The Age of Rebirth: The Cannon Fodder Elder Sister Brings a Sister To Counterattack

Chapter 123 Do not recognize godfather

Chapter 123 Do not recognize godparents

With Tian Shao’s testimony, the rumors in the factory quickly dissipated.

When Li’s father came back, Li’s mother told him what happened during this period: “Tian Shao really has nothing to say, Aihua is lucky to have such a friend.”

I used to think that Tian Shao was not vain in doing things properly, but after this incident, I found that this kid has a really good character.

Father Li also had a very good impression of Tian Shao, and said, “She has helped our Aihua so much, we should invite her home for a meal.”

Although I have had dinner at home before, it was a casual meal time, and this time it is a solemn invitation.


While going to sleep, Li’s mother said a plan of her own: “Old Li, I want to adopt Lingling as a goddaughter, what do you think?”

If Li’s father would not have agreed before, after all, if he recognized his godfather, he would be half a daughter. But after Li Aihua’s incident, he also approved of Tian Shao, and nodded: “Of course, this means we have an extra daughter.”

This girl is strong in ability and good in character, so it is not a loss to accept her as a goddaughter.

The next day Li Aihua said to Tian Shao: “Lingling, my dad is back, and I would like to invite you to my house for dinner in the afternoon.”

Tian Shao guessed that Father Li should thank her for what happened before: “No need for Sister Aihua, we are friends, and I definitely can’t stand idly by when this kind of thing happens to you.”

Li Aihua put his arms around her arm and said: “Go! I told you that my dad is a very good cook, but he is too busy to cook. Today we can eat my dad’s cooking thanks to your honor.”

It would be a little hypocritical to refuse after talking about this, Tian Shao smiled and said: “Okay, I will go with you in the afternoon.”

After get off work, Li Aihua deliberately didn’t ride a bicycle, and chatted with Tian Shao while walking: “Lingling, my parents want to take you in as a daughter. From now on, we will be sisters.”

She was overjoyed when her mother told her about it in the morning. Since I was a child, I wished to have a sister, and now my dream can finally come true.

Tian Shao was a little surprised, but quickly declined politely: “Sister Aihua, don’t do this, I’m helping you because we are friends.”

She knew that the Li family would express something, but she didn’t expect it to be in this way. But the Li family is indeed full of sincerity. If they recognize their god-in-law, no one will say that she is a village girl and look down on her in the future. Unfortunately, she doesn’t need it.

Li Aihua quickly explained: “No, it’s because my parents like you very much, and I also want to be your sister. Lingling, do you agree?”

She and Li’s father had met once before, and Li’s mother also met more often because of Li Aihua’s affairs. If you want to say how much you like her, it’s just that the two want to repay her this time.

Tian Shao said without even thinking about it: “We are good sisters even if we don’t recognize our godparents! Sister Aihua, I have parents, and I am not used to calling other people parents.”

Although a dry word is added in front, it is also awkward. Tian Dalin and Li Guihua treat Yuanshen well, and she is willing to call her parents, but it’s better to call other people’s parents.

Li Aihua still did not give up and asked: “Lingling, are you really not thinking about it anymore?”

Tian Shao said very bluntly: “Don’t think about it. Sister Aihua, I don’t know what other people do, but I don’t like to recognize my relatives.”

Li Aihua was a little disappointed, but Tian Shao had already said that he didn’t like it.

Back home, Li Aihua secretly told Li’s mother about this matter: “Mom, Lingling said that she is not used to calling other people’s parents, so forget it.”

Mother Li relayed this to Father Li, and said, “This kid looks so smart, why is he so stupid at a critical moment?”

Recognizing them as godparents will be of great benefit to both work and future marriage.

Father Li thought differently. He said: “This child is so smart that he can’t fail to think of these things. The reason for the refusal may be that he really doesn’t want to admit his father-in-law, or maybe he has concerns. But it’s okay if you don’t want to, Aihua and her Just be good.”

Mother Li felt a little regretful.

During dinner, Mother Li smiled and said, “Aihua’s grandparents would have come, but I didn’t let them come because it was not safe to travel at night. Wait a few days and let Aihua take you to his grandfather’s place.”

Originally, it would be best to invite Tian Shao to dinner on the weekend, but considering that she was going home, it was changed to the afternoon, which would be inconvenient for the elderly.

Tian Shao said that they were too polite.

Father Li picked up a glass of wine, and said to Tian Shao: “Lingling, thank you uncle and aunt about Aihua. If you encounter any difficulties in the future, you can tell us, don’t be polite to us.”

I will definitely help if I can, even if it is difficult, I will do my best to help.

Although Li’s mother said this before, Li’s father said it with a different weight. Tian Shao quickly stood up: “Uncle is too polite, I just did what a friend should do.”

After sitting down, Father Li asked: “Lingling, I heard Aihua say that you want to study for a high school diploma by yourself?”

Tian Shao nodded and said: “Yes. I promised Granny Yuxiu that she would do her best to get a junior high school and high school diploma.”

Father Li nodded and said: “The principal of Yongning’s high school is Uncle Aihua’s classmate. I told him about you yesterday. He was moved by your learning spirit and promised that as long as you score in the eighth mark in each exam If you score more than 15 points, you will be issued a high school diploma in two years.”

Principal Wen relented because of Li’s father’s face. He deliberately raised such a high demand because he was afraid of bad influence.

Li Aihua felt that the conditions were too harsh.

Tian Shao was very pleasantly surprised: “Uncle Li, is everything you said true?”

Father Li reminded with a smile: “Comrade Lingling, it is not easy to get a score of 85 or more in every subject.”

You must know that when my daughter was in high school, she scored 40 to 50 in mathematics, and this high school diploma was all mixed up.

Tian Shao said confidently: “I have finished the high school courses by myself, and it is not difficult. I can’t guarantee 100 points, 85 points should be possible.”

Of course, the premise is that the topic should not be too difficult. However, Tian Shao felt that under the current conditions, it was too difficult to ask questions, and few students at school could pass.

Father Li smiled and said, “Then let your aunt take you to school to find Principal Wen when school starts.”

Tian Shao was very grateful: “Uncle Li, thank you.”

Father Li smiled and said, “There is no need to be so polite about such a trivial matter, but uncle also has something to ask for.”

“Uncle, you said, as long as I can do it, I will never refuse.”

Father Li wants Tian Shao to make progress with Li Aihua. Since he started working, he found that his daughter has never touched a book again, and she either eats out, watches movies or invites friends to hang out. Compared with Tian Shao, she is too depraved.

Li Aihua said: “Dad, aren’t you embarrassing Lingling? She lives in the factory and I live at home. We can only meet at lunch time. We are busy at other times.”

Father Li said: “I have already learned that there is a management course in the evening school. I have already signed up for you yesterday, and I will go to class next Monday.”

In the past, Li Aihua would definitely have refused, but in front of Tian Shao, she really had no face to object, so she bit the bullet and agreed.

Seeing that his goal had been achieved, Father Li drank nearly half of a bottle of wine.

(end of this chapter)

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