The Age of Rebirth: The Cannon Fodder Elder Sister Brings a Sister To Counterattack

Chapter 13 Intend

Chapter 13 Intended

Out of Tian Chun’s house, Tian Shao put his hand down.

Siya muttered: “Sister, their family has given so many things to Xiaopang’s family, why didn’t they give us anything?”

It was noon, Tian Shao didn’t want to chat with her under the sun, so he hurried home.

As soon as he got home, Li Guihua scolded Tian Shao: “Down into the water once, it becomes more and more stupid. That shrew beat your sister, you just go to that shrew to settle the score, why did you go to Tian Chun’s house?”

But because the sisters went to Tian Chun’s house, she didn’t go to look for it. Anyway, Ma Dongxiang, a woman with a false appearance, would not embarrass her daughter.

Siya hurriedly explained: “Mother, the white rabbit toffee and malted milk should belong to our family. Mother, you must go to Xiaopang’s house to get the things back.”

Tian Shao is now so hungry that her chest sticks to her back, and she doesn’t care about her, and goes to the kitchen to eat.

Li Guihua slapped Siya on the head and scolded: “I know how to eat all day long, the more I eat, the more stupid I become. What should belong to our family, it is a gift from Tian Chun’s family, what does it have to do with our family?” .”

She was also jealous when she heard this, but who let her daughter not live up to her expectations, she jumped into the river to kill herself when someone went into the water to save someone. Thinking of those yin and yang who said that she was selling women in a weird way when she was at work today, she felt aggrieved for a while.

Si Ya waved her hands and said, “No, Mother, the one who saved Sister Lingling was not Little Pang Second Sister, but my sister.”

“What, what are you talking about?”

Li Guihua suspected that she was hallucinating.

Siya raised her head and said proudly: “Mother, you heard me right, my sister didn’t throw herself into the river yesterday, but went into the water to save others. At that time, both my sister and Lingling fainted, and the little fat second sister said yes. The people she saved.”

Thinking of the toffee and all kinds of delicious food that are about to fly towards her, her heart is bubbling with beauty, and her saliva can’t help but flow out.

Li Guihua rushed to the kitchen like a flower, pulled Tian Shao who was about to eat, and said, “Siya said that you didn’t throw yourself into the river yesterday, but went into the water to save others? Daiya, what she said is true, isn’t it hysterical?”

Tian Shao hummed and said: “She was right, I was the one who saved Tian Lingling. Just now Peng Nianqiu admitted it in front of Uncle Chun’s family and Captain Tian. But Uncle Chun also said that it was not easy to see her. Those things will replenish her body.”

Li Guihua’s voice broke the sky: “Why, this thing should belong to my house. No, I have to go and get it back.”

Tian Shao stopped her and said, “Don’t rush to Peng Nianqiu’s house. After I finish eating, I have something to tell you and Dad.”

“What is more important than this?”

Tian Shao is really hungry. Although wild vegetable porridge and sweet potatoes are full, but because there is no oil and water, it is easy to get hungry: “Those things won’t run away, and there will be no delay if you go later. But if you don’t listen to me, I won’t take care of family affairs anymore .”

Li Guihua felt that this girl was getting worse and worse, so she dared to threaten her. However, she also knew that her daughter’s temperament had changed a lot and was not as easy to handle as before, so she didn’t dare to force her too much: “Okay, I’ll call your father.”

Tian Dalin is resting in the house.

Looking at Tian Shao’s sweet potato rice and cucumber yelling, Si Ya couldn’t help saying: “Eldest sister, why don’t you and I have dinner at Uncle Chun’s house? The fried pork with chili is really delicious.”

Tian Shao didn’t blame her, but said: “If you go to another house to eat without the consent of my parents and I, you won’t have any delicious food at home.”

Siya didn’t take these words to heart at all. The family can only eat some snacks during the Chinese New Year all year round, and they can’t see anything on weekdays.

Tian Shao saw her disapproval and didn’t warn or preach. After she earns money, there will definitely be more food at home. At that time, if Siya is not obedient, let her watch and starve her to death.

Tian Dalin was still a little dazed after being woken up, but after listening to Li Guihuahua’s words, he suddenly became sober: “What you said is true?”

“My big sister said that the poisonous girl has admitted it, and there is no falsehood. Dalin, our daughter is getting more and more serious now, and she has kept such a big matter from us.” The person who said this said At that time, Li Guihua felt sore in her heart.

Tian Dalin said: “She didn’t tell us because she was afraid that we would know the truth and would not want to resign. But our eldest girl is a blessing in disguise. After this incident, we don’t worry about her being bullied again.”

Five daughters, the eldest is too soft-tempered, the second is too impatient, the third is too timid, the fourth only thinks about eating; the fifth seems to have the most ideas, but she is too young to expect anything .

Li Guihua curled her lips and said, “Don’t be a coward.”

“No.” Yesterday, Shi Tiesheng was cleaned up to be honest, how could he be a coward. In fact, he was happy to see the changes in his eldest daughter. He doesn’t have a son, and his daughter is more aggressive to support the family.

The husband and wife went out after having a conversation. At this time, Tian Shao just finished eating. At this time, Erya and Sanya also surrounded her, and Siya rushed over as soon as she saw Li Guihua. She was still waiting for Li Guihua to go to Peng Nianqiu’s house to ask for things.

Tian Shao was funny and angry, patted Si Ya on the back and said: “I’m going to work soon, mother won’t go to Peng Nianqiu’s house now, you go play!”

Nothing can delay going to work, it is a major issue related to the livelihood of the whole family in the next year.

Li Guihua hummed and said, “I won’t go now, I’ll go after work.”

Tian Shao and his wife said: “Father, mother, let’s go into the room and talk!”

Tian Dalin instantly understood that the following conversation was not suitable for the second and third children to listen to. He sent a message: “Two ya, three ya, I’m going to work soon, you go back to your house for a rest.”

Erya went back to the house very unhappy.

Entering the room, Li Guihua said angrily: “Why do you have to avoid your second and third sisters? We are a family, what can’t we say in front of them?”

Tian Shao explained in a good-tempered manner: “It’s not that I want to hide it from them deliberately, but I’m afraid that if they don’t keep their mouths tight and tell the matter to the outside world, then it won’t happen.”

Seeing Peng Nianqiu like that, Tian Shao realized how valuable Dao Tian Dalin and Li Guihua are, so he became more patient with them.

Tian Dalin asked: “Big ya, what can’t Erya and the others know?”

This is a big deal, but he doesn’t think there is any big deal in his family.

Tian Shao explained his plan: “The factories in the county are now recruiting workers. Isn’t Tian Jianle a man of many people? Now that I have rescued Tian Lingling, I want to ask him to find a way to let me take the factory’s recruitment exam. I think he should Will not refuse.”

No way, she just came back from Tian Chun’s house, and she couldn’t stand the sunburn during such a short journey. If she had to work in the fields, she would definitely not be able to bear it. Besides, she had to keep her skin white, let alone bask in the sun.

The husband and wife were stunned after hearing this. The girl in my family really dared to think about it!

(end of this chapter)

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