The Age of Rebirth: The Cannon Fodder Elder Sister Brings a Sister To Counterattack

Chapter 108 Tian Shao who values ​​love and righteousness

Chapter 108 Tian Shao, who values ​​love and righteousness

Mother Li didn’t come to Tian Shao. Knowing daughter Mo Ruomu, she herself can’t convince her daughter, and she doesn’t think Tian Shao can change Li Aihua’s mind.

Li Aihua didn’t live in Tian Shao’s dormitory either. Grandma Li came to the factory half an hour before get off work, and then Li Aihua obediently went back with her after get off work.

In the next two days, Grandma Li came to pick up Li Aihua as soon as she got off work. Grandma Li has high blood pressure and can’t stand stimulation, no matter how dissatisfied Li Aihua is, she dare not quarrel with her. But because of the interference of the elders, it is difficult for Li Aihua to see Yan Yaozong.

Fell in love but couldn’t see his sweetheart, Li Aihua became irritable. He usually smiles, but recently he speaks very aggressively when talking to people, and has quarreled with several people. These people have sued Director Sun.

Section Chief Sun learned about the situation and severely criticized Li Aihua.

Li Aihua also knew that it was her own problem. She coaxed her red eyes and said, “Lingling, I don’t want to quarrel with them, but I just can’t control myself. Lingling, how can I convince my grandparents and parents?” ?”

Tian Shao expressed that he was helpless. It’s just that she was very anxious to see her like this, and she was going to wait another day. If Tian Jianle hadn’t come back, she would go directly to Gu Fei. Fortunately, Tian Jianle came to her in the evening of that day.

Seeing someone, Tian Shao relaxed: “Brother Jianle, where did you go on business, why did it take you so long?”

Tian Jianle explained: “I went on a business trip to the neighboring province and just came back. Dazheng said that you came to see me three days ago and that you were very anxious at that time. Dazheng, what happened?”

Tian Shao nodded and said: “Brother Jianle, I need your help with something. This is not a place to talk, let’s find another place!”

“Okay, then you come with me.”

Tian Jianle has been in the county seat for so long and is very familiar with it, so he quickly found a secluded place.

Tian Shao took out two portraits from his satchel and handed them to him, saying, “Brother Jianle, I want to ask Brother Fei to help find these two people.”

Tian Jianle took a look, frowned and said, “What do you want them for?”

These two people don’t look like good people at first glance, I don’t understand why Tian Shao wants to find such a person. Logically speaking, with her current status, she shouldn’t be in contact with such a person.

Tian Shao told the whole story about Li Aihua. There was no other way. If he wanted to ask him for help, he must understand the cause and effect: “After I learned about the situation of Yan’s family from my roommate, I asked Aunt Chen to help, and the result was the same. “Brother Jianle, I think this Yan Yaozong is the same kind of person as his parents, otherwise he wouldn’t want this job.”

Worry is a person with a conscience, and it is impossible for his parents to push his sister into the fire pit for a job. Such a selfish person is not a good match.

Tian Jianle agreed with Tian Shao’s statement: “It’s really not a good one, but what are you looking for with these two people?”

Tian Shao was silent for a while and said: “You suspect that Yan Yaozong bribed these two bastards, and he directed and acted what happened that night.”

“But you just said that he didn’t report his name and unit that night. The two met by chance a month later.”

Tian Shao said with a smile: “This coincidence, who knows if he made it carefully? Brother Jianle, some people will do everything in order to climb up.”

In modern times, in order to save decades of struggle, some people stare at those wealthy single women, and try every means to win the hearts of those girls. It’s just that the information is backward and people are relatively simple, so I didn’t think about it.

Tian Jianle didn’t understand why Da Ya knew so much. Could it be that he was so smart when he opened his eyes: “Are you so sure that Yan Yaozong is not good? There is an old saying that good shoots come from bad bamboos, maybe he is the one.” exception.”

Tian Shao shook his head and said: “He said that he didn’t know the identity of Sister Aihua before, but they only knew each other for three or four days, and Yan Yaozong knew what Sister Aihua liked like the back of his hand. I asked Sister Aihua, and she said that she hadn’t told Yan Yaozong own preferences.”

Tian Jianle asked: “Director Li and Section Chief Yang love Officer Li very much?”

Tian Shao nodded and said: “I love her very much, the two sons can’t compare. And Sister Aihua is a very rational person, but this time it seems that someone has lowered her head, and she was led by the nose by Yan Yaozong.”

Tian Jianle folded the portrait and put it in his pocket, and said, “I’ll go find Gu Fei later and ask him to find these two people as soon as possible.”

Tian Shao took out another envelope from his satchel, and whispered, “This is some hard-working money for Brother Fei’s brothers.”

Looking at the thin envelope, Tian Jianle asked, “Is this money from the Li family?”

If the money was given by the Li family, he wouldn’t do it for him. Such a small layout is not worth his time and energy.

“No, it’s my money. I’ll tell the Li family after I find these two **** to find out the matter.”

Tian Jianle opened the envelope and saw eight cards of Great Unity inside: “You won’t take out all your money, will you?”

Li Guihua is a penny-pinching rooster, and her daughter doesn’t want to spend a penny when she goes to the city to prepare for the exam. And Tian Shao only got one month’s salary, and only the money that crazy woman lost on hand.

Tian Shao said with a smile: “There are still nine yuan and six, which can be used for salary.”

People in the village say that Da Ya has changed and become ruthless. But looking at the money in his hand, Tian Jianle secretly wondered how many people in Tianjiacun could be as sympathetic as Da Ya.

Returning the money to Tian Shao, Tian Jianle said: “You take the money back, and I will let Ah Fei handle it.”

“This won’t work, how can I ask Fei Gebai to help?”

Tian Jianle looked at Tian Shao, and said meaningfully: “Da Ya, Ah Fei has made a lot of money these years, and this money is dispensable to him.”

Tian Shao understood immediately, and said, “Brother Jianle, you mean that he helped the Li family this time, and if Brother Fei has something to do in the future, I hope the Li family will help him?”

Tian Jianle couldn’t help but think of what Gu Fei said before, whoever marries a big girl will be blessed. He gave up after Tian Shao refused before, but now he really wants to be this blessed man.

Seeing him wandering in outer space again, Tian Shao felt a little helpless, why is this man always distracted when talking to him!

When he came back to his senses, Tian Shao said: “Brother Jianle, this is just my guess. If my guesses are all wrong, I won’t tell the Li family about this.”

Even if Yan Yaozong did not bribe the two gangsters, the Yan family is not a good place to go, so she will not speak well of Yan.

Tian Jianle stuffed the money back into Tian Shao’s hands, and said, “There are profits and losses in doing business, this time I will take a gamble for A Fei.”

If he wins the bet, that Director Li owes Ah Fei a big favor; don’t underestimate this favor, it can save lives at critical times. If you lose the bet, it’s just a little effort and no other loss.

Tian Shao couldn’t evade it, so he could only put the money back into his satchel: “If my guess is true, I will tell Uncle Li and Aunt Yang that it was Brother Fei’s chivalrous help.”

Talking to smart people is peace of mind.

(end of this chapter)

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