Pirate: I, The Fourth General, Am Eight Years Old This Year

Chapter 49

When he got here, White Beard shook the flagon in his hand and said slowly.

Suddenly, everyone in the red-haired pirates was stunned, their expressions were frozen, and their hearts were full of shock.

“He… is he Captain Roger’s son?”

The red-haired Shanks was even more confused, trembling involuntarily when he spoke.

Captain Roger really has blood, and he’s still on Whitebeard’s ship? This simply made the redhead break his head without even thinking about it.

The other cadres even thought, isn’t Ace Luffy’s younger brother?

“Boss! This is wrong, isn’t Ace Luffy’s brother? Luffy’s father is…”

The flesh in Laqilu’s hand fell off in shock, and he said in a hurry, but was interrupted by Beckman.

At this time, the red-haired Shanks was a little confused.

No wonder, as soon as Whitebeard got on the boat, he began to recall the past and mentioned Captain Roger.

That is to say, the person Captain Roger mentioned, the next person who arrives at the final island to get the secret, is very likely to be the D family of Roger’s lineage!

This is also the reason why the navy is unprecedentedly strong, and Whitebeard invited himself to participate in this war!

The next moment, the shocked red-haired Shanks stared intently into Whitebeard’s eyes with a questioning look.

Whitebeard wouldn’t lie to him about this kind of thing, even if this man died, he wouldn’t do it.

But the redhead still wanted to hear what Whitebeard had to say.

“Are you wondering why Ace is on my boat…”

Chapter 68 Invite an old friend to join the battle

“Roger’s bloodline, no matter how much he conceals it, will be found out by the CP or the navy, and the chance of surviving is almost non-existent.”

“But one person made a move.”

Whitebeard Newgate began to talk about Ace’s past, knowing that this was what the redhead wanted to know.

“That person…is the naval hero, Monkey D. Garp.”

The redhead suddenly realized something.

Garp, he has been chasing the Roger Pirates for a long time, and he was the most troublesome navy at that time.

Only Garp’s naval prestige and strength can make everyone not doubt and protect Ace.

“That’s right, I also found out about the existence of Ace by accident, and it just so happened that this brat came to challenge me…”

White-bearded Newgate recalled, and couldn’t help showing a smile.

The red-haired Shanks also remembered that Ace, who was the captain of the Heart Pirates at the time, came to thank him in person.

Behind him, Beckman, Laqilu, **** Bu and others finally understood why Luffy and Ace were brothers.

It turned out that they all grew up under Garp’s care.

“Gu la la la… That’s the way it is. As for why I invited you, it’s because the fourth general is too strong.”

Newgate with the white beard sighed and said slowly.

I am already terminally ill, and I am no longer the self in my heyday.

To deal with Xia Tian, ​​already has enough energy to spare.

Of course, White Beard didn’t say this, but when it came to the fourth general, Shanks the Red-haired was extremely solemn.

“That little guy is unbelievably strong. He is completely beyond the reach of an eight-year-old child. He alone is enough to stop me.”

“It’s impossible for me to take all my children to join the battle. I couldn’t save Ace, and I lost my life, but with you, everything becomes possible,”

White-bearded Newgate actually refused to accept his old age, but for the sake of this group of stupid sons who insisted on going with him, he finally pulled his face down and came to find the red hair.

The red-haired Shanks took a serious look at the white beard, and nodded approvingly while sighing.

“That’s right, it’s just the three generals, maybe you are enough to successfully take Ace away, but with that little monster… It’s difficult.”

The red-haired Shanks knew that the navy with the fourth largest admiral was even more powerful.

Judging from the public execution of Ace and the Beasts Pirates at the same time, the Navy even wanted to get rid of Whitebeard, and Kaido also came over.

Having said that, in fact, the attitude of the red-haired Shanks has completely changed.

Whether it is the son of Captain Roger, or Ace may be the future him.

The red-haired Shanks felt that he had to make a move.

Saying that, Shanks looked back at his trusted companions.

It’s just that I didn’t expect that at this time, **** Bu, Laqilu, De Ge, Snake, Binzhi, Beckman… all the brothers who were born and died all looked at him and nodded with a smile.

“Boss, what do you decide to do, how dangerous it is, we will all be together, this time is the same as before.”

Everyone’s words made Shanks swallow back what he was about to say, and his smile gradually brightened.

“Okay, Whitebeard, let’s all go.”

The red-haired Shanks answered the white-bearded Newgate directly without too much hesitation.

“Captain Roger’s kid, I’m definitely going to give it my all, whether Ace is that guy or not.”

Red-haired Shanks touched his lost arm and said seriously.

He is also Luffy’s older brother.

“Hey, it’s good if you agree, so we can be more confident.”

Marco, who looked like he hadn’t woken up, also smiled.

The old man lost his face. If he didn’t succeed, he might be really ashamed and thrown home.

The team captains of the other Whitebeard Pirates also became happy one by one,

The power has become much stronger all of a sudden, Ace, wait for us to save you.

“Gu la la la ~ I know you will agree, but it’s not enough.”

Whitebeard is also very happy about the addition of red hair, but he turns around and thinks that the strength against the navy to rescue Ace is not enough.

This can’t help but make Marco, Vista, and the red-haired Shanks, Beckman and other people on both sides also a little surprised.

Two Four Emperors are not enough in the eyes of Whitebeard?

Suddenly, Beckman understood.

White Beard is still worried about the fourth general, Tong Di!

It can be said that Whitebeard Newgate is now a naked fear.

All the strongest men in the world behave like this, which is enough to show that Tongdi Xia Tian is strong and difficult to deal with!

“Who else do you want to find?”

The red-haired Shanks was also surprised, and felt that it was better to be on the safe side, so he said curiously.

“Those who are capable and willing to come can only find remnants of the old era like me.”

Red-haired Shanks was taken aback by what Whitebeard said.

A long-lost figure appeared in Shanks’ mind.

“Hong Taro, call Luo Jie to come…”

“Red Taro, that’s not how swords are used…”

“Why are you fighting with Bucky again…Who wins?”

This sound has not been heard for a long time, and the last time was ten years ago in the Chambord Islands.

“Yes, it seems that you have already thought of it. It is him, the man known as Hades, Rayleigh.”

The Navy has already started pre-war preparations, and if there is no complete secrecy order, someone can always know in advance.

Dressalos, half of which is being rebuilt, is now beginning to take shape.

The distribution of buildings is wider and more prosperous.

In fact, some evil is creeping up beneath the surface of this capital of toys and passion.

In the mountain palace.

In the silent palace hall, Tianyasha Doflamingo was sitting on the throne.

Doflamingo was very happy about the defeat of the Beasts Pirates.

He doesn’t like the name joker, what he wants to be is the joker of the whole world, not Kaido’s joker.

At this time, a call came in, and the other end of the phone passed one thing to Doflamingo!

Accompanied by a few questions from Doflamingo, until the phone was hung up.

Doflamingo was thinking, and suddenly laughed.

When these things are put together, it’s so interesting!

“The storm sweeping the world is about to begin!”

Doflamingo opened his arms and laughed wantonly.

That was a call from Vigor, the top officer of the Navy’s G1 Division, and passed a series of information to Doflamingo.

“Blackbeard Tiki, you are so kind. He caught Fire Fist Ace and gave it to the navy in exchange for the position of Shichibukai! He became the same as me.”

“But, Whitebeard was completely offended… Could it be that Whitebeard is really old enough that Blackbeard doesn’t even care about it?”

Chapter 69 The public execution of Ace and the Hundred Beasts Pirates shocked the world

The transmission of information this time really made Doflamingo not even expect it. His heart was filled with unexpected shock and… his whole body boiled!

It’s not just about Blackbeard Tiki’s success in trading Ace for the position of Shichibukai.

Fire Fist Ace, and the Beast Pirates will all face public executions!

“Inserting this nail into the navy is really a wise decision… Xing actually ordered these guys to be executed!”

Doflamingo had already foreseen that a large-scale war was about to start!

A huge wave sweeping the world!

During the conversation with Vigor just now, Doflamingo heard at first glance that the navy is finally going to attack the forces of the Four Emperors entrenched in the New World!

Four emperors, the four big pirates closest to the throne of One Piece, each has absolutely powerful force and influence.

It is also the strongest existence among the three major forces, and fortunately, the four pirate kings all fight independently.

The navy was so blunt all of a sudden, and it dealt with the two four emperors in one go, which is why Doflamingo was shocked all of a sudden.

Although all of Kaido’s men have been captured, the Four Emperors themselves are a huge threat, and Kaido, the strongest creature, is the most important.

Not to mention the Whitebeard Pirates.

What is all this for? Is it because the fourth general Xia Tian is more terrifying than Kaido?

Brother Doflaming thought about it, it was really possible, the guy who became a general at the age of eight was too scary.

“This question is related to the third information, young master…”

Although Vigor spoke hastily at the time, he made it clear.

After a while, Doflamingo still felt shocked in his heart.

Although Vigor said that this is a rumor, but the credibility of this event is very high!

Not long ago, there was a massacre in Advance City not far from Marin Vandor!

For some unknown reason, all the perpetrators from the sixth level of infinite **** ran out.

Among them are some legendary pirates!

The Golden Lion of the Flying Pirate, the Alone Red, the crew of One Piece, Douglas Barrett who is comparable to Raleigh the Hades!

Not to mention the other prisoners, but Tong Di Xia single-handedly defeated and suppressed this huge riot on the sixth floor!

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