “There is a problem between you, you should find out the reason and solve it together, instead of coming to me and making trouble with someone else.”

“The problem between us is you. You have always harbored evil intentions towards Jianle, and this fool has to help because of your kindness to the family.”

Tian Shao laughed, and said: “You think too much, I don’t have any thoughts about Tian Jianle. Don’t come to me in the future, waste my time.”

Unexpectedly, Tian Jianle came over the next day: “Big girl, did Siyi come to make trouble with you yesterday?”

Tian Shao didn’t speak ill of Du Siyi, she still said the same thing, if there is a conflict, the two of them will reflect together to find out the problem and then resolve it. Only in this way can we live a peaceful life in the future.

After saying a few words, Tian Shao left on the pretext of having something to do.

Unexpectedly, three days later, Tian Jianle would tell Tian Shao that he broke up with Du Siyi.

Tian Shao felt strange and asked, “Don’t you like Miss Du very much? You were going to take her home to meet her parents, why did you break up?”

Although the conversation didn’t take long, she could see that Tian Jianle still liked Du Siyi very much, and originally thought that she would have a wedding wine soon.

Tian Jianle didn’t hide it from her, and said: “I don’t know why I’m crazy. I said yesterday that I’m not allowed to have any more contact with you. If I don’t agree, she won’t be with me.”

If Du Siyi was just jealous and made a fuss, he would tolerate it, but Du Shiyi shouldn’t force him to compromise by breaking up. This reminded him immediately of Xu Xiaohong, that vicious woman threatened her parents to empty out all their money to welcome her in with the child in her belly, and the result was that the whole family was separated. He would never marry a messy woman into the door.

Tian Shao did not persuade. Du Siyi’s ears are so soft, if she were to marry Tian Jianle, she would probably be in dire straits.

Tian Jianle said: “Big ya, I’ll pick up Sanya, let’s go to the state-run restaurant to eat!”

Tian Shao felt that it was inappropriate. After breaking up with her, she had a meal with her. When the news got out, she thought she had done something! Tian Shao politely refused, and said: “I still have some things to deal with today, and I have to wait until Saturday afternoon or Sunday for dinner. If you are bored, you can go to Gu Fei or other friends for a drink or two.”

Tian Jianle didn’t think too much about it, thinking that she was really busy, so she didn’t force it.

When he turned around to leave, Tian Shao stopped her again and said, “Brother Jianle, I think you should check to see who is gossiping in front of Comrade Du, otherwise the other party will do bad things to you in the future.” .”

Tian Jianle waved his hands and said: “It’s not necessary. I don’t like people who can provoke success with just a few words…”

The daughter-in-law he wants to marry must be as intelligent and assertive as Tian Shao, instead of being obsessed with the wind or the rain. He didn’t even realize it himself, because the more contact with Tian Shao, the standard of marrying a daughter-in-law has been raised a lot.

Tian Shao shook his head and said: “That’s not what I said. This person has provoked your relationship with Miss Du now. Who knows if he will secretly provoke the relationship between you and your friends in the future. If you know who it is, you will not do it again if you are on guard.” was calculated.”

She actually suspected Zhang Huilan, but there was no evidence, so I hope Tian Jianle can investigate. After finding out that it was Zhang Huilan, I can guard against this woman in the future. Although she reminded her, it was obvious that Tian Jianle didn’t listen.

Tian Jianle originally thought that Du Siyi had heard the rumors in the factory, but after Tian Shao’s analysis, he felt that he really should check it out.

Du Siyi is very satisfied with Tian Jianle as an object. Not only does he work well and earn a lot of money, he will have troubles, and his family also likes him very much. She was only very angry when she found out about Tian Shao, and her sister-in-law also said that this matter should not be taken lightly, so she went to Tian Shao.

It’s a pity that Tian Shao is too difficult to deal with, and after seeing her, I feel even more uneasy. One couldn’t control it and told Tian Jianle not to meet Tian Shao. Seeing that he didn’t agree, she was annoyed and threatened him with breaking up. I thought Tian Jianle would compromise, but I didn’t expect Tian Jianle to be angry and not come to her for a few days.

Du Siyi thought he was scaring herself, and only panicked when Tian Jianle said that they had broken up. She took the initiative to find Tian Jianle, but she didn’t even show her face when they met Tian Jianle. Tian Jianle even told someone that she hoped to have a good reunion and break up. Once there is a fight, everyone’s face will be ugly.

Du Siyi is also a face-saving person, and she can’t do the thing of blocking people at the factory gate, but she is reluctant to give up Tian Jianle. After much deliberation, she went to find the introducer, Mother Li.

Seeing her crying sadly, Li’s mother thought that the two had quarreled, but when she asked, it turned out that Tian Jianle didn’t want to have **** with her.

Du Siyi didn’t tell the truth at first, but after repeated inquiries from Li’s mother, she vaguely explained the matter briefly.

Li’s mother heard that the two had conflicts because of Tian Shao, and she said: “I know Tian Shao very well, she only cares about work and study, and has no interest in dating, so she has absolutely no regard for Tian Jianle. thought.”

Du Siyi didn’t believe it, and said, “It was Caixia who told me that Tian Shao liked Jianle. She must be right after Tian Shao has lived in her house for so long. By the way, Tian Shao’s parents still want to use the grace of saving their lives to force Jianle Brother Le married her. Section Chief Yang, Tian Shao is like her family, so it’s not too much for me to ask Jian Le not to associate with her, right?”

Mother Li said: “As soon as Tian Shao started working, she told her parents that she would not discuss marriage within three years. How could her parents force Tian Jianle to marry her with the kindness of saving their lives?”

Du Siyi didn’t believe it, and said, “Impossible, Chief Yang and Wei Caixia are already engaged, so there’s no need for her to lie to me.”

Li’s mother didn’t comment on why Wei Caixia did this. She smiled and said, “Why Wei Caixia said that, I don’t know. But it was Tian Shao who said that she would not discuss marriage within three years. She said she would Self-study to get a high school diploma in two years, and then go on to further education. Not only does she say that, but she has been putting it into practice.”

(end of this chapter)

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