Pirate: I, The Fourth General, Am Eight Years Old This Year

Chapter 8

There are even voices within the Navy.

“Well… That’s okay, but you must pay attention to safety.”

Sengoku looked at Akainu and understood the meaning of this.

Huang Yuan shrugged and didn’t say much.

A good man should go to the sea, and his younger brother has strength, so he should shut up the world.

“That’s it.”

Seeing that the yellow ape Polusalino had no objection in the Warring States Period, he agreed.

Having seen Xia Tian’s ability to shake the strength of the Fourth Elder, he will no longer say more, and immediately appoint Xia Tian to go.

“The…remuneration for the shot?”

Xia Tian’s childish voice coughed and hinted.

Zhan Guo was taken aback for a moment, and then smiled.

I almost forgot, this little guy needs money to make a move.

“How much do you want?”

“The two four emperors, and Whitebeard is the strongest man… Yibeili, the mission has been successfully completed.” ..

When Xia Tian mentioned money, his eyes lit up immediately.

As soon as the price was raised, the two of them, Qingzhi Huangyuan, couldn’t help choking while drinking tea.

The lion opened his mouth directly!

I don’t know, but I thought you came back from catching Whitebeard.

“The bounty of the Four Emperors is only about 100 million, which is too high.”

“One billion, almost.”

The Warring States Marshal didn’t know what psychological preparation he had made, so he bargained calmly.

“Those are two Four Emperors. I am very tired from fighting. If two of them beat me to one… 4 billion, it is reasonable.”

Good guy, Xia Tian is not like a little doll at all, like a shrewd businessman starting to bargain.

The three generals all had weird expressions on their faces.

Seeing your small stature, the Four Emperors are too embarrassed to gang up on you.

“A one-off price, 2.5 billion. This trip is just to prevent accidents and avoid their direct contact. It doesn’t mean that you will start fighting when you go up. How about it? This price is very reasonable, Xia Tian.”

Marshal Warring States said with a smile.

“make a deal!”

Arrived here, Xia Tian did not return the price again, agreed.

2.5 billion is already a quarter.

It’s not appropriate to go on, after all, I asked to go to Whitebeard’s side.

“Well, the warship is ready, and the journey is far away, so let’s set off immediately.”

Warring States smiled and nodded, ending the task meeting.

The sea breeze was blowing, and a lot of waves began to appear on the calm sea.

The Moby Dick was lying on the sea without moving forward, and the whitebeard’s skull flag was fluttering in the wind.

“Is there no trace of Ace yet?”

“I have a sense of foreboding.”

Whitebeard Newgate didn’t have any infusions anymore, but he still had some medical equipment attached to him.

At this moment, the white beard looked a little uneasy.

“Father, I’ve been out to find Ace for the past few days, but I haven’t responded yet.”

Marco frowned, also worried.


Suddenly, Wang Wang’s subordinates shouted and ran over.

“Father! The red-haired ship has appeared again! It’s approaching!”

“They are signaling that Hongfa will board our ship alone!”

When Marko, Bista, Joz and others heard this, their expressions changed.

“The redhead wants to board the boat!?”

The cadres looked at each other.

The last contact was not directly on the boat to meet!

Why did Shanks do this this time?

The red-haired Shanks looked at the big ship not far away, took the Griffin long knife, and prepared to board the ship alone.

“Don’t worry, nothing will happen to Whitebeard.”

The red-haired Shanks stood on the bow and said to the worried **** Bu and others behind him.

Suddenly, just as the two sides approached.

“Not good, boss, there are warships approaching!”

“It’s…an alternate general, Taotu, and a kid…the new general, Tongdi!”

Chapter 11 The red-haired boss is the eight-year-old general

Jesus Bu said in surprise while holding the binoculars.

This surprised the red-haired Shanks who was going to board the white beard ship.

“Admiral, Tongdi and Taotu…”

“It just appeared like this.”

You must know that this is when the two pirates and four emperors meet, aren’t they afraid of being hit and sunk directly?

The Redforth came to a halt slowly.

The Whitebeard Pirates also found a warship that did not keep a distance in the distance, but drove directly over.

“Father, it’s the admiral, that eight-year-old boy, Tong Di.”

Marco took a careful look through the binoculars and said with a frown.

“They didn’t slow down, do they want to start a war?”

The other team captains also looked surprised. They don’t know that the two big and four emperor pirate groups are here now, right?

“Gu la la la, Tong Di? Interesting.”

White Beard looked interested, but he didn’t get up, and sat on the big chair as before.

The general who made the world laugh for a while in the Warring States Period appeared, but I wanted to see what was special about it.

on the warship.

Tao Tutu and the navy behind him looked at Xia Tian in astonishment.

“General Tongdi, are you really going to drive there? This is no ordinary pirate!”

Some navy soldiers said with some fear.

Although the kid general showed terrifying strength along the way, whenever he encountered a pirate, he shot directly and sank him with a single punch.

But this is no joke, there are two pirate ships ahead, one with white beard and one with red hair.

“Of course, our task is to prevent the white beard and red hair from meeting. Now that they are all leaning together, of course we will stop them directly.”

Xia Tian was wearing round sunglasses, a neat little suit and a justice coat, standing at the bow of the boat very handsomely.

Compared to the worried Momotu Gion and the somewhat frightened navy soldiers, Xia Tian has a relaxed look on his face, but he is eager to try in his heart.

Even if he doesn’t have a strong sense of arrogance, he can feel that there is a monster on the ship ahead just by relying on his physical body!

Fighting against such a strong person will definitely make oneself stronger!

Moreover, the red-haired Shanks is a master of swordsmanship, and the white beards are a group with strong abilities even without fruits. Their physical combat template, Xia Tian has long wanted.


Under the somewhat surprised eyes of the two Four Emperor Pirates.

The warship drove over, but it still stood directly between the two four emperors.

“Hello, this is the first time I meet, I am Xia Tian, ​​Admiral of the Navy.”

Xia Tian stood on the bow of the warship, very politely greeted the pirates on both sides.

Marko, Bista, Jozi and others, as well as red-haired Shanks, Beckman, **** Bu and others looked a little strangely.

OK? Is this handsome little boy serious?

What the **** is it that looks humble, polite, and sensible?

“Oh, by the way, in order to avoid any accidents, the two of you can’t contact each other.”

After Xia Tian finished greeting, he did not wait for the people on both sides to speak, and directly expressed his intention.

“Can’t touch?”

Red-haired Shanks laughed, the kid was really funny.

How did the Warring States Marshal let him and Taotu come over to stop him at ease.

“Kid, now is not the time to joke, I need to talk to Whitebeard face to face.”

“How about making way for your brother, please?”

The red-haired Shanks looked at Xia Tian in front of him, and he was still very friendly.


Xia Tian directly refused, expressing his attitude.

This made the naval officers behind swallow their throats.

Hey, who is not afraid of facing the two big imperial pirates!

The red-haired Shanks was also choked, and glanced helplessly.

“Boss, we can only fight the navy first…”

Jesus Bu and others shrugged and said.

It is true that when encountering this kind of child’s behavior, it can only give General Tong Di some hardships.

“Joz, go get the brat out of the way.”

Newgate with the white beard stood up and walked to the side of the boat step by step, with a look of contempt for the world.

He glanced at Xia Tian, ​​and then looked straight at the red-haired Shanks.

Xia Tian looked up.

This giant with a height of more than eight meters has battle scars left over the years on his body, revealing a domineering aura invisible from his body.

“White beard…”

There was a gleam in Xia Tian’s eyes, he had always admired this man in his previous life, and now that he saw it with his own eyes, he could still give it to him, so he couldn’t help but get excited

But Whitebeard really didn’t pay attention to Xia Tian at this time, but looked at the red-haired Shanks wearing a black cloak opposite.

“Lu, you also go ask Emperor Tong to leave.”

When the red-haired Shanks appeared with the white beard, the domineering look on his body also began to show.

A natural king-like aura began to pervade, compared with Newgate with white beard.

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