Pirate: I, The Fourth General, Am Eight Years Old This Year

Chapter 96

“Give up other powers on the island, raise the steel wall of the inner bay with all your strength, and stop the pirates who will follow up on the square!”

Granny Crane held a phone bug in her hand and commanded the scattered naval front during the Warring States period.

“Everyone… It’s up to you whether you can survive until Xia Tian comes back!”

Granny He sighed deeply.

There is no other way, there is no way to rearrange the battles above the lieutenant general, only to block the pirates’ footsteps as much as possible.

And at this time.

As if the ending of the Navy was hopeless enough, the audience’s attention was diverted to Blackbeard Teach. q.o

This black beard who was born out of nowhere and fought against the Four Emperors was really incomparably tough.

With black mist in one hand, and an armed domineering cover in the other.

The red-haired Shanks became more frightened as he fought more and more, and even himself was somewhat affected by the gravity of the black mist.

“If this continues, defeating him will not be accomplished in a few hundred rounds.”

The red-haired Shanks also had to admit that this monster who didn’t need to sleep finally showed its fangs and showed strength comparable to the Four Emperors.

Every slash of his will be smashed by Blackbeard’s fist that has multiplied a hundred times!

“Thief hahaha, what’s up, redhead!”

Heibeard felt the shocked eyes on him on the field, and couldn’t help laughing arrogantly.

After adding the double fruit ability, the unlimited growth power brought to him by the dark fruit finally showed!

Just having the Momo fruit is enough to match the domineering red hair. If you get the shaking fruit of Papa Whitebeard, who else in this world will be your opponent! ?

Even that guy Tongdi will be defeated by him!

“Navy! Did you see that?”

“After you are defeated, this world will be completely out of control! I, Blackbeard, will also become one of the Pirate Emperors, king of the sea! Thief hahaha!”

Arrogant, arrogant!

Blackbeard Titch is extremely excited, especially now that the navy is about to be defeated and the world government loses its prestige, the sea will completely become a paradise for pirates!

I will rise from the chaos!

The red dog Sakaski gritted his teeth tightly, his eyes were burning with anger, wishing to tear up the black-bearded Tiki who spoke wildly.

The other navies all had extremely ugly expressions on their faces.

He is saying that the navy will be wiped out today!

“When Ace is rescued, I’ll kill you… Tiki!”

Newgate with the white beard also had his eyes fixed, and a fierce light flashed.

“It’s such a big ambition. If you want to become the emperor of the sea, your goal is also the One Piece…”

Raleigh even felt that there was something wrong with Blackbeard Teach.

However, the navy that is about to face defeat is shrouded in despair.

No matter what, people with imperial combat power like Blackbeard are not from his own side, and it can even be seen that he is also going to destroy the navy!

Even viewers around the world who watched the live broadcast were shocked by Blackbeard’s arrogance and ambition.

The world would be unimaginable without the Navy!

Even Monkey D Dragon wanted to lend a helping hand to the Navy.

It’s okay for the pirate to save Ace and leave. If the navy is really destroyed, the consequences will sweep the world!

Moreover, just as Blackbeard Titch was standing on the ice, the black mist possessed him and laughed arrogantly.

A childish voice sounded.

“Oh, is it so?”

This voice came down from the sky, and the whole Marin Vanduo could clearly hear it!

“This voice…is…he is back!”

Moment! Everyone was shocked!

The eyes of the pirates, including Whitebeard and Shiji the Golden Lion, trembled!

Look up now!

A small figure crossed the sky and came towards Marin Fando at a high speed!

At the terrifying speed beyond the speed of sound, you can even see the white air ring rippling out of the sound barrier!

“It’s Tongdi!”

Ma Erke, Beckman and the others all changed their faces and said through gritted teeth.

Even before the arrival of the people, a terrifying sense of oppression has already permeated my heart!

With such an imposing fellow, besides Tong Di, the most powerful general in the sea, who else can there be!

“After all, it’s too late…”

Newgate with the white beard sighed. In fact, he had already made preparations for the arrival of summer.

It’s just a little bit close, the execution platform is in sight, and Ace with tears in his eyes is also in front of him.

This war is not so easy.

“Tongdi Xiaxia…”

Shi Ji the Golden Lion, Red Earl Redfield, and Barrett were also shocked.

It’s too fast, it’s really too fast, no wonder Xia Tian hastened back so quickly, just seeing the speed of stepping forward makes their hearts tremble.

And the eyes of the navy are full of hope!

“We held on!”

“General Tongdi is back!”

The most powerful general in history!

The strength of the monster that rubbed Kaido and G on the ground, these achievements have given the navy infinite confidence!

Lieutenant generals including Flying Squirrel, Red Dog, Yellow Monkey, Aokiji, Karp, Sengoku, and Granny Crane all smiled.

“He’s coming! Are you… ready!”

Garp laughed, looking at the three of them, the golden lion Shiji, whose expressions changed drastically.

“Have you forgotten the shadow my brother brought to you, Golden Lion, Barrett!”

Yellow ape Polusalino’s eyes were filled with excitement. For the first time, he was suppressed and beaten twice in a row by domineering and terrifying people.

You must let your brother vent your anger on yourself!

“Whitebeard! It seems that you are not so easy to defeat Marlin Vandor!”

The Warring States Period in the golden light was full of majesty, but the words he spoke were filled with deep excitement.

It can be said that the entire navy breathed a sigh of relief!

If you arrive a little later, you may be defeated by the pirates and fail completely. Fortunately, at the moment of crisis, Xia Tian has finally returned!

The red-haired Shanks frowned, shouting in his heart that something was wrong.

However, Blackbeard Titch’s body froze when he heard the voice, and when he looked back, he couldn’t help being surprised!

“It’s really you! Tongdi Xia Tian!”

Xia Tian had left a deep impression on Blackbeard, whether it was being knocked down by Xia Tian’s punch, or witnessing Dressrosa beating Kaido violently, advancing the town to press the Golden Lion, the Red Earl, and Barrett.

Every shot of Xia Tian deeply shocked Blackbeard.

Now as summer is getting closer and closer, Blackbeard Titch feels the unparalleled pressure of summer coming straight to him!

“No… I am no longer the original self!”

But Blackbeard Tiki trembled all over, as if he had broken through a magic barrier, only then did he realize that his strength had skyrocketed!

So, even Xia Tian was a little surprised that Blackbeard Tiqi actually made a move against him!

Chapter 137 Kaidor’s mother: Please don’t provoke Xia Tian, ​​you must listen

“Dark Emperor!”

Dark smoke gushes out from Tiqi’s body crazily!

Huge and incomparably dark giant **** continuously gathered above the head!

Under the strong gravitational force, even the gravel and ice blocks on the ground floated!

“A hundredfold increase!”

Blackbeard Titch gritted his teeth and raised his other hand!

The power of the second fruit is added to make the giant dark ball swell again!

It was so dark that it covered half the size of Marin Vanduo.

Be it the navy or the pirates, they were all stunned and swallowed their throats in astonishment!

“What a terrifying attack!”

Even Raleigh couldn’t help but give an evaluation, and the other top powerhouses were all shocked.

Karp, Warring States, Steel Bones, and the three generals all changed their faces.

Even the nearest red-haired Shanks’ eyes were throbbing, and his figure retreated again and again.

Since Blackbeard Titch is going to attack Xia Tian, ​​it is naturally the best, there is no need to stop it.

“Do you think I’m still the same as I was a few days ago! Summer!”

Blackbeard Titch laughed loudly, his face became ferocious, and while pushing with both hands, the Dark Emperor threw it towards the flying Xia Tian.

Thinking of his obedient appearance in front of Xia Tian made him feel ashamed and angry, wishing to kill Xia Tian and let this memory be silenced forever.

Xia Tian didn’t speak, even his expression didn’t change, he just felt that this dark ball was a bit of an eyesore.

And after flying for a long time, Xia Tian has already worn out a lot of patience.

My goal is not Blackbeard Tiki, this guy can’t make himself much stronger.

So, while stepping on the air and bursting into extreme speed, the fist of his right hand was clenched.

The red flowing cherry armed color rotates on the arm, and hits the dark giant ball with a punch through the air!

“Broken Sea!”

In the eyes of everyone, only Xia Tian waved his fist!

The air was rippling, but the invisible punch made everyone present tremble violently and turbulently!

In just a split second, the dark emperor, who had grown a hundred times, this big ball that was half the size of Marin Vanduo was shocked!

Then the whole thing was torn apart! The black mist dispersed in all directions, and in the end it seemed to be shaken repeatedly, and everything turned into nothingness!

And it just so happened that Xia Tian’s figure passed through where the Dark Emperor was.

And Blackbeard Titch didn’t even have time to show his horrified expression, just as he was shocked.

The invisible Broken Sea Fist’s strength continued unabated, and it directly bombarded Blackbeard Tiqi’s body!

The air around Tiqi suddenly disappeared, and Tiqi, who was in it, rolled his eyes and spit out blood from his mouth. His whole body was in pain from the force of the vibration.

The thick ice beneath his feet exploded in a huge circle, and half of the pirate ship not far away was lost!

The 100-meter-long ice was directly shattered, and Blackbeard Tiqi was also directly blasted into the seawater.

Everyone, including the red-haired Shanks, was shocked.

After the silence, the audience in front of the live broadcast screen were shocked!

“This… this is the most powerful general, Emperor Tong!?”

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