Pirate: I, The Fourth General, Am Eight Years Old This Year

Chapter 73

“Tongdi… I really want to meet him.”

Such a monstrosity, Lei Li was already full of curiosity about Xia Tian.

According to everything he knew in the world, such a little monster shouldn’t have come out.

This is a little guy who appeared out of nowhere, and in the prophesied great war sweeping the whole world, there will be a huge change.

“It’s just that these have nothing to do with me, an old man.”

Rayleigh secretly sighed, it was not certain whether he would be able to survive the journey to save Roger’s child.

“Everyone, get ready!”

White-bearded Newgate has been pondering, knowing that Xia Tian is still in the New World, that would be the best.

Immediately began to order, everything went according to the original plan!

Moby Dick, Redforth, the coating progress of the two world-famous pirate ships… 100%!

The whole world didn’t know that the two Four Emperor Pirates, White Beard and Red Hair, actually dived into the bottom of the sea so close to the Navy Headquarters, and completely disappeared on the surface of the sea.

And they are only one island away from the Chambord Islands.

Other preparations are also being accelerated these days.

Just in Chambord Islands.

This island is the only way to enter the new world.

A group of supernovas from all over the world are gathering here.

Eleven supernovas, who experienced various hardships and adventures from the four channels recorded by the pointer, came here.

But just after landing on this island, even before the coating of the hull was completed, he was shocked by various major events one after another.

Area 24.

Common Street restaurant.

A group of people who make civilians look weird are inside the restaurant.

Each of them has a group, occupying a table and eating hungrily.

And these people are known as supernovas, because they need to be coated here to enter the new world and gather.

“Captain, the latest news!”

“Tong Di, the fourth general of the navy, led a warship alone on the territory of the G bandit group, wounded Kaido and G, and made the entire G bandit group flee!”

The subordinates exclaimed, full of shock and said to Kidd, who was eating with his red hair buried in his head.

As soon as he said this, all the pirates in the restaurant looked up at Kidd.

Supernova, Basil Hawkins, Chiqi Drake, Trafalgar Law, Joelly Boney, Capone Becky and others are all inside.

“Hahahaha… What a monster, I have heard the violent things done by the fourth general along the way.”

Becky was laughing as she handled the food on the table with a knife and fork.

Apparently, so did other supernovas along the way.

Since the fourth general took office, their voyage has been full of various big summer events.

Kidd narrowed his eyes and looked at Kira.

Originally, before they entered the new world, they had planned to target the Four Emperors.

It’s just that they didn’t expect that the sea had already started to mess up before they arrived in the new world.

“The three major forces on the Great Channel have lost their balance, and the navy is going to make a thunderous move.”

“Four emperors, accidents happened one by one.”

Sitting next to Kidd, Kira Gawker, wearing a hole mask, laughed.

In fact, this situation is beneficial to their supernova.

“The public execution is about to start, and the whole world knows that the Whitebeard Pirates will definitely come.”

“And at this time, the fourth general defeated the Four Emperors Kaido and g in the new world…”

Bonnie bit the flesh in his hand and said meaningfully.

No matter how you look at it, the Navy is attacking the Four Emperors!

All of a sudden, except for the red-haired pirates, the other three have been locked by the navy.

“If nothing else happens, a new era is coming, and whether you guys can survive is a question.”

Kidd looked at Becky with disdain, and said with deep meaning.


“What did you say!”

The people on Becky’s side were immediately furious and stood up.

Kidd was not in the least false, and stood up one by one with ruthless expressions.

“Although there are fewer guards in the navy here, it’s better for everyone to avoid trouble.”

x Drake stood up calmly and led the people out.

Chapter 104 Luffy and his gang are shocked: This general is too fierce


Drake walked out of the street, and some noisy voices came from the restaurant, and he fell silent.

In fact, it was an earth-shaking shock in my heart.

“So fast… the fourth general defeated Kaido and the g position. Then what should I do with my mission? Continue to enter the new world?”

Drake was a little puzzled. As an undercover agent of the secret army, he originally wanted to sneak into Kaido’s group, but the Navy Headquarters has not passed any instructions to him so far.

Similarly, in the restaurant, in addition to discussing the public execution and the surprise summer battle in Totland.

Someone also bowed his head in thought, and did not speak.

That is Trafalgar Law.

“Doflamingo…Kaido…don’t have enough evidence to deal with Doflamingo?”

Kaido was almost killed and was hunted down by the fourth general, which is good news.

But it seems that Doflamingo has not been implicated, even the police entered the Navy headquarters.

Supernovas are a group of ambitious guys.

Although they are newcomers, most of them are heading for the throne of One Piece.

Of course, besides Law and Drake, there is another person with a different purpose.

That’s Haiming from the Hundred Beasts Pirates, Apu!

His identity is not known to the world, but now he is hiding in an abandoned house in the illegal area after arriving in the Chambord Islands.

His face was full of hesitation and helplessness.

“Master Kaido!? How is it possible! How could he be almost killed by that eight-year-old general!”

Apu was holding the photo of the abyss on the sea surface and the news on it, full of panic.

This kind of attack can also be caused by humans? Master Kaido was almost killed under this level of attack?

The arrest of the Beast Pirates had shocked Apu, but Kaido was facing three generals after all.

Moreover, he had been arrested before, and Apu didn’t take it seriously. As long as Master Kaido is still there, everything is not a problem.

But now that all the members have been arrested, Kaido was severely injured again, Wano Country has lost control! ..

Where will he himself go?

But no matter what, Xia Tian’s terrifying strength has been recognized by the whole world.

The accuracy of the message has also been verified.

No matter how arrogant and daring the supernovas are, they all shocked Xia Tian’s terrifying strength.

People like Kidd, Law, and Hawkins also understand that the Navy headquarters changed its usual behavior because of this almost strongest general.

Next, the whole world will be turned upside down!


With Xia Tian becoming famous all over the world, coupled with the trend of various events, some main plots have also been completely changed.

For example, the straw hat boys who came to Chambord Island under the leadership of Octopus.

After Lu Fei, the Son of Destiny, and his party experienced the Judiciary Island incident, they came here along the way before they learned about the public execution.

Led by Xiao Ba, they excitedly came to Xia Qi’s Racked Bar.

It’s just that they didn’t see Rayleigh.

“What a coincidence, Brother Monkey, Little Ba, after Leili took away the coating tools that day, he said that there is one thing that needs to be done, and he wants to go to sea.”

Although Xia Qi knew about it, she didn’t tell them what Leili was doing.

“Is that so… Then there is no way, if Rayleigh is not here, Luffy, you can only find another coater… Sorry.”

The apologetic face of the octopus said to Luffy and the others.

“It’s okay, no need to apologize, we are the ones who trouble you.”

Luffy grinned and didn’t take things to heart at all.

Seeing that the coater was not there, the Straw Hat gang discussed how to send two of them to find the coater, and the others wandered around.

“Looking at your appearance, you are still in such a hurry to go to the new world. You haven’t heard about the recent major events.”

Xia Qi held her chin and smoked, looked at the lively straw hats and laughed.

“Big event? We didn’t receive any news along the way.”

Franky recalled that he did not even see the seagull delivering the letter all the way.

“First of all, there are eleven super rookies with more than 100 million yuan gathered on this island, including Brother Monkey and Brother Sauron.”

“so much!?”

Nami and the others were all surprised.

Pirates with more than 100 million people are amazing, such as themselves.

“Compared to recent events, this is a trivial matter. Have you heard of the fourth admiral of the navy?”

“Well, it is rumored that the general is only eight years old!”

“That’s right, not long ago, this child emperor general defeated the two four emperors, Beast Kaido, and G almost killed them in a single click in the new world, and now he is chasing them. This news can be regarded as shocking the whole world. world.”

Xia Qi has a great affection for these cute straw hats, so she didn’t bother to talk to them.

“Four emperors!? Luffy, aren’t those the four great pirates that your grandfather said are closest to the throne of the One Piece!”

Sanji paused while lighting his cigarette, and said in surprise.

The current Straw Hat Pirates don’t quite understand what the Four Emperors represent, they only know that it is one of the three major forces of the Great Channel.

“Yeah, Shanks seems to be one of the Four Emperors.”

Speaking of this, Luffy was immediately interested.

“Red-haired Shanks? He was also repelled by the fourth general.”

Xia Qi smiled, and was very curious about Luffy and his group.

I don’t know any news, I really don’t know how they got here.

“Of course, the strength of the fourth general is terrible, but there is another news that has nothing to do with her, and it is in the Navy headquarters.”

“There was a public execution, the public execution of the Whitebeard Pirates’ 2nd Team Captain Fire Fist Ace and all the Beasts Pirates. This is the real big event that will happen recently…”

Xia Qi was talking about the second news, but when she was talking, she found that all the members of the Straw Hat Pirates changed their expressions.

“Ace! Ace of the Whitebeard Pirates! You mean, he was captured and executed!”

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