Pirate: I, The Fourth General, Am Eight Years Old This Year

Chapter 72

“There is a great possibility that Whitebeard will go to war with the Navy Headquarters. The World Government must also allocate forces to that battlefield. This is our chance.”

“Notify the entire revolutionary army that once the war starts, take advantage of this opportunity to liberate as many countries as possible!”

Monkey Dlong solemnly stated the instructions for this meeting. This time is a great opportunity for the revolutionary army to leap and grow again.

And the other side.

The pirate queen Hancock and his party, who were on their way to the Navy headquarters with Akainu Sakaski, were also shocked.

“Kaido and Charlotte Lingling, the two four emperors teamed up, and all the members of the G bandit group were taken care of by Tongdi. The two four emperors almost died?”

Hancock’s cold temper couldn’t help but let out an exclamation.

And beside her, only the female soldiers of the navy can be by her side.

“Yes, Admiral Tongdi is the light of our navy.”

This group of female soldiers proudly spoke out in affirmation.

“Your fourth general, is he really only eight years old? What kind of person is he?”

Hancock couldn’t help but become more and more curious about Xia Tian, ​​and rarely asked the female soldiers around him.

Chapter 102 Kaido’s mother was planted? world shock

“General Tongdi? He is a handsome little boy. When he saw it, he couldn’t help but want to hug and squeeze him…”

When the female soldier said that, she couldn’t help but get excited.

Many naval fighters welcomed the summer back from Dressrosa in Oaks Plaza.

Hancock looked a little speechless at the female soldier’s nympho, and squinted at the red dog Sakaski who was holding his arms in the bow.

Of course, the empress would not take the initiative to speak to these stinky men.

However, the corners of the red dog Sakaski, who was facing away from everyone, couldn’t help but raise his mouth slightly after hearing the news.

the other side.

On the warship of the yellow monkey Polusalino.

Hawkeye Mihawk, who accepted the battle with the Whitebeard Pirates, looked at the distant sea with a blank expression on his back.

On the other hand, Huang Yuan had a smile on his face, and he was still chanting what he was worthy of being my younger brother. Obviously, after learning the news, Huang Yuan was very happy.

“Old man, I know you are very happy, but won’t your face go numb if you keep laughing like this?”

Zhan Taowan sat on the fence with a big ax on his back and couldn’t help but vomit.

Although, he himself was shocked.

“This old man is light, you have to believe in light, light will not be numb.”

The yellow ape Polusalino laughed and didn’t stop.

“Is it your own brother?”

Finally, after hearing the news, Mihawk, who was silent along the way, stood at the bow of the boat for a long time, and finally asked.

“It’s very doubtful, but it was indeed born by my old lady.”

The yellow ape Polusalino was already used to this, and he wasn’t upset at all.

If he was not there when Xia Tian was born in the hospital, even he himself would have doubted it.

“It’s unbelievably powerful. Together with Kaido, there are no rivals in the world. Your brother has already surpassed the general’s strength.”

“I’m looking forward to playing against him.”

Mihawk’s sharp eagle eyes flashed with fanatical fighting intent.

“Whether he fights with you or not, you have to ask yourself, but I suggest waiting until after the public execution.”

Huang Yuan stretched his waist, and the world knew about Mihawk’s temper.

This is a real great swordsman who constantly challenges the strong.

He is also the only guy in Qiwuhai who is worthy of this title.

Because he is recognized as the world’s number one swordsman, possessing the strength of the Four Emperors.

Even Huang Yuan dare not say that he has won against Mihawk.

Mihawk glanced at the indifferent yellow ape and said nothing.

Instead, I thought of another layer in my heart. After the balance of the three major forces is broken, what will happen to their Qi Wuhai?

at the same time.

In the Navy headquarters.

Doflamingo, Blackbeard Teach, Moonlight Moriah, and Tyrant Bear have all arrived at the Navy Headquarters.

At this time they were all gathered together at the naval fortress.

“Heh heh heh~ It’s really amazing to hear something!”

“Kaido, G was almost killed by Tongdi, and another Four Emperor Pirates was defeated by him!

Hello! Brandon, we Shichibukai, are you planning to do it too? “

Doflamingo laughed strangely loudly, and suddenly said to the green-haired navy who was accompanying them to Shichibukai.

“Doflamingo, I’m just a brigadier general in the Navy headquarters. You should ask the Warring States Admiral directly for this kind of question.”

Brandon didn’t panic at all, but replied calmly.

“It’s really boring. You have always presided over the high-level meetings of the navy. It seems that you will know any news.”

Doflamingo licked his lips and said with deep meaning,

This guy has bribed him many times without success.

“Eagle-eyed Mihawk and the Pirate Empress will be coming soon.”

But Brandon remained indifferent, and just sat there indifferently.

“Hehehe, I’m really shocked, General Tongdi, there are such exaggerated characters in the world!”

Moonlight Moria was very happy when he heard that Kaido was almost killed.

There is a perverted curiosity about Xia Tian.

Yes, the stronger it is, the more Moria wants to cut Xia Tian’s shadow.

“It’s really outrageous, thief hahaha… Your Tongdi general has gone beyond common sense, and I’m starting to worry, will your navy kill the donkey after cleaning up the four emperors, and attack us Qiwuhai. “

Blackbeard Titch was even more shocked, fearful of Xia Tian, ​​and even had cold sweat on his face.

Whenever he thinks of Xia Tian looking at him with weird eyes, Black Beard Ticky feels naked! It seems that Xia Tian has seen through everything!

You know that guy is just a child, why can an eight-year-old child give him creepy and weird eyes?

Blackbeard Titch really didn’t understand.

Knowing that the four emperors Kaido and Charlotte Lingling are terrifying, Blackbeard Tiki estimates that although he can’t believe it, if he can really defeat the two four emperors, Xia Tian’s strength may have surpassed that of the white beard father!

“Plan…be more careful…”

Blackbeard Titch silently warned himself in his heart.

at the same time.

The entire Navy Headquarters is boiling with fanaticism.

Especially today’s Marin Vanduo, who has gathered elite fighters from all over the world.

Elites like Smoker all have adoration towards Xia Tian.

This is the first time since the era of the Great Pirates that the navy has been so elated, showing its true strength.

In the past, even if they met the Four Emperor Pirates, it was a symbolic fight, and they would let it go without saying some harsh words to each other. This kind of perfunctory is especially in the new world.

But after this time, who dares to say that the Navy can’t deal with the Four Emperors?

Didn’t you see it? General Tongdi, who fought against two Four Emperors alone, defeated Kaido twice, one of which was seriously injured and dying!

All members of the G bandit group were seriously injured and fled, and the Beasts pirate group has been imprisoned in the city of advancement so far, ready to be executed!

Even Garp, Zefa, Grandma He and others couldn’t help but praise again and again.

The Navy Headquarters was full of joy, but it was completely different for Whitebeard and Red-haired Shanks.

“The power of a punch! It directly produced a huge explosion force, look at that thunder… I am afraid it is the strength of the fist.”

The red-haired Shanks held the abyss left by the Battle of Totland, pointed to the details on it, and said seriously with the white-bearded Newgate.

Whitebeard, Raleigh the Hades, Beckman, Marco and others all gathered together.

White Beard and Lei Li were fine, but the cadres couldn’t help swallowing when they saw the horrible scene in the photo.

“This is too strong, he severely injured Kaido with one punch, and g left a deep ocean pit that hasn’t cleared up for two days…”

Chapter 103 Supernovas: Perverted, too perverted

“This kind of thunder is caused by domineering. His armed color is very powerful, and he can still exist after walking for so long… The domineering and domineering winding of the domineering color is also very skillful.”__

Raleigh stroked his gray beard and said in amazement.

The fourth general, the eight-year-old Tongdi, has power beyond imagination!

Strong curiosity was ignited from the bottom of Lei Li’s heart, and it really cannot be underestimated that even White Beard would be afraid to become such a person.

“Young people nowadays are really scary.”

“Gu la la la, Pluto will also sigh like this. Are you sure about your words?”

White Beard smiled, pointed at the photo and asked.

“It’s an old bone. It’s very difficult to win, but if you go all out to stop him, maybe you can do it.”

Raleigh didn’t dare to say too much.

Judging from the power and intelligence he created, this eight-year-old Tongdi general is definitely a top powerhouse.

Armed-colored domineering and domineering-colored domineering are both extremely powerful, it seems that only the knowledge-colored domineering is a little bit worse.

“There is more than one child emperor in the navy… If Garp the Iron Fist doesn’t make a move, he will have the combat power of a marshal and four generals.”

The red-haired Shanks also secretly compared the gap between the two sides.

Fortunately, this battle is not about fighting to the death, you just need to rush to rescue Ace.

At this moment.

A piece of information was passed on to White Beard, Red Hair, and Raleigh.

“Admiral Tongdi did not return to Marlin Fando, he led his men to blockade all nations!”

“The public execution is about to begin, and he has not been recalled.”

Beckman frowned tightly, his eyes lit up.

Many cadres could not help but breathe a sigh of relief.

“This is a good thing. Such a powerful combat power did not go back, but went to block Kaido.”

Marko, Bista and others were also a little surprised.

I have to say that knowing that Xia Tian is still in the New World, the pressure in my heart has been relieved a lot.

Even the white beard and red hair didn’t expect it, and they breathed a sigh of relief in the accident.

“I’m afraid Kaido wanted to come in to disrupt the situation, and he even got involved with g, but he suffered a big loss in Tongdi’s hands.”

“Our face is a little lighter.”

The red-haired Shanks had a deep prejudice against Kaido. Now that he was blocked by Xia Tian and almost killed, he felt secretly refreshed.

Especially after knowing that Kozuki Oden died in Wano Country, in recent years, Red Hair has often troubled Kaido.

The friction between the two has never stopped.

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