Pirate: I, The Fourth General, Am Eight Years Old This Year

Chapter 4

The fist turned into lava, and with the momentum of a volcanic eruption, it punched Xia Tian with one punch!

The power of this punch is not small.

The surrounding sailors were even more astonished when they saw that the general was making a move, but the target was still a small figure.

And Falling Xia Tian directly activated Chiquan’s body technique template, merging its strength and skills!

“With the general’s physical skills, this move can finally be formed into a move…”

“One style, Zhenshan!”

Thinking about Xia Tian, ​​the aura of falling from above exploded directly!

The small fist covered in black directly met the magma fist hit by Akainu Sakaski!


Lava splashes everywhere!

Keep pressing down!

Its formidable power and extreme strength of armed domineering look like the power that an eight-year-old child can use!

Akainu was startled, his ordinary magma fist couldn’t stop it.

“Big fire!”

The magma surging from the body makes the extension of the arm surge, with a powerful explosive force of the volcano!

The punch of eating red dog suddenly increased in power.

But what surprised Sengoku, Karp, Zefa and others in the attic even more.

The red dog Sakaski has used the fire-breathing fire, and it was actually broken by Xia Tian’s fist!

Afterwards, Xia Tian deviated steadily and landed on the ground, not being able to directly attack the red dog.

Akainu also looked at Xia Tian with a big change in his eyes, but he didn’t expect that his big flame hadn’t overturned Xia Tian yet.

This kid’s strength should not be underestimated, it is not like an eight-year-old child can explode!

Next, Xia Tian showed a cute little smile, and rushed forward, covered with domineering arrogance, not afraid of the scorching magma of Akainu, and fought with Akainu fist to flesh!

“It’s so scary… Brother, what did you eat? It’s so fierce!?”

The yellow ape Polusalino’s heart tightened, the image of his lovely brother was completely subverted in his heart!

People like Warring States, Garp, and Zefa became more dignified the more they watched.

Xia Tian below collided with Sakaski’s moves, very easy!

Especially the powerful domineering, not afraid of the natural ability at all!

“It’s not easy!”

“Is this the armed color of the Sakura state!?”

Aokiji Kuzan was amazed.

Even if Sakaski also uses the armed domineering and the ability of the magma fruit, it is obvious that Xia Tian’s domineering is stronger!

There was even a flowing red arrogance on the fist arm covered in black.

Isn’t this the advanced technique of using armed colors?


All three of the Warring States nodded in affirmation.

Seeing Xia Tian who was fighting with Akaken on equal footing, it was like seeing a treasure.

In fact, Garp and the others could see that in such a confrontation, Xia Tian actually had a slight upper hand!

In close combat, Akainu Sakaski is no better than an eight-year-old child?

The more you look at it, the more incredible it becomes.

Be it Zefa or Sengoku, Garp, Crane, and Momotu were all stunned!

Liu Ying is domineering, proficient in fighting skills that are not inferior to Akainu, and her powerful strength can be head-to-head with the huge explosive power of the magma fruit ability. This is a child! Eight years old!

The floor on the square was shattered, magma splashed, and the flames scattered and burned around.

Both of them are extremely fast.

“Canine tooth red lotus!”


The red dog finally opened the distance, and immediately a dog’s head made of magma rushed towards it!

With such a big dog head, two Xia Tian’s stature can be eaten in one bite.

But Xia Qing once again suppressed the mountain with one punch!

Ripples were formed in the air, this was because of the impact air pressure caused by the powerful force exposed with armed domineering aura!

The dog-toothed red lotus collided with each other in the air, and the dog’s head immediately exploded.

This kind of explosive power can’t withstand Zhenshan’s punch in Xia Tian at all!

“Fuck! This, is this a child!”

“Who is he!? Why can he fight like this with General Akainu? It’s too scary!”

“Admiral Taotu brought it back today…”

The naval officers and soldiers watching the battle around the square were dumbfounded.

The marshal, general and others who were shocked in the attic even called out little monsters.

“No, it’s even more monster than monster!”

“Porusalino, what’s the matter with you! My brother is so gifted that he doesn’t know!”

Garp couldn’t help being amazed again and again, and even turned around and sprayed at the yellow monkey.

Huang Yuan’s astonishment and shock now is no less than that of others.

And the summer below is really getting more and more vigorous.

“How can those pirates compare with the admiral! It’s so cool!”

Fighting, you can get strengthening rewards!

“The proficiency of the armed color domineering template has been improved…”

“The upper limit of physical strength has been increased…”

“The upper limit of strength has been increased…”

“The proficiency of the red dog body technique template has been improved…”

The improvement of the system sounded continuously, and Xia Tian could obviously feel his own progress.

It’s getting easier as the battle progresses!

This is much better than killing 300 million pirates.

Fighting against the general, Xia Tian estimates that his overall strength is at least almost 10%!

You know, this is just a battle, and life and death battles don’t count as discussions!

Red Dog Sakaski was also surprised at Xia Tian’s strength.

“This little guy is actually at the level of a general!”

The somewhat shocked Akainu couldn’t believe that this was a child who was half his body smaller than himself.

But as the battle intensified, Akainu found that he couldn’t gain the upper hand, and his strength was more and more fully displayed!

Gradually, Akainu, who was pressed and beaten, began to change his mentality…

This is no kid!

Akainu’s anger has been suppressed, and he is about to… go berserk!

“Not good… I can’t fight anymore, Sakaski is going to use all his strength!”

Sengoku’s eyes changed, and he clearly noticed the difference between Chinu’s shots.

They were still at the level of sparring just now, but this will be a lot hotter, and the temperature in the air is constantly increasing.

“Don’t make anything happen.”

Zefa, Garp and the others also noticed it, and exchanged glances with each other.

Prepare to stop the two of them.

“Stop it, it’s okay!”

Warring States directly roared.

Huang Yuan, Garp, and Zefa even jumped into the arena and separated them forcibly.

Akainu Sakaski also saw Karp standing in the field, so he stopped.

The rays of light gathered in front of Xia Tian, ​​and Huang Yuan stretched out two palms.

“Okay, okay, brother, the fight is almost over…”

Chapter 6 Wu Laoxing was amazed: Why is this little guy so fierce

At this time, the two of them died down, and all their strength was put away.

“Kid Xia Xia is really a genius, he has the strength of a general at a young age.”

Marshal of the Warring States Period, the way Zefa looked at Xia Tian changed at this time, as if he was looking at a baby.

What else do you need to think about? The background is clean, the strength is strong, and the potential is endless!

Such a guy has to be brought to the navy no matter what.

Akainu Sakaski looked at Xia Tian seriously, and then walked back to the fortress without saying a word.

Just when his back was facing everyone, Akainu’s eyes showed appreciation.

This is indeed a good seed. It is not impossible to kill pirates in the North Sea area and serve as a general with this strength, although it is a bit early.

Karp, Sengoku and others were a little surprised, and Sakaski’s performance obviously did not object.

Soon, everyone returned to the marshal’s office.

“For Xia Tian’s request for the position of general, do you have any opinions?”

The Marshal of the Warring States Period first started to speak, and glanced at the expressions of everyone.

Garp is very nervous, doesn’t care, and even looks happy.

The same is true for Aokiji Kuzan.

Ms. Crane has always ignored these tasks.

Zefa also looked appreciative.

Sakaski didn’t say a word after seeing Xia Tian’s strength.

Not to mention Huang Yuan, if his younger brother becomes an admiral, and the two brothers of the family become admirals, it will be a good thing, and he is smiling.

Obviously, the decision rests with the Marshal of the Warring States Period.

“Xiamen, the navy is the face of the world government, and it also maintains the order of the sea. The army of justice, as a general, must obey the orders of the Tianlong people…Have you thought about it?”

There are some stakes, and the Marshal of the Warring States Period has to say what he should say.

In fact, I hope that Xia Tian can start as an alternate general.

“Well, I want to be a general, and the salary must not be less.”

Xia Tian sat beside the yellow ape, said with a smile.

I have already demonstrated my shocking talent and immeasurable value, and the Navy will choose to accept it.

This is expected, One Piece World, Xia Tian is clear.

Now the sea has begun to be unsettled, even if he does not agree now, he will urgently need his high-end combat power when he faces a war against Whitebeard in a while.

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