Pirate: I, The Fourth General, Am Eight Years Old This Year

Chapter 76

as expected.

The seven Celestial Dragons walked in a row, all wearing their special Celestial Dragon clothes and bubble hoods, some obese, some skinny, and even mentally handicapped with snot hanging from their noses.

Along the way, he looked at the people around him like air, and observed the surrounding scenery curiously.

“Wow, look, the tree here is actually chocolate!”

“That river is melon juice! The bridge is donuts!?”

“That’s the Rainbow Sugar Tree… This, is this the territory of the Four Emperors!?”

Even the Tianlong people were shocked by the magical sight of Cake Island.

After all, this is the first time that the Tianlong people have come to the Four Emperors’ territory in the New World, and it is always a dream to come and see it.

Therefore, the seven Tianlong people from different families were extremely excited.

It wasn’t until they walked all the way and finally reached the gate of the castle that the Tianlong people found that everyone was kneeling to greet them. Inside the gate of the castle, there was a young lady wearing a coat of justice of a general who was drinking orange juice leisurely, her eyes were still straight. watching them.

Chapter 108 Tianlong People’s Abnormal Respect for Emperor Tong

Everyone knelt down to salute, and one stood still, even if he was not tall, he looked very eye-catching.

The people of Totland and the navy in the open space outside the castle were sweating profusely.

The people of the Totland Kingdom are alright, but some of them are outsiders who come in and stay permanently, and they are also clear about the status of the Tianlong people in the world.

There are also these navy soldiers, each of whom is sweating for Xia Tian.

It’s not that generals can be rude to Tianlong people, especially Tianlong people from seven families who came all at once!

If you are not polite, you will even anger the Tianlong people, and maybe you will lose your status as an admiral!

Because one of the former generals is to obey the command of the Tianlong people!

But unexpectedly, these seven Tianlong people were not as angry as they imagined, and they didn’t care about Xia Tian’s staring eyes and rude behavior.

On the contrary, after seeing Xia Tian, ​​the Tianlong people, who were protected by many armored soldiers and men in black, moved forward a little faster.

“Hey, hey, you are the general Tongdi.”

“It’s really beautiful.”

“What a beauty! Tong Di is the light of the navy, the great knight who protects the nobles of our world!”

“We’ve all heard about General Tongdi’s deeds. It’s really amazing that he can even win the territory of the Four Emperors.”

The behavior of this group of Tianlong people completely shocked everyone around them.

Even the Tianlong people who had gathered around Xia Tian after hearing these words were stupefied.

Didn’t it mean that Tianlong people are cruel and arrogant, and they don’t treat people as human beings without laws! ?

What’s happening here?

Whether it’s the navy soldiers, Momougi, tea pigs, and Hina watching from the dark, including the original residents of Cake Island, their teeth dropped out of shock.

Tianlong people have a feeling of respect towards Xia Tian… how come these little smarts are flattering! ?

The so-called reaching out and not hitting smiling people, Xia Tian unexpectedly did not expect this situation, so a fake smile appeared on his face, and he simply socialized.

Then let the other lieutenant generals take the Tianlong people to visit the cake island.

Xia Tian himself can be too lazy to take care of them again. q.o

On the other side, on Kaido’s ship, all the pirates looked surprised.

“Tianlong people are very polite to Emperor Tong? Even, respect?”

Kaido looked at G in disbelief, and both of them were a little confused.

According to Tianlong people’s temper, even if the general doesn’t need to kneel down to salute, he will definitely lose his temper if he is so rude.

Who ever thought that Tianlong people would have such an attitude towards Xia Tian, ​​this is not scientific at all!

“It seems that Tongdi Xia’s position among the Tianlong people is not easy…”

Perospero licked his lips and said solemnly.

Originally, he thought that since Tongdi was young, maybe he could have conflicts with the Tianlong people, and that would be a lot of fun.

G Kaido’s eyes also changed slightly.

Pity…they can’t do anything.

And this time.

The two branch lieutenant generals are leading the Tianlong people, their entourage, and the slaves who have just disembarked to visit Cake Island.

Xia Tian is naturally too lazy to be company, they play their own and play their own.

“Give him enough respect, and we have given him enough face.”

“After all, the elders specially explained it. I really don’t know what’s so great about this kid.”

“Hey hey hey, we can just make a show. I heard that Totland has gathered all the races in the world. We can capture some slaves here and bring them back.”

“This is a good opportunity, take it back and show it off to them. There are so many races, I must choose the best one!”

At this time, the Tianlong people were sitting on their slaves and chatting with each other, enjoying the scenery along the way.

Obviously, what was done just now was just for show, not my own will.

In the town of Cake Island, the original residents saw a large group of people coming in, and they all hid in a hurry as if they had seen a ghost.

Of course, there were those who couldn’t avoid it, and just fell to their knees on the ground, not daring to look directly at the Tianlongren.

Everyone knows that Tianlong people are unreasonable and cruel.

The eyes of the navy soldiers and the two lieutenant generals leading the way couldn’t help but change when they heard the Tianlong people’s words.

And this time.

Without Xia Tian, ​​the Tianlong people who thought they were already very face-saving finally began to return to their bad nature!

Looking at all kinds of human races, fur tribes, long-arm tribes, etc. all over the street, the Tianlong people became more and more excited.

“Come on! Arrest that, that, that, and you will be my slave from now on.”

One of the Tianlong people laughed straight, and ordered the looting to the man in black beside him.

In their eyes, these people are not human beings at all, but just some animals.

Immediately, the faces of the kneeling people on the street turned pale with fright.

Especially the person who was pointed at couldn’t help but tremble all over, and turned around to run away.

But Tianlongren’s subordinates are not without masters!

Starting from the new world, they still come to the territory of the Four Emperors, and they obviously still have some masters of the CP army with them.

Although most of the people on Cake Island are not ordinary people with no power to restrain chickens, they are not enough to look at these men in black, and several of them were quickly taken down.

And the other people who were not pointed out knelt on the ground and did not dare to move indiscriminately.

“Can’t bear it so soon, Saint Silva, then I’m not polite, come on, I’ve already taken a fancy to that little fur guy, and that, that!”

The Tianlong people returned to their tyrannical nature, and all laughed and began to order the arrest of the person they wanted.

What sight, what sweet smell? In their eyes, the most attractive thing is these strange races!

As a result, the street became chaotic in an instant!

Those who were about to be caught started to run away, resisted, and fought against the man in black.

And those who have no fighting power will be put on slave collars in two or three strokes!

The faces of the two lieutenant generals turned pale with fright, and secretly asked people to go to inform Xia Tian, ​​but they couldn’t do anything else, and they even had to help resist some excited guys from attacking the Tianlong people.

Yes, this is a new world after all. Although the island has the threat of summer, there are still people who fight back.

“Bastard! Despicable inferiors dare to resist the will of God! Kill all disobedient ones!”

The seven Tianlong people were taken aback, they all jumped their feet angrily, and demanded that the men in black kill all the disobedient ones!

I don’t know what kind of CP troops these Tianlong people brought. They are very powerful, and they suppressed them all at once, and even killed several people who took the lead in resisting.

“You disgusting Celestial Dragons deserve to die!”

A lion face of the fur clan roared angrily.

But the Tianlong people were very excited and laughed strangely.

“Disobedient but kill them all, kill them!”

Suddenly, a small figure suddenly appeared in the field at this time, looking around coldly.

“Stop it all.”

Chapter 109 Xia Tian: Want to kidnap someone from me? have to pay

The lieutenant generals dare not stop them, but fortunately they can call Xia Tian.

All of a sudden, Xia Tian appeared like teleportation, without any terrifying power, but the piercing eyes made the people in black feel as if they were falling into an ice cellar.

Immediately did not dare to move!

“Who told you to stop! Catch me! Kill all disobedient ones!”

The Tianlong people were still immersed in excitement just now, and they were very upset when they stopped.

I didn’t even give an order, and the people under my command didn’t dare to move after listening to a general?

Who is the noble of the world!

“General Tongdi, do you care a little too much? We didn’t make it difficult for you. These guys are all high-class slaves. It’s not too much for us to take some back.”

Tianlongren snorted, expressing his strong dissatisfaction with Xia Tian’s obstruction.

Being able to give you such a big face is already a gift!

“We already have the utmost respect for you.”

The other Celestial Dragons were equally dissatisfied.

Xia Tian chuckled, turned his head and glanced at the people lying in the pool of blood and the panic-stricken people, and then looked back at the Tianlong people.

“Don’t get me wrong, you can do whatever you want, but you have to pay.”

Want money? How easy that is.

When the Tianlong people heard Xia Tian say this, they all laughed immediately.

This guy who is as big as a kid originally wanted to take the opportunity to collect some money.

“No problem, as long as you don’t stop me, you can make a price.”

The Tianlong people smiled, and said to Xia Tian confidently.

Money, will Tianlong people be short of this money? All the franchise countries in the world need to pay a large amount of heavenly gold every year.

“Not a lot.”

As Xia Tian spoke, he turned up and looked at the guy beside him who was lying in a pool of blood.

Too much air coming out, less air coming in, it’s hopeless,

“One hundred billion, don’t want Bailey, just the equivalent treasure.”

“How is it? Not expensive, Tianlong people are the richest,”

Xia Tian smiled, and said in a light tone.

In fact, Xia Tian himself was also very upset, as expected, he still overestimated the Tianlong people.

These guys have no legal constraints and no morals at all.

I actually thought that these were the seven Tianlong people who were relatively normal and had a bottom line.

Unexpectedly, within a few minutes, their bad nature made them plunder and **** on the street.

“Treasure equivalent to 100 billion!?”

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