Pirate: I, The Fourth General, Am Eight Years Old This Year

Chapter 74

Luffy’s expression froze in an instant, and his expression changed drastically.

Nami, Robin, Brooke, etc. are all like this,

They all know… Ace is Luffy’s brother!

The new world, seas of all nations.

gThe thirty-four islands are surrounded by her territory, with stable power, and after many years of management, it looks even more peaceful.

After all, this is the territory of the Four Emperors, and it is impossible for anyone to dare to make trouble.

But it is in this sea area.

After g Kaido woke up, he didn’t even dare to go up to the island!

What is even more helpless and aggrieved is that they dare not even go out to the sea area of ​​the Ten Thousand Nations!

I can only drift in the waters of more than 30 islands in Totland…

Chapter 105 Kaido’s mother is furious: Xia Tian is the emperor of all countries

On the ocean, on a large reinforced pirate ship wrapped in candy.

Both Kaido and Kaido have come to their senses.

They were wrapped in layers of bandages, leaving only the eyes and mouth exposed.

“…We can’t go to the island, and we can’t go too far… The navy has dispatched observers. As soon as we are exposed, they will immediately send people to chase us…”

Perospero also has traces of treatment, but the injury is still recoverable, and he is reporting with g at this time.

They are like fish trapped in a pond, unable to land or get out!

As long as he goes out, he will be warned by the navy. Although Tongdi Xia Tian is not coming in person, what he said is very clear.

“The general said, you are floating on the sea, if you dare to go out or land, he will personally come and hunt you down.”

This is completely an insult to their four emperors!

Kaido and G gritted their teeth, trembling with anger, even the bandages on their bodies were split by the rapid breathing of their bodies, and traces of blood stained the white bandages red.

“Tongdi Xia Tian! If I have the chance, I will definitely skin you alive!”

G will be full of resentment, how has she ever been wronged like this?

In his own territory, he can’t even go to the island!

The same is true for Kaido, who is so angry that he even has smoke from his nostrils.

Obviously **** off.

In the incomparable resentment of both of them, they even forgot the fear that Xia Tian brought them.

Around, the wounded ministers and cadres were all wrapped in bandages, even though they were all angry.

But there is no way.

Qi returns to Qi, but everyone understands that Xia Tian cannot be provoked now!

If they didn’t catch up at that time, they had already let them go. If they did catch up, they would all be doomed!

I didn’t see Beast Kaido and G were still bleeding from their wounds, and they didn’t dare to rush out or land on the island while cursing in their mouths.

“With our current speed, we can’t escape Xia Tian’s pursuit in this sea area. But what is his purpose?”

Kaido calmed down a little, and said strangely.

Don’t chase, don’t care, don’t let go, what is this for?

At this point, many ministers are confused.

“I don’t know what he wants to do…but he must not take us seriously…”

Katakuri said these words forcefully, full of bitterness.

Until now, he still remembered that when he jumped into the abyss on the sea surface, he raised his eyes and looked at Xia Tian.

At that time, the corners of Xia Tian’s mouth curled up slightly, and his eyes were full of playfulness, that kind of eyes… Katakuri couldn’t help but shudder in his heart when he recalled it.

As if everything was under his control, at that time Xia Tian had a chance to kill all of them!

“Then where is he now?”

G took a deep breath and stood up slowly.

“Tongdi, he… he occupied Cake Island.”

“Cake Island, no, the entire Kingdom of Totland has become a summer paradise, and he is playing.”

Smoothie clenched his fists tightly and said through gritting his teeth in shame.

“This guy, with those lieutenant generals and major generals, is not like a navy at all, but more like a pirate! After occupying Totland, he will develop the entire kingdom in the direction of entertainment!”

“In the past few days, eating, drinking and having fun, all kinds of enjoyment… It is simply the place where he turned the Totland Kingdom into his own!”

Charlotte Owen, Charlotte Dafu and others shouted angrily.

g Listen, that’s okay!

Did Tongdi Xia Tian become the Emperor of the Earth in Totland?


G’s eyes were red, and his fingers under the bandage trembled violently.

Totland was her dream! There is everything she has worked so hard to build!

Now it is occupied by Xia Tian like this! ?

“Calm down! Lingling!”

The turbulent domineering arrogance is about to explode, Kaido immediately stood up and stopped g

If you don’t stop her, G will lose his mind and become a mad dog who can only attack indiscriminately.

“Tongdi Xia just occupied your kingdom to eat, drink and have fun, they didn’t destroy your order!”

Finally, after talking for a while, Kaido was relieved.

All the ministers were ready to flee, and at this time they breathed a sigh of relief.

We can’t wreak havoc on the only big boat, or they will all have to squeeze on the small boat.

“It is impossible for us to catch Xia Tian alive, or to defeat Xia Tian.”

After Kaido felt the real death, he had to admit the terrifying strength of Xia Tian.

After G calmed down, his face was darkened, and he sat gloomy.

“Kaido… I have lost so much money that I even lost my territory by joining forces with you this time.”

G is unhappy, and even has the urge to catch Kaido and hand it over to Xia Tian.

But considering the current state, they can’t keep Kaido, and I’m afraid it’s not surprising that they will really do it.

“Lingling, who would have thought that Xia Tian’s strength could reach this level!”

“But, do you want to avenge your shame? Or do you just wait for Xia Tian to leave and continue to be your queen in Totland?”

Kaido also seemed to feel the change in G’s mood. Although he knew it, he didn’t panic, but he started to talk about it.

“A shame? Kaido, the two of us can’t break through Xia Tian’s defense together, how can we avenge our shame?”

G roared irritably.

“There will definitely be a chance! Moreover, our transaction can continue. According to the plan, if we can’t catch Xia Tian, ​​then go to save the people who advance the city, on the day of the public execution!”

Kaido looked at the word g seriously and said after a pause.

This was something within the plan, so he opened his mouth, but finally fell silent.

Now she is on the same boat as Kaido.

“Katakuri, what do you think?”

A little irritated, he turned his head and asked Katakuri, who also had a bandage on his head.

“Now we have no room for maneuver with the fourth general. We have lost face and must move back to Yicheng!”

Katakuri gave Kaido a sideways look, and replied solemnly.

In fact, everyone present understood that from the moment the fourth general came to Wan Guo, the purpose of the navy was already obvious.

They have already disregarded any balance, and they are about to break the tacit understanding that has been established for many years.

First Kaido’s man-made devil fruit, and then to the public execution of Fire Fist Ace, and at the same time the fourth general came to the world to make trouble.

They are all aimed at the Four Emperors!

It’s just that the only thing I can’t see through is what Xia Tian does!

Obviously he has a chance to capture them directly, or defeat them all.

Of course, even if they think about it, they won’t figure it out.

In fact, the purpose of keeping them in Xia Tian is just to collect more treasures and money and keep them for the next battle to improve themselves.

Chapter 106 The Celestial Dragons Came to Visit the Site of the Four Emperors

“Katakuri, you go save someone.”

“On the day of the navy’s public execution, it must be safe to **** the prisoners from the city of advance. It just so happened that the defense was the weakest before the navy went to the people at that moment.”

After a long time, G finally made up his mind.

And Kaido also showed a smile.

“As long as my people are rescued, I will give you what I promised you.”

Kaido did not forget to emphasize it again.

This made G Li feel a little better, and fortunately, except for the people of the large fleet, the main force of the G bandit group did not suffer any casualties this time.

“You better keep your word.”

“The most important thing for us now is to restore ourselves. Katakuri took the people who were not seriously injured and left secretly with Bree’s ability.”

G also seems to have planned it long ago, and the arrangements are well organized.

In fact, they all have a way to leave, just like arranging for Katakuri to leave, they only need to use the ability of the mirror fruit to continuously move out from the nearby islands.

But they dare not yet.

Although Xia Tian doesn’t know what to do, but one thing is certain, they cannot be allowed to go out to participate in the public execution of Marin Fando!

Therefore, G Kaido dared not leave even in such an empty situation where he was seriously injured.

“Yes, Bree, that’s up to you.”

Katakuri immediately took orders and was ready to go.

There is no way, except for him, almost all the ministers of the G bandit group are seriously injured.

Even Smoothie used his ability to become gigantic many times, and his whole body suffered from sequelae. In addition to his injuries, he was unable to fight at all.

And to advance to the city, it will definitely require a strong combat power.

After all, Cracker is still a bit weak, and Katakuri naturally does his part.

So soon, from the mirror space, Katakuri and others set off.

And the aggrieved Kaido and Charlotte Lingling and the other members of the g bandit group can only float on the sea, waiting for the recovery of their injuries.

And at Cake Island.

This place has completely become a paradise for summer enjoyment.

Everyone on the island already knew about the fiasco of BIGMOM and Kaido, and the G bandits didn’t even dare to go up to the island.

This makes them almost obey when facing Xia Tian.

Even those Homiz who had given their souls were like dog legs, coaxing Xia Tian and the people in the navy to be happy.

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