Pirate: I, The Fourth General, Am Eight Years Old This Year

Chapter 9

“Yes, father,”

“Yes, boss.”

Joz and Laqiru on the opposite side obeyed, walked forward and looked towards Xia Tian.

“Hey, kid, did you hear that? You should leave now.”

“With you as a general, you can’t prevent the two four emperors from meeting.”

The two spoke one sentence, and jumped directly towards the warship in the middle.

The navy soldiers and Momotu immediately made moves to prepare to attack.

“What if I don’t go?”

Xia Tian watched the two standing on the fence of the warship, one left and one right, and waved his hands to stop his subordinates from shooting.

“If you don’t leave, we’re going to do it.”

Joz shook his head helplessly.

I thought to myself that this child is just a child, why is he so ignorant.

Pirates will not show mercy to the Navy.

Hearing this sentence, Xia Tian grinned.

Without showing a bit of strength, these guys will not face up to their children’s bodies.


Suddenly, the sound of breaking through the air came!

Xia Tian didn’t bother to talk anymore, and came directly in front of Laqilu at an extremely fast speed, and punched out with a small fist with a red cherry blossom!

The air formed a white air flow visible to the naked eye on the small fist, and it arrived at extreme speed!

Laqilu was still biting the flesh in his hand, completely acting like a child in Xia Tian, ​​a little slack, when he reacted, when his arm was armed with domineering defense, he was directly smashed by Xia Tian’s huge force!

It’s like standing in the middle of a big pendulum clock and being hit by a heavy bell hammer!

There was a muffled sound.

The flesh in Laqilu’s hand was flying, and the irresistible force spread from the arm to the whole body!

No matter how the whole person came, he flew back backwards.

It was a sudden scene that shocked everyone.

The people of the two big pirate groups, the soldiers on the warship didn’t expect Xia Tian to do it directly.

Seeing Laqilu’s obese body flying backwards quickly, he couldn’t control his figure.

This is Rachel! One of the top cadres of the Red Hair Pirates!

Just like that, it was blown away! ?

Chapter 12 Marco was punched flying

Joz gritted his teeth in another direction, is it a sneak attack?

Doesn’t count? Laqilu didn’t react because Tong Di’s speed was too fast!


The next moment, Joz, who had his eyes wide open, saw Xia Tian turning back before he finished speaking.

At an unbelievable angular speed, it turned around and rushed towards itself!

A small fist was continuously enlarged in front of him, and he had already reacted, and his body quickly began to turn into a diamond.

“Shine! Clash!”

But when Xia Tian smashed over with the domineering black fist of armed color.

More than half of the body of this man with a daily angry face turned into diamonds.

With force under the feet, the fence of the warship burst instantly, and the whole person rushed towards Xia Tian with his shoulders without avoiding it!

When Xia Tian’s little fist collided with Joz, the terrifying power instantly exploded!

The deck exploded, and pieces were shattered and overturned!

The collision of forces caused a dull sound that spread through the oscillating air.

Some naval soldiers who were close were all backed up and fell down by the impact of the collision between the two.

Fortunately, this is a specially-made warship with an unusually strong structure. It didn’t disintegrate directly, but the deck shattered a big hole.

“Diamond Jozzy, she really lives up to her reputation.”

Xia Tian also did not think that Joz’s strength was so great.

It’s no wonder that in One Piece, a huge ice cube can be thrown away, and the green pheasant that hits it bleeds.

This punch was actually withstood.

Compared to Xia Tian’s accident, Joz himself was even more taken aback.

I know how strong his collision is.

The most powerful king of the Whitebeard Pirates!

Even after using the Shining Charge, he still couldn’t push away his small fist! ?

Xia Tian did not continue to wrestle with it, after all, it is not on land, and in order to deter the people of the two emperor-level pirate groups, they must win with an overwhelming advantage!

“One style…Zhenshan!”

In an instant, the little fist with the diamond changed!

The strength has changed!

Circles of ripples of power impact spread out from the fist, and the turbulent fist force exploded like a wave!


This is the second effort without action!

Even the red-haired and white-bearded eyes were fixed.

This is not a fighting skill that an eight-year-old child can learn at all! ?

Immediately, like Laqilu, Qiaozi couldn’t even control his figure and was thrown back by Zhenshan’s punch!

Red-haired Shanks and white-bearded Newgate, as well as the cadres on their respective ships, all changed their eyes.

Such a powerful force!

However, all this happened very quickly, in just a few seconds.

Even Laqilu, who was knocked into the air at the beginning, has not yet landed.

Seeing that the two who were knocked into the air didn’t know how far they flew, Marco and Beckman shot to catch Jozi and Rakiru.

But when he felt the power on them, his face became serious.

Summer is not as simple as they imagined!

The powerful power, as well as the skill of controlling power, all show that this child emperor is not simple.

These two punches completely shocked the people on both sides of the white beard and red hair.

At this time, everyone had put away their contempt, and looked solemnly at the immature figure on the warship with a lot of broken decks.

This is not a child, this is the fourth general of the navy! Tongdi!

“Gu la la la…”

The eyes of Newgate with white beard seem to be very interested in Xia Tian.

The red-haired Shanks also looked at Xia Tian solemnly.

“As expected of the fourth general, it seems that we underestimated him.”

It can’t be treated as a child at all, the red-haired Shanks can see it.

The armed color domineering that Xia Tian covers on the hand is obviously strong and excessive.

Diamond Qiaozi couldn’t bear the strength of the fist, and Laqiru’s body couldn’t unload the force.

He is physically strong! q.o

“The upper limit of the obtained power has been increased…”

“Get an increase in the upper limit of stamina…”

One person punches one by one, and the system in Xia Tian’s body prompts immediately.

The short process has not harvested the body technique template, and these upper limits have only improved a little bit in Xia Tian.

But there is no doubt that if you fight against a powerful guy, the upper limit is also much higher.

“Come again!”

Diamond Qiaozi and Laqilu obviously refused to accept being punched by an eight-year-old child.

Taking a deep breath, I’m about to jump over again!

Both of them gritted their teeth and wanted to fight again.

But each was stopped.

It’s Marco on Whitebeard’s ship, and Beckman on Red Hair Shanks’ ship!

“Hey, Joz, this guy is not easy, let me try it.”

Marco stepped forward solemnly, jumped directly on the boat, a blue flame burned on his body, and appeared in the form of a phoenix!

Facing Xia Tian is rushes over.

Its half-beast-like phoenix claws are even more covered with a strong armed domineering color, grabbing at Xia Tian!

As for the red-haired Shanks, Beckman stopped Laqilu while biting a cigarette, and jumped over without saying a word.

“You really are, isn’t that enough?”

Seeing that the two four emperors did not move, Xia Tian said helplessly.

The peach rabbit beside him thought it was Xia Tian who said that the strength he showed was not enough for them to stop, but what Xia Tian said was… why didn’t the Four Emperors do it yet.

“One style, Zhenshan.”

The figure disappeared directly on the deck, and Xia Tian jumped up, clenched his fists, and the domineering aura of armed color circulated in his arms like flowing cherry blossoms!

Use it again out of town hills!

And it’s not just a simple burst of fist strength, it’s a complete Zhenshan!

At this moment, the powerful power erupted directly, causing the expressions of both White Beard and Red-haired Shanks to change, and they became a little dignified.

After merging out of Zhenshan, this is not the first time Xia Tian has used it. Cooperating with movements to mobilize the strength of the body, its power is even stronger!


The fist hit Marco directly in the air, and when it was fully straightened, it happened to hit Marco’s body that was braving blue flames!

Marco was shocked immediately, never thought that Xia Tian’s speed was so fast!

It wasn’t until the fist was continuously enlarged in front of him that the sound of the sonic boom reached Marco’s ears!

Xia Tian doesn’t want to continue fighting, his goal is the two Four Emperors with white beard and red hair!

Only by fighting against them can you get the maximum progress, and you can’t take the initiative to attack, otherwise these cadres and captains will definitely stop in front.

As a result, Marco was unlucky, being attacked by Xia Tian at a high speed, the world in his eyes seemed to slow down incomparably.

With a smile on Xia Qing’s face, the fist he punched created a huge pressure in the air, until it hit him firmly on the shoulder…


The powerful waves shook away, forming a strong air current to blow away.

The blue flames on Marco’s shoulders were completely wiped out by the armed arrogance carried by the fist, and his body flew back like a shell.

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