The Age of Rebirth: The Cannon Fodder Elder Sister Brings a Sister To Counterattack

Chapter 154 defective cloth

Chapter 154 Defective Cloth

Saturday morning, He Guoqing called Tian Shao into the office, and handed her a note: “After get off work in the afternoon, take this note to Zhou Xiaofeng, the deputy section chief of logistics.”

Tian Shao took the note with both hands, glanced at it, and his pupils shrank. Not only was He Guoqing’s signature on this note, but also the signature of Deputy Factory Director Liang. She didn’t know what to say: “Section Chief, this, Section Chief, I’m too much trouble for you.”

He Guoqing said with a smile: “In the future, if you encounter difficulties, tell me, don’t keep it in your heart, the factory will definitely help you solve any difficulties.”

Tian Shao hummed and responded repeatedly.

After get off work in the afternoon, Tian Shao deliberately waited for everyone to leave before going to the logistics department to find Deputy Section Chief Zhou.

Zhou Xiaofeng took a look at the note, stood up with a smile and said, “Come with me.”

These defective cloths are not placed in the warehouse, but are stored separately in another room. There is a small alley outside the house, and few people walk around on weekdays.

Deputy Section Chief Zhou took Tian Shao to the back of the room, and pointed to a pile of cloth for her to pick out by herself.

Deputy Section Chief Zhou said: “If you think the color of a piece of cloth is too monotonous, you can also choose several other colors.”

Because the note only said to ask her to go to the logistics department to pick up things, so Tian Shao didn’t know how much cloth she could get. Unexpectedly, Chief He actually applied for a piece of cloth for her.

Tian Shao calmed down, and chose two colors of cloth, gray and black.

Putting all the fabrics in the back basket, Tian Shao stuffed another five yuan to Deputy Section Chief Zhou: “Section Chief, I really trouble you this time.”

Deputy Section Chief Zhou did not refuse, put the money in his pocket, and then took a piece of maroon cloth from the box next to him and handed it to Tian Shao, saying: “It is very festive to make a jacket with this material for the New Year.”

Because everyone is used to the four colors of gray, blue, green and black, there are very few red fabrics. In addition, there are many weddings and weddings in winter, and red clothes are required for weddings, so red fabrics are particularly sought-after.

Tian Shao didn’t expect such a surprise, took it, thanked him, and walked briskly out of the alley.

Deputy Section Chief Zhou looked at Tian Shao’s back and smiled. This girl is so good at things, she has a bright future!

In winter, it gets dark at almost six o’clock, Tian Shao hurried to the library. As she got closer, she saw a figure at the door of the library.

Erya breathed a sigh of relief when she saw her, and then asked, “Sister, what did you do, why do you want me to wait for you here?”

The library also gets off work at five o’clock, and the door is locked early.

Tian Shao said with a smile: “I went to get some things and wasted some time.”

Seeing that her hands were empty, Tian Shao asked, “Where are the big bones and pigs in the water? Didn’t you take them?”

Now every week, Tian Shao will order a few big bones and a pair of pigs to go into the water on the day he returns home, and today is no exception.

Erya smiled and said: “I took it. I met Brother Jianle on the way to the library, and asked him to help take the things back first, so that we can eat directly when we get home.”

Tian Shao nodded, and the two left the city.

Erya saw that there was no one around, and asked in a low voice: “Sister, what’s in this basket? It’s quite light.”

The basket was half filled, but the weight was so light, she couldn’t think of any good things.

Tian Shao put on a trick on purpose and said, “Good stuff, you’ll know when you get home.”

When the two sisters were approaching the entrance of the village, they saw Tian Dalin walking towards them. It turned out that neither of the sisters came back after dark, so he came out to pick them up worried.

Took the basket from Erya, Tian Dalin said: “Daya, don’t come back on Saturday from next week, it’s too late and it’s not safe. Come back on Sunday morning, and go back on Monday morning.”

The main reason is that there is no bicycle. It would be convenient to come back with a bicycle.

Tian Shao also planned in this way.

Back home, Erya asked eagerly: “Sister, you’ve arrived home, can you tell me what’s in the basket now?”

“It’s cloth, I’ll make winter clothes for you.”

Upon hearing this, Li Guihua immediately took out all the cloth from the back basket. She looked at the trembling voice and asked: “Da Ya, Da Ya, where did you get so much cloth?”

Tian Dalin was also taken aback, staring at Tian Shao.

Tian Shao smiled and said: “Don’t worry, I didn’t steal it. Our section chief knew that I didn’t have any cloth to make winter clothes, so he asked Deputy Factory Manager Liang for instructions, and got me a piece of defective cloth. Mother, these cloths are enough for Erya and the others.” The four of us made a suit of clothes.”

Erya grabbed the maroon cloth and said, “Sister, I want this cloth to make clothes.”

Li Guihua was not willing, and said: “What kind of fun do you make, this material must be used to make clothes for your sister.”

Erya would definitely not dare to argue with Tian Shao, she said: “The material is so big, it is enough to make two clothes. If you can’t make a coat, you can make a small jacket.”

Li Guihua was not happy, and said: “Brother Yansheng, on the twenty-seventh day of the twelfth lunar month, the leftover materials are used to make a dress for the bride. Darling, I know you don’t like your second uncle and aunt, but the red cloth is hard to find. Your second uncle has been begging me for a few days, but he refused because it was too difficult. But now our family has a red cloth, it’s hard to justify not giving it.”

After speaking, she winked at Tian Dalin. After several lessons, she found that her eldest daughter would still listen to what her husband said.

Tian Dalin received the signal and said to Tian Shao: “Big girl, although I don’t like your second uncle and second aunt, but your cousin Yansheng is still good. Marriage is a major event in a lifetime. Since our family got the red cloth, and this The piece of cloth is also big, so let’s make a dress for his fiancée.”

Erya heard this, tears rolled in her eyes.

Tian Shao frowned, but in the end he didn’t object: “Father, you can give them cloth if you want. The cloth costs 10 yuan plus 20 catties of rice. If they don’t want it, then make a dress for Erya and Sanya. A little jacket.”

She would rather use gray or blue cloth to make her clothes than this maroon cloth, the dirt will fall off.

Li Guihua became anxious when she heard it, and said, “What money do you charge? If this spreads, people won’t be poked in the back.”

Besides, the fabric for a piece of clothing costs ten yuan and twenty catties of rice. The supply and marketing cooperatives are not so expensive anymore.

Tian Shao just stared at her without speaking.

Li Guihua felt hairy in her heart, and stammered, “You, you, what are you doing looking at me like this?”

Tian Shao still did not speak.

Tian Dalin glanced at his wife, and said helplessly: “Big girl, just do as you say. Ten yuan and twenty catties of rice will be exchanged for this piece of cloth. If they give it, I will send it to the county seat for you.” .”

Tian Shao hummed and said: “Mother, I promised you to pay five yuan for living expenses after paying off the debts. You just pretend that I didn’t say that.”

She felt that with Uncle Li’s urinating nature, when their family’s living conditions improved, she would definitely try to find benefits. Only by letting Li Guihua know that her eyes can’t hold the sand will she have scruples.

Li Guihua was impatient, but Tian Dalin dragged her into the house before she could speak.

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