Pirate: I, The Fourth General, Am Eight Years Old This Year

Chapter 95

The pirates did not forget this point. When the admiral ordered to insist, everyone’s eyes couldn’t help but change.

If he really comes back, it is really possible to save Marin Fando’s battle!

The Golden Lion Shiji was fighting with the Red Earl, Barrett was fighting with the three generals and Garp, and his eyes could not help but be serious at this time.

“So what if Xia Tian is back?”

“As long as we knock you down first, wouldn’t it be a surprise for him to come back? When he arrives, he will face a group of people besieging him!”

The Golden Lion Shiji was unmoved, but laughed loudly.

The pirates also reacted, and the Golden Lion Shiji was indeed right.

If after Xia Tian comes back, the pirate has already defeated the navy, if all people besiege him, the strongest general is no matter how strong, so what?

Not the turtle in the urn!

On the contrary, the navy was even more stunned and desperate after hearing it.

Yes, they are all losing ground now.

There are many ordinary troops, but they can’t bear the fact that they have many cadres!

Like the fleet captains of the Whitebeard Pirates, all of them are big pirates from the new world, and ordinary soldiers are overwhelming in front of them!

Today’s inner bay fort positions are all lost, and they can’t stop the pirates at all!

The inner bay, which was originally intended to freeze first and then melt, has become a foothold for pirates to attack.

“The navy… is the end of the storm…”

“They are going to lose, the square has already been killed by pirates, and all the main combat forces have been restrained.”

“No! If the navy loses, the world will be in chaos!”

Where is the star? What about world government? Could it be that this is their arrangement! ? “

In front of the live broadcast, the kings of the major kingdoms couldn’t help but wailed.

The rest of the people looked at the heavy casualties on the screen and couldn’t speak. They broke out in cold sweat and prayed in their hearts.


During the battle, Aokiji and Akainu were seriously injured!

It’s the Red Earl!

Under the weird movement skills, even if Garp joined in, it was still useless.

The black slash made the two generals fall to the ground, their arms were almost chopped off!

Chapter 135 Wait, Summer is Coming Soon


Holy Land, Mary Gioia.

“The situation is not right! The navy can’t hold on!”

“These prisoners on the sixth floor…Damn it!”

Especially seeing the Red Earl, who covered his body with the crescent sword light, beheading Aokiji and Akainu.

No matter how calm the stars are, they can’t sit still at this time.

“Pluto Rayleigh… really deserves to be a man who can fight side by side with Roger. He can actually fight like this in the air in King Kong mode.”

The fourth elder also had an ugly expression on his face.

Steel Bone Kong originally entered Marin Fando as a support to participate in the war, but now he is restrained.

“If this continues, the navy will lose, and the world government will be completely disgraced!”

The third elder also clenched his fists, and looked at the first elder and the second elder solemnly.

“Wait a little longer…summer is coming.”

The old man and the second elder are going there, don’t be in a hurry, we can’t make a move until the last moment. “

The Great Elder narrowed his eyes slightly and made an arrangement.

According to CP’s report, summer should be coming soon, but in order to prevent accidents, let the two elders go.

Now dispatching others can’t save the battle.

Only high-end combat power can save the battlefield, so the elders can only go up in person.

However, the strength of the stars must never be displayed unless it is absolutely necessary.

“There is also that black beard, he will use the dark fruit… There is a chance to get rid of it.”

The Great Elder actually cared more about Blackbeard who was confronting the red-haired Shanks and hadn’t fought yet!

The second Lux… must not appear!

the other side.

Marlin Vandeau.

Encouraged by the Warring States Period, the marines, although a little desperate, still insisted on resisting the impact of the pirates.

Eagle-eyed Mihawk didn’t make a move, and there was red-haired Shanks, but he stood aside, staring at the direction of the inner bay with his sharp eyes.

He doesn’t care much about the victory or loss of the navy, or whether the pirates can rescue Ace.

On the contrary, it was the confrontation between the black beard and the red hair that surprised Hawkeye Mihawk.

Shanks was standing with a knife in his hand, looking extremely dignified?

“Thief hahaha… the red hair is really becoming more and more masculine.”

Blackbeard Titch also didn’t dare to be careless in his heart, but his mouth was full of sarcasm, and he pointed his finger at his eyes.

Because there are three scratch marks left by him on the red-haired eyes!

“You’re not normal… Tiki, no, Blackbeard.”

“Some want to attack the navy, some want to attack White Beard… What are you planning?”

The red-haired Shanks didn’t do anything immediately, but stopped Blackbeard. In fact, he also wanted to know Blackbeard’s plan.

He is definitely not as simple as it seems on the surface!

“Thief hahaha…Speaking of which, the navy is really useless. The white beard’s sick body has been beaten up to now, and they still can’t win.”

Blackbeard didn’t answer the redhead, but rather disdained the navy.

It’s just that he doesn’t have any plans right now.

With the three monsters of Golden Lion Shiji joining, Blackbeard knew that the Navy could not win, so he wanted to directly attack Whitebeard.

It’s just that I didn’t expect to be stopped by the red hair, but it’s no problem.

It’s just that I didn’t expect the navy to collapse so quickly, and retreated steadily under the cooperation of the pirates.

The Warring States Period can’t force Whitebeard to relapse. If this continues, Ace will soon be rescued!

This is what Blackbeard Teach doesn’t want to see. The Navy can lose, but Whitebeard Daddy must also be injured!

“Looks like I don’t have time to spend with you, redhead.”

Blackbeard Titch no longer restrained himself, and black mist surged from his body!

Straight into the sky!

These black mist seemed to have life, which made the red-haired Shanks feel uncomfortable.

“You can’t get through.”

I don’t know what Blackbeard Titch is going to do, but it doesn’t affect the red hair to attack him at all!

Cut with a long knife!

The blue light of the knife pierced the sky and cut off the black mist soaring into the sky.

The next moment, he rushed directly towards Blackbeard!

The turbulent overlord look was so domineering that it actually suppressed a little black mist of the dark fruit.

This made Blackbeard Tiki’s face a little hideous.

He couldn’t avoid the battle with the redhead.

“That is from your hand, let the whole world see my black beard’s strength!”

Doubling! “

The black mist entangled in his hands, covered with armed colors, and the black beard would not dodge, and he punched the red-haired blade!


Black mist and domineering arcs radiate!

Neither of them took a step back, but the terrifying impact of force did shatter the ice surface, cracking it inch by inch and sending it flying!

Just when the two of them started fighting.

In an instant, it attracted the attention of everyone in the battle.

Even Whitebeard Newgate and Sengoku looked back solemnly.

Marco and the others looked like they couldn’t believe it.

Tiki, actually fought with the red-haired Shanks in the back, and the fight was evenly matched! ?

You know, red hair is one of the four emperors!


White-bearded Newgate gritted his teeth tightly, and his murderous eyes surprised even Sengoku.

“It’s hidden really deep.”

Golden Lion Shiji also looked back during the battle with Garp, and said with a sneer.

This level is already strong at their level.

“Dark fruit, or double fruit ability… Is Rocks going to be resurrected?”

Garp smashed the golden lion’s slash with one punch, and glanced at the black beard with a gloomy face.

“At this time, you should worry about your navy yourself!”

Barrett snorted disdainfully, and rushed towards Karp.

“Xiamen is back, you can’t run away!”

Garp stared, not frightening the three of them at all.

And on the live broadcast facing the whole world.

The audience watched the black-bearded Tiki who fought back and forth with the red hair, and they were shocked.

“That’s the red-haired Shanks! What is the origin of Blackbeard Tiki, who can fight like this with the Four Emperors?”

“No…no, he has two fruit abilities!”

“No one can have two abilities at the same time! Without exception, anyone who eats two fruits will die! How did he do it!?”

“It’s no wonder that you are evenly matched against a man with red hair…”

Whether it was civilians, supernovas, or the revolutionary army, everyone was shocked. This kind of thing beyond cognition is incredible.

Moreover, Blackbeard’s attack on the Navy and Whitebeard’s behavior made everyone puzzled.

It is true that the current navy is only shocked, and now it is difficult to protect itself, and there is no energy to think about what Blackbeard wants to do.

As a result, the battle of Marin Fando became more chaotic.

Chapter 136 Summer Returns, Everyone Cheers

“Contact the warship and try to aim at the inner bay for shelling!”

“All the people in the square get closer and guard the left and right sides! The rest get out of the way and don’t get close to the fighting range of those old guys!”

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