The Age of Rebirth: The Cannon Fodder Elder Sister Brings a Sister To Counterattack

Chapter 116 a show

Chapter 116 A play

Tian Shao waited for five days before Tian Jianle came: “Brother Jianle, does the other party disagree?”

If the other party is very straightforward, there is no need to delay so long.

Tian Jianle said: “It’s not that I don’t agree, it’s that the lion opened his mouth and said that he would only be willing to help if he asked for five hundred yuan. Feizi and I thought it was not worth it, so we refused.”

Five hundred yuan is indeed a lot, but if Li Aihua can see the true face of Yan Yaozong clearly, the Li family will definitely be willing to pay. But Tian Shao knew that Tian Jianle acted thoughtfully, since he did this, he must have thought of other methods.

Tian Jianle said: “It took two days for Gu Fei to convince Shunzi that he has agreed to play the role of the person who blackmailed Yan Yaozong. I think Li Aihua won’t believe him when he sees him talking with Yan Yaozong.”

Tian Shao said: “Brother Jianle, will this Shunzi listen to you? It won’t end well if the pick is dropped halfway.”

Tian Jianle said confidently: “Don’t worry, Gu Fei caught his weakness. But afterwards, you need to go to the Public Security Bureau to explain that this is just a play, not really extortion.”

“Is he rehabilitating or making meritorious deeds?”

Tian Jianle smiled and said, “You can say what you want. Have you eaten yet? If you haven’t eaten, I will invite you to a state-run restaurant.”

Tian Shao politely declined, and then talked about Zhang Huilan looking for her a few days ago: “Brother Jianle, I think she is bound to win you, you have to be careful.”

This made Tian Jianle laugh: “You girl worry too much, what am I, a big man, afraid of her doing?”

Tian Shao saw his casual attitude, and reminded: “If she cooks raw rice by means, you will have to marry if you don’t want to.”

Zhang Huilan is now eyeing Tian Jianle, and will definitely try to achieve her goal for her prosperity and wealth.

“Cough, cough, cough…”

Tian Jianle choked on such a fierce topic, and then coughed vigorously.

After calming down, Tian Jianle said dumbfoundedly: “Big girl, you are a big girl, don’t say such outrageous things.”

Tian Shao said seriously: “Brother Jianle, don’t take it seriously. I think Zhang Huilan is very weird. I have never dealt with her and suddenly ran to my house to find me; I never heard of her being interested in you before, but now I suddenly want to Having **** with you. Brother Jianle, you should be more vigilant and don’t follow her way.”

With Zhang Huilan’s mind and vision, if Tian Jianle really married her, he might be dragged down to the point where he would have no achievements in this life. You must know that if you marry a wife and a virtuous person, you will lose your fortune if you don’t marry the right wife.

Seeing her seriousness, Tian Jianle nodded in agreement.

At noon on the second day, Tian Shao went to Li Aihua with two movie tickets: “Tian Jianle fell in love with a girl, bought a movie ticket and asked her to watch it, but the girl was busy. He said it was boring for a big man to go to the movie, so Give me the ticket.”

Li Aihua shook his head and said: “Lingling, my grandpa won’t agree, you should find someone else!”

Tian Shao looked frustrated, and said with a smile: “Then when I get off work, I will go to Grandpa Li and tell him. I think Grandpa Li will rest assured of me.”

“He is afraid that I will use the pretext of watching a movie to meet Yaozong, and he will not agree. Now except for my parents, my grandparents are not at ease with anyone.”

During this time, grandma stared at her like a thief. Later, though, she appreciated her family’s protection.

Tian Shaole took her arm and said: “If you haven’t tried it, how can you be sure that Grandpa Li won’t agree? If you don’t know, he will let go!”

Li Aihua has no hope.

In the afternoon, Grandpa Li came to pick up Li Aihua on time.

Tian Shao has met Grandpa Li several times, but when he met before, he was always full of energy, but now he looks haggard. But because of Li Aihua’s matter, the Li family is now covered by dark clouds, and everyone’s spirits are not very good.

Tian Shao stepped forward and said with a smile on his face: “Grandpa Li, I bought a movie ticket and want to invite Sister Aihua to watch a movie. I wonder if it is possible?”

Two days ago, Mother Li greeted Grandpa Li, saying that if Tian Shao wants to take Li Aihua out, let him not stop him.

Grandpa Li pretended to be suspicious: “But Aihua’s grandma is waiting for her? If you can’t see her, you will be anxious.”

Tian Shao smiled and said, “Don’t worry, Grandpa Li, I’ll take Sister Aihua home after we finish watching the movie.”

Grandpa Li hesitated for a moment before nodding in agreement, and then said to Li Aihua: “I know you’re bored at home every day during this time, so I went to watch a movie with Xiaotian, just to relax, but don’t go home immediately after watching the movie.” Stay away.”

Li Aihua was ready to go back with Grandpa Li, and was surprised and happy to hear this.

After he left, Li Aihua held Tian Shao’s arm and said, “Lingling, if I knew my grandpa was so reassuring about you, it’s time for you to invite me to watch a movie earlier.”

Tian Shao thought in his heart that it was useless to say what you said before, Grandpa Li would not agree.

Li Aihua said: “Lingling, the movie starts in an hour and a half, let’s go to the food factory to find Yaozong.”

Tian Shao raised his hand to pretend to brush the hair next to his ear, glanced at his watch and found that the agreed time was still half an hour away. She resolutely refused, saying: “If we want to go, we have to go later. Go now, and the people in the food factory will definitely tell Auntie when they see it. Auntie will no longer trust me.”

“Then what are we going to do now?”

Tian Shao touched his stomach and said: “I’m a little hungry, let’s go to the cafeteria to eat first, and then go there after eating. You don’t have to worry about missing him. If Yan Yaozong is not in the food factory, we will go to Yan’s house to find him.”

She was able to get away from her family’s surveillance only because of Tian Shao’s favor, so she couldn’t refuse Tian Shao’s proposal.

After dinner, the two went to the food factory first, and only after asking the guard did they know that Yan Yaozong had already returned home.

Tian Shao asked: “Sister Aihua, do you know where Technician Yan lives?”

Li Aihua nodded and said: “Yes, I live in Baitang Alley. But I have never been there, so I don’t know how to get there.”

Yan’s family has a house handed down from their ancestors, so the factory did not allocate a house to them. Tian Shao said with a smile: “Baitang Alley, I’ve been there once, come with me!”

Arrived at that place, Tian Shao walked according to the sign agreed with Tian Jianle. After a lot of turning and turning, I turned to an abandoned temple by the river.

Li Aihua looked at the half-collapsed wall and door where there were also spider webs, and said with some fear: “Lingling, we went to the wrong place.”

Tian Shao said embarrassedly: “I remember wrongly, let’s go back and ask someone!”

Just as the two were about to leave, a fierce voice suddenly came from the ruins: “Yan Yaozong, only one hundred yuan is given, and you sent the beggar? Five hundred yuan, not a penny less.”

Before Tian Shao came, she was worried that Yan Yaozong would not let go and would not achieve the expected effect, but after hearing these words, her heart fell into reality.

Li Aihua couldn’t hear the words clearly because she was nervous, so she said with a pale face: “Lingling, there are people here, let’s leave quickly.”

Before Tian Shao could speak, another voice came from inside: “I can only take out so much now, and if you force me, I won’t be able to take it out…”

Li Aihua, who was about to leave, couldn’t lift his feet when he heard the voice. Impossible, how could it be Yaozong? It must be just the voice is similar, it is absolutely impossible to be Yaozong.

Because of this change, not only did Li Aihua not go back, but instead walked towards the gate.

At this time, the fierce voice sounded again: “Don’t worry, we won’t force you, we will only make you a big female classmate, coax others to have abortions and then spread the news about people abandoning you. Then you will become everyone Street rats who shout and beat you, let alone marrying the leader’s girl, you can’t keep your job.”

Li Aihua’s head exploded when he heard this, and he couldn’t even stand still.

Yan Yaozong’s voice was full of panic: “My monthly salary is only 28 yuan, and I really can’t afford 500 yuan. I can get 200 yuan, 200 yuan.”

Tian Shao secretly thought that the salary of this technician is really not high, it is not as good as her!

The fierce voice came out again: “Don’t talk nonsense to me, I will give you three more days to collect the remaining money within three days. Otherwise, you will be ruined!”

Tian Shao hurriedly dragged Li Aihua to hide behind a big tree, half dragging and half dragging her when she saw that she couldn’t move. The big tree couldn’t hide the two people, and the other party saw them as soon as they came out, but he deliberately paused at the door for three seconds before he strode away.

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