Pirate: I, The Fourth General, Am Eight Years Old This Year

Chapter 35

“You can’t pass on the news here. By the time the Navy Headquarters reacts, we have already reached the gate of justice…”

The golden lion Shiji laughed loudly, not worried at all that they fled directly to the third floor.

The yellow ape Polusalino and Magellan were both seriously injured, and under the perception of knowledge, it was even more impossible for those little guys to escape.

And the monitoring bugs in the corridor have been destroyed.

In this way, the situation has been completely reversed!

“Let’s go now.”

Red Earl Redfield was not as leisurely as Shiji the Golden Lion, and he was full of desire to see the sky that he hadn’t seen in decades.

At this time, Barrett was even more ruthless, with a grinning laugh.

Domineering winds around the arms like flowing cherry blossoms!

With this level of domineering, he wanted to kill the yellow ape with one punch!

“It seems that sometimes you really can’t take too much face…”

The yellow ape Polusalino sighed deeply, and stood up to fight even if he died.

It’s just that now, his body has suffered serious internal injuries, and he can’t stand up anymore.

“go to hell…”

Barrett’s fist was constantly enlarged in sight.

In desperation, the yellow ape Polusalino even gave up resistance, he no longer had the strength to block the punch…

The three major disasters, Fei Liubao, and the released prisoners on the sixth floor all watched this scene.

Magellan and the other jailers screamed in shock.

One of the four admirals of the navy… Is one going to die here today!

However, at this moment of extreme crisis.

Barrett was so relieved, he never thought that he would have the opportunity to beat an admiral to death as soon as he came out.

Even looking at the seriously injured Yellow Ape, with bleeding from the corner of his mouth, Barrett even anticipated the scene of Yellow Ape being defeated and dying.

“Brother… I want to save face and suffer.”

Suddenly, a childish voice came from the yellow ape’s ear.

Very familiar… Isn’t this my brother’s voice?

Barrett even found a small fist, which appeared in front of the yellow ape as if teleported!

On the black fist, the powerful armed domineering is also flowing red!


The domineering confrontation burst out a powerful airflow!

Immediately, the turbulent force caused Barrett’s blood to surge all over his body, and a mouthful of blood couldn’t help but spurt out!

The domineering spirit on his fists collapsed immediately!

Barrett’s brain shut down for a short while, and he vomited blood like a cannonball, whistling and flying backwards, collapsing one cage after another…


Everyone was in an uproar.

I saw a small figure standing in front of the yellow ape.

The expressions of Shiji the Golden Lion, the Red Earl, Sand Crocodile and others changed drastically.

Just now, when he appeared, no one could react!


Until this time, a sonic boom began to roll from above.

“Brother… If you don’t come, you will become the only child.”

The yellow ape Polusalino had lingering fears, wiped the corner of his mouth and said with a wry smile.

Magellan and the others behind them all looked shocked, and their ears hurt from the shock of the sonic boom behind them.

He didn’t even see how he came to Huang Yuan’s side!

On the contrary, when Xia Tian turned his head and saw the miserable situation of the yellow ape, his eyes narrowed, and a trace of anger began to ignite in his heart.

Polusalino’s shoulders are dislocated, and his internal injuries are even more serious.

There is nothing wrong with the toad glasses, but his complexion is ashen…

If it is a few seconds later, it will really die!

And this time.

The three major disasters, Fei Liubao and other Beast Pirates and Ace all reacted, and their faces became extremely horrified!

“It’s you! You…”

Quinn was too scared to speak.

The other Hundred Beasts Pirates were even more unbearable, and some even backed away in fright and sat on the ground paralyzed.

A strong man like Barrett flew away with one punch, with a small figure, wearing a coat of justice, except for his face, he couldn’t see clearly…

But who else would he be! Everyone in the Hundred Beasts Pirates knows that it can only be him.

Even Jhin showed a look of fear at this time, and couldn’t help but take a few steps back.

Summer has come so soon!

The prisoners on the sixth floor looked at the Beast Pirates with some doubts.

Why did they show such fearful expressions! ?

But it happened so suddenly, and Barrett was knocked into the air by the counter move!

Also, this figure that suddenly appeared was actually wearing a coat of justice? The gold on the shoulders is obviously the rank of a general, right?

“How is this going!?”

“who are you?”

The sand crocodile Crocodile asked with an incomparably solemn expression.

But the Golden Lion Shiji who was sent in again knew that the Navy had an additional eight-year-old General Tongdi.

It’s just that I haven’t seen it before, and I am looking at it with surprise.

Yellow ape Polusalino and Magellan both heaved a sigh of relief, and Xia Tian also turned around slowly, and walked forward step by step under the gaze of everyone.

“Get a power boost…”

“Gain stamina boost…”

“Get the domineering boost of the overlord color…”

“Gain armed domineering boost…”

“Acquired the Barrett body art template…”

A series of system prompts sounded from Xia Tian’s mind.

One move to the other, the improvement obtained from Barrett is very large.

It’s just that Xia Tian just wants to beat them up at this moment!

Under the dim light of the sixth floor, Xia Tian’s immature appearance was completely displayed in front of everyone on the sixth floor.

“Admiral…Tong Di.”

“You injured my brother… and you, the Three Disasters, are you a little restless?”

In Xia Tian’s eyes, the domineering look caused by anger continuously overflowed, and a red light flashed from it.

Everyone looked at this figure not like an eight-year-old child, but like an ancient beast, which made people startled!

Chapter 48 The shock of the remnants of the old era: How did this kid become so strong

For hurting the yellow ape brother, Xia Tian has absolute anger.

Its momentum is constantly rising!

The Red Earl Redfield, the Golden Lion and the others also became serious.

Flying Barrett with one punch, the momentum is so majestic, this little guy is definitely not easy!

“No! Overlord look domineering!?”

At this time, the Red Earl noticed the domineering look in Xia Tian’s eyes, and couldn’t help being surprised.

Even children! Why does he still have the domineering look as a general! ?

“Being appointed as the fourth general at the age of eight…Tongdi is really not easy.”

Golden Lion Shiji silently mobilized strength in his body.

It seems that it is not so easy to go out today, but it seems that only Tong Di rushed over.

“Eight-year-old general!?”

Seeing Xia Tian’s immature face, height, and hearing the words of the golden lion Shiji, the prisoners on the sixth floor were even more surprised.

Even Barrett, who just got up and came back, looked at Xia Tian with a face of astonishment, shaking his arms.

Eight years old, already so strong! ? Just now, his domineering power was defeated with a single punch.

“Are you… ready to pay the price?”

Xia Tian took off the justice coat silently, and threw the small suit to the jailer behind.

His eyes were extremely cold.

“Just by yourself, do you want to block us?”

Sand crocodile Crocodile narrowed his eyes and said with a little sneer.

The other prisoners also had the same expressions.

It looks really strong, but now there are a bunch of strong people here! How could he, a child, stop them from escaping from prison?

“I’m afraid you have misunderstood… I didn’t say to block you, I mean, you all have to get down today!”

As Xia Tian rolled up his sleeves, he said indifferently.

As soon as this is said.

The big prisoners on the sixth floor couldn’t help laughing out loud, feeling that Xia Tian is really a dream.

The Golden Lion Shiji and the Red Earl didn’t laugh, but they obviously didn’t take it seriously.

Only the Beasts Pirates and Ace had an ugly and gloomy look on his face.

They have never seen such a cold face in Dressrosa!

He is angry!

“Then see how many catties you weigh!”


The Golden Lion Shiji couldn’t bear it any longer, and while floating in the air, he kicked out huge slashing blows continuously from the two famous knives on his legs in the air!

The pale yellow saber energy carried extremely sharp cutting power, and he didn’t hold back his hands between shots, whizzing away towards Xia Tian!

Golden Lion Shiji has seen the power that Xia Tian can knock Barrett into the air with a single punch, so naturally he will not use power tentatively.

But even so, Golden Lion Shiji still underestimated Xia Tian!

Stretching out both hands directly, Xia Tian’s arm is flowing with the domineering color of the armed color of the mysterious level, grabbing directly towards Daoguang! .

Those saber lights are two or three times bigger than Xia Tian.

“He grabbed it directly with his hands!?”

Sand crocodile, Xuanyue hunter and every other prisoner were shocked.

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