Pirate: I, The Fourth General, Am Eight Years Old This Year

Chapter 81

And Xia Tian himself did not say to want to come back.

“Get ready. Turn on the live broadcast as soon as the time is up, and Sakaski will be back soon after escorting him.”

Zhan Guo sighed, and now he relaxed from his originally tense mood.

After today, perhaps the navy will regain its majesty.

at the same time.

The whole world has already paid close attention to today, and the world government has spared no effort to publicize this battle of standing.

Each of the 170 affiliated countries has set up a large screen for live broadcasting.

The four major oceans in the southeast, northwest, including the well-known large islands.

Such as Chambord Islands, Nine Snake Islands, Water Seven Capitals, etc., are all like this.

Early in the morning, whether it was the public or people from the underground forces, they were all ready and gathered in front of the live broadcast screen, waiting for the live broadcast to start.

Even the Revolutionary Army set up live screens, sitting in danger and waiting.

On Cake Island, on the grass of the castle, live screens have also been set up.

The g throne was directly lifted out by Xia Tian, ​​and placed in the middle as a reclining chair.

The vat of orange juice, desserts, etc. were all ready, and Momotu, Chafu, Hina, and other lieutenant generals and major generals all took their seats one after another.

Even the people on duty were given a vacation in the summer, so if they wanted to watch it, they could watch it together.

Now the war is about to start, and it doesn’t matter if Totland defends or not.

Of course, on a pirate ship on the sea.

G Kaido, and the ministers of Totland also set up a screen, and it seems that they are also preparing to watch this battle.


Not long after, the live broadcast screens all over the world flickered.

Snowflakes appeared on the dark screen, and after a burst of noise, a grand picture appeared!

That’s exactly Marin Vanduo, who has completed the formation!

Hundreds of warships surround the circular Marin Vanduo, looking from a distant perspective, it is full of majesty!

For the public, the first scene can be said to be full of impact.

You must know that ten warships can launch a devastating and indiscriminate attack, the Demon Slaughter Order!

Now there are hundreds of ships here, and it is full of deterrence for those who know the Demon Slaughter Order.

Then, as the lens changes.

Those who watched the live broadcast also clearly saw the layout of the navy.

Stand the world famous villain on the front wall of the harbor! King Shichibukai!

Tenyasha Doflamingo.

Hawkeye Mihawk.

Empress Hancock.

Tyrant, bear.

Moonlight Moriah.

On the square, there are hundreds of thousands of elite naval soldiers!

The lieutenant generals of the giant clan were also among them, standing separately.

The artillery and the display of troops amazed the world.

A thick solemnity seemed to pass through the screen, shocking the audience in front of the live broadcast.

“Look, there are more than a dozen lieutenant generals from the Navy Headquarters!”

Someone swallowed, pointed at the screen and shouted.

Under the execution platform in the middle of the square, top lieutenant generals such as Flying Squirrel and Huoshaoshan of the Navy Headquarters have already stopped at their positions.

And on the half-height platform of the execution platform, there are four chairs!

The three figures walked over slowly, and sat on the purple chair with golden yellow!

“The highest combat power of the Navy Headquarters! Yellow monkey, blue pheasant, red dog!”

The general appeared on the stage, and a sense of suffocation began to permeate the square, even those who watched the live broadcast could feel the atmosphere.

Suddenly, the whole world couldn’t help but tense up.

“This is the lineup prepared by the navy for public executions… It’s too strong. The number of soldiers alone is close to 200,000!? And they’re all elites!”

“Whitebeard Pirates…does he really dare to come?”

“No matter what, it’s best if you don’t come, after all, White Beard is getting old.”

“That’s right, but there are four chairs, why didn’t the fourth general appear!?”

“The child emperor general who is said to have pushed even the Four Emperors to the ground and beat him violently.”

“Placing a chair means that he may come back to join the war. Isn’t there a rumor that Emperor Tong blocked Kaido and G in the New World to prevent them from disrupting the situation?”

All over the world, including civilians, those kingdoms, forces, and everyone can’t help talking about it.

In the summer of Cake Island, I couldn’t help laughing.

“Look, here’s a chair for me, probably to scare people.”

This is the use of his prestige to make the Whitebeard Pirates fearful, and Xia Tian couldn’t help laughing secretly.

“However, the pattern of the top battle has changed a lot, with twice as many troops as in the original scenario.

Except for the three generals, no one else came out. I wonder if Xing has come? Where’s that stubborn old man in Zefer? And the Marshal who commands the entire army, Sora…”

Xia Tian took off his sunglasses, and put the frame of the glasses on his nose, secretly thinking in his heart.

“General Tongdi, let’s just look at it this way, don’t those two leave it alone?”

Hina looked at Xia Tian speechlessly.

Are you really ready to watch the live broadcast? Are you afraid that Kaido and Charlotte Lingling will run away?

“Don’t worry about it. The brothers are all resting. They may not dare to run. As for participating in the war, according to the current situation, they still dare not really go.”

Xia Tian waved his hand indifferently, and said with a smile.

If I really want to run, with my current strength and physical strength, I am afraid that I will be waiting for them before they arrive.

In this case, just ignore them, this is not as exciting as the top war.

“Hey, so soon, Fire Fist Ace came out.”

Just finished speaking, Xia Tian saw Fire Fist Ace who was escorted up.

It is conceivable that people all over the world will focus on Ace these days.

It was this man, whose arrest directly led to the battle between the Navy Headquarters and the Whitebeard Pirates.

Not many times.

“Mr. Sengoku and Mr. Garp have also come out.”

Momotu also had sharp eyes, and immediately saw Sengoku and Garp coming out of the fortress.

One of them went up to the execution platform, and the other went down.

“Here we come… a good show is about to be staged.”

Xia Tian picked up the orange juice, knowing that both sides of the battle were about to arrive.

Chapter 116 The Advent of the Two Emperors, an Epic Lineup

“Here, there is one thing I need to tell you.”

“Fire Fist, Portgas d Ace’s true identity…”

The Warring States Marshal held the phone bug and amplified the sound to the entire square, intending to announce Ace’s bloodline to the world.

And Garp below was full of impatience.

Looking at this scene, Xia Tian couldn’t help but sighed.

“Before I came to this world, I also felt sorry for Ace.

When I really came to this world, I realized that all this is a living, real world.

Black and white, evil and justice… none of it matters. “

Xia Tian thought secretly.

After all, I started as a toddler after I crossed over. If I had a choice, Xia Tian wanted to make up for the pity in my heart and not let Ace go so early.

It’s just that my own strength is still not enough, and I can’t top the entire pirate world, and there are more unknowns.

And this war is like a node, it is completely inevitable, no matter whether Ace will die here or not.

Just like the will of the world, Xia Tian also thinks that he is more suitable for a chaotic era, and the balance of the three major forces should indeed be broken.

“Next, Whitebeard is almost there, right?”

After the Marshal of the Warring States announced that Ace was the biological son of Roger, the pirate king, the whole world was shocked!

Many people have finally understood why the navy must publicly execute Fire Fist Ace, even if they go to war with the Whitebeard Pirates.

The identity held by Ace is really amazing.


As Xia Tian thought.

Soon a navy reported to the Marshal of the Warring States Period that a large fleet had appeared!

Right in front of the port, the sea is still covered in mist, and the ships are faintly visible, and as the distance approaches, they begin to be revealed in front of the world!

“It’s a large fleet composed of 43 pirates under the Whitebeard Pirates!”

Each one is a well-known pirate in the New World, which makes the navy even more nervous.

This means that the Whitebeard Pirates are really here!

“He did come.”

Everyone concentrated their energy, looking for the traces of the Whitebeard Pirates.

The Warring States Period stood on the execution platform, extremely dignified. ..

The entire Marin Fando seemed to have quieted down, everyone swallowed their throats, and their hearts shrank.

gurgling… gurgling gurgling…

A large number of bubbles emerged from the inner bend of the square, which surprised Zhan Guo, Karp, Granny He and others.


The Moby Dick and three auxiliary ships jumped out of the seabed and directly invaded the harbor.

Warring States, Karp, and even Zefa who was hiding in the dark were all shocked.

“It actually made him get close to this distance!”

The Warring States Marshal’s face turned ugly.

They watched the captains of the sixteenth squad of the Whitebeard Pirates appear on the Moby Dick!

Phoenix Marco, Foil Vista, Diamond Jozi and others!

The major forces watching the live broadcast, as well as the civilians, became more and more nervous.

And following the sound of footsteps, the clanging of weapons on the ground, Whitebeard Newgate, the strongest man in the world also came to the bow of the Moby Dick!

He is more than eight meters tall, has various scars on his body, wears a black turban on his head, and holds a supremely sharp knife in his hand, Cong Yunqie!

The domineering figure immediately surprised the navy in the square and the people watching the live broadcast!

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