The Age of Rebirth: The Cannon Fodder Elder Sister Brings a Sister To Counterattack

Chapter 149 Unlucky Li brothers and sisters

Chapter 149 Unlucky Li Family Brothers and Sisters

Tian Shao cleaned the pots, bowls and stove, and was about to go back to the house to read when he heard Li Aihua calling her outside the door.

Opened the door, and saw Li Aihua carrying a big bag of things.

After the two entered the room, Tian Shao said helplessly: “How many times have I told you, don’t bring things over. Others say that I am friends with you because of your things. You are trying to confirm the rumors outside! “

Li Aihua smiled and said: “I didn’t bring these things, but my elder brother asked them to give them. He couldn’t help himself, so he asked me to apologize for him.”

Put the thing into Tian Shao’s hand, Li Aihua said: “Ah Shao, you take it, if you refuse me, I will have no face to let you come to my house.”

Although Zhou Ning did what happened today, it made their whole family feel ashamed.

Tian Shao took it and found it was very heavy, so he couldn’t help asking: “What’s in it, why is it so heavy?”

Li Aihua spread his hands and said, “I don’t know, my mother put it in, but these things were brought back by my elder brother and Zhou Ning.”

Tian Shao didn’t check it either. After putting the things on the desk, he asked with a puzzled face: “Why did your elder brother fall in love with her?”

Looking average, self-willed and reckless, she felt that Zhou Ning had nothing to offer other than her family background after a short time with her.

Li Aihua hesitated for a while, and whispered in Tian Shao’s ear: “My elder brother wrote a letter the year before last to ask for a promotion, but he picked up another person; last year, he had another chance to be promoted, but he was snatched away again; Two months ago, I talked to my dad on the phone and said that there was an opportunity to go to a military academy for further study. I didn’t expect this matter to go away, and then I brought her back.”

Tian Shao knew that Zhou Ning’s father had a high official position, but he didn’t ask in detail what he did specifically: “What is her father’s position?”

Li Aihua paused, and she whispered something in Tian Shao’s ear.

Tian Shao was speechless. Although she knew that Zhou Ning had a good background, she didn’t expect her father to be the kind with a golden pine branch and a gold star.

Seeing that she was silent, Li Aihua smiled and said, “Are you scared?”

Tian Shao was just a little surprised, but still followed her words: “A little bit. Don’t blame the high-spirited, it turns out that the background is so powerful.”

Has the capital of arrogance, but this temper is really not flattering.

However, Li Aihua said with disgust: “I didn’t know it before. I just found out when I went to my grandparents’ house. It turned out that Zhou Ning fell in love with my brother three years ago. It’s just that my brother has no intentions of her, and it’s also because she hasn’t done any further studies in the past few years.” Shun my brother didn’t think about it for a while.”

As a result, she didn’t think about it and agreed to have a date with Zhou Ning, and it’s possible to split up. Of course, this is just her idea, and her brother doesn’t dislike this woman.

Recalling Li Aihua’s words just now, Tian Shao’s heart skipped a beat, it can’t be so unlucky!

Li Aihua said very depressingly: “Actually, my parents are also forced to smile. Cough, my brother and her have already filed a marriage report. This matter is a certainty and cannot be changed. We can only admit it.”

After speaking, she became irritable again, and said: “Forget it, let’s not talk about her. Ah Shao, I will live with you today, so I won’t go back to my grandma’s place.”

Tian Shao hesitated for a while and said: “Sister Aihua, do you think this timing is too coincidental?”


Tian Shao wouldn’t care if it was someone else, but Li Aihua and the Li family treated her well. Since she has this suspicion, she might as well be upset: “You just said that Zhou Ning fell in love with your elder brother three years ago, but your elder brother has no intentions of her, and then this It’s been wrong for your elder brother to study for three years. Sister Aihua, do you think it’s all her doing it secretly?”

Li Aihua had just passed through Yan Yaozong’s incident, and his face changed drastically when he heard this: “Ah Shao, I’m going home, please help me to go to night school to ask for a leave.”

After finishing speaking, he turned and left.

Tian Shao first went to night school to ask for leave for Li Aihua. When she came back, she saw the cloth pocket on the table, and she took out all the things in it.

A bottle of Moutai, a can of milk powder, six bottles of canned beef, a box of chocolates, and a large pack of dried scallops, dried cuttlefish, and dried squid.

Although Fujian is close to the sea, it is easy to get seafood. But these things still make Tian Shao gasp, there is no milk powder and chocolate in China now, these are only available in overseas Chinese stores, ordinary people can’t buy them. This is really a big deal.

These many good things made Tian Shao understand that even if it is as she guessed, this marriage will not change.

Li Aihua returned home, went into Li’s father and Li’s mother’s house and told them about this matter: “Dad, Mom, isn’t the timing too coincidental? Do you think it was really Zhou Ning who made it bad? The purpose is to force Big Brother is dating her.”

Father Li’s face changed slightly, and he asked, “How do you know that Zhou Ning fell in love with your brother three years ago?”

Li Aihua said in a low voice: “Grandma doesn’t like Zhou Ning, so she told my elder brother last night to let him break up with Zhou Ning. My elder brother told grandma that Zhou Ning has liked him for three years, and he will definitely treat him well after marriage.”

Because Li Aidang and Zhou Ning were not yet married, Zhou Ning lived in Li Aidang’s former house, and Li Aidang’s two brothers went to sleep with Grandpa Li at night.

Li’s mother was so angry that Li Aidang didn’t tell their husband and wife about this matter at all, and he didn’t elaborate on the process of interacting with Zhou Ning, so he just said something vague. The same is true, the two never doubted Zhou Ning at all.

Father Li heard sonorous footsteps outside, he said: “Aihua, go back to your house.”

As soon as Li Aidang came back, his father called him into the room to talk. Li Aidang left after the two finished talking, and took Zhou Ning back the next morning.

In the afternoon, when Li’s mother came to Shen’s house to look for Tian Shao, when she saw her, Li’s mother apologized and said: “Xiao Shao, you were wronged by what happened yesterday.”

Besides, with Tian Shao’s reminder, the son will also investigate the previous matter. There will be no change in the marriage, but Zhou Ning really did these things, and the son will not be overwhelmed by Zhou’s family and Zhou Ning.

Tian Shao shook his head with a smile and said, “Auntie, don’t do this, but I don’t care about little things.”

Mother Li took Tian Shao’s hand and asked, “Xiao Shao, I really want to take you in as my goddaughter.”

She really likes such a smart girl, and she has become a godsister with her daughter, who will take care of her in the future.

Tian Shao politely refused, and then took out two bags of things from the cabinet and said, “Auntie, the things Aihua sent yesterday are too expensive and I can’t take them. Take them back!”

Mother Li pushed the things back and said, “Xiao Shao, no amount of compensation is enough for what she did. If you want to return it again, Auntie will panic with embarrassment.”

Tian Shao had no choice but to accept the things.

Mother Li went to bed that night and said to Father Li, “Tian Shao is not only smart but also perceptive. I don’t know who will be so lucky to marry her in the future.”

Father Li’s heart moved when he heard this, and said: “During the Mid-Autumn Festival, the second younger brother said that he was showing Fuguo a visit. He and Tian Shao are also of the right age. Find an opportunity to arrange for the two to meet.”

Li’s mother said bluntly: “Tian Shao retired, and my sister-in-law will not agree to this. If I want to introduce Tian Shao to Fuguo, I will definitely quarrel with me.”

They know Tian Shaohao because they know her well, and those who don’t know her will dislike her divorce and poor family background.

Father Li felt that it made sense, and felt sorry for it. It would be great if Patriotic was three or four years older.

(end of this chapter)

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