Pirate: I, The Fourth General, Am Eight Years Old This Year

Chapter 3

The Marshal of the Warring States Period was smiling at this time, with a kind smile on his face?

This is a genius, and he is also the younger brother of the yellow ape Polusalino. There is no problem with his age and background.

Everyone is here, so I have to stay in the navy no matter what.

“That’s right.”

“He’s so strong at the age of eight, what if he grows up? Even in the age of the Four Emperors, he might not be so fierce.”

Cap even smiled.

As for the “little tricks” and “little wretchedness” I saw just now, what does it matter.

“Marshal Warring States wants me to join, it’s no problem, but I have to pay! I need to make money, a lot of money.”

Xia Tian expected this to be the case, so he didn’t hesitate, and directly said what he wanted.

The purpose of coming to the navy is to make more money.

Backed by a big tree, it is good to enjoy the shade, and the richest one is the world government.

When Marshal Warring States heard this, he immediately waved his hand.

“no problem!”

“Give you the rank of major general, and the monthly wages are Wan Baili!”

The Marshal of the Warring States Period said with pride.

The wages are already very high, you want money, right? I believe this little kid will be attracted.

“Too little.”

It’s just that everyone didn’t think about it, Xia Tian didn’t even think about it, and shook his head directly.

The appearance of wearing sunglasses stunned Marshal Warring States and everyone else.

Chapter 4

“Too little? Then 600,000!”

Without too much consideration, Marshal Warring States directly increased the weight.

Is it okay now? I don’t know how this little doll is so rich…

“It’s still not enough.”

Xia Tian sighed in his heart, still shook his head.

The marshal really still treats himself like a child.

“Oh? Little guy, how much do you want?”

Akainu Sakaski squinted his eyes, looking at Xia Tian’s small face, the general majesty exuded.

“I want to be a general. Every month… 100 million Berries, and every time I make a shot, I need to pay an extra payment, and each time it must not be less than 100 million.”

Xia Zhengtai’s face was serious, while speaking, he stretched out a finger of his left hand.

Immediately, when everyone present heard this, they still suspected that their ears had heard it wrong, and they were shocked.

Huang Yuan’s eyes almost popped out, he was at a loss.

My eight-year-old brother came to the headquarters of the Navy and directly asked for the position of general in front of the generals, staff officers, and marshals! ? Opening the mouth is still a salary of 100 million! ?

This is so simple, little brother, do you want to be so fierce! ?

Garp froze for a moment, then laughed while holding the teacup.

Marshal of the Warring States Period, Aokiji, Ms. Tsuru, and Momotu all looked stunned and surprised.

“You want to be a general!? A salary of 100 million, and you have to pay extra?”

Garp felt that there were some childish words, but Xia Tian nodded seriously.

Warring States also think so.

What does admiral mean? Shock the vicious pirates above the sea, all evil!

Moreover, the tradition of the navy is to fix three seats, and the requirements for strength are higher!

Looking at the strength of the three generals, you can tell that each of them is capable of causing powerful destruction like a natural disaster!

“You little brat is still a general?”

Seeing Xia Tian’s serious look, Akainu Sakaski! Can’t help but feel a little ridiculous.

Brat, brazenly said here that he wants to be a general.

Saying that, Sakaski didn’t forget to take a look at the sluggish look of the yellow ape.

Your brother is too naughty.

Xia Tian is not in a hurry. As a time traveler, he is more than eight years old. Naturally, he knows that it is not so easy to become a general.

“Then, General Akainu, block it.”

As soon as the words fell, a powerful momentum erupted!

Xia Tian, ​​who was originally by Taotu’s side, was incredibly fast.

Appeared in front of Akainu Sakaski in an instant!


Before Sakaski understood what it meant, a shadow of a fist appeared in front of him.

This small black fist shadow is covered with armed domineering color!

Akainu’s reaction was also very fast, and it was too late to fight back with his fists.

With the red light of magma shining on both hands, they crossed in front of him in an instant!


The small fist collided firmly with Akainu Sakaski’s elemental arm.

With an incredible look in his eyes, Sakaski was overturned by a huge force and was sent flying!

He crossed the open window, his whole body was magma in mid-air, and smashed into the Oaks Square in Marlin Vanduo like a meteor…

From Xia Tian’s block, to the red dog Sakaski being knocked into the air, it happened between lightning and flint.

too fast!

Inside the marshal’s office.

Sengoku, Garp, Ms. Crane, Aokiji, and Kizaru were shocked on the spot!

Especially the yellow ape Polusalino, who looked at his younger brother as if he had seen a ghost.

“This kid… is really strong!”

Sengoku and Garp looked at each other and communicated with each other.

The one who was knocked into the air was the admiral! Akainu Sakasky!

Even if he is unprepared, it is not a simple matter to knock down Sakaski like this, let alone a reminder just now.

Flying directly out of the window while raising his arms to defend?

And in terms of the three generals’ control over their own natural elements, the insufficient armed domineering will not have such a big impact on them at all!

This summer, the children are really like what Momotu Gion said, can they compete with Garp in their domineering and powerful?

Shocked, Sengoku looked at Taotu.

Taotu also knows that Xia Tian is very strong! Unexpectedly, he shot directly at Admiral Akainu and sent him flying?

On the square in the harbor.

A burnt red pothole appeared there, the flames were burning, and black smoke was rising.

It immediately attracted many naval officers and soldiers on the square.

“General Sakaski!?”

Everyone in the square was surprised and confused.

Enemy attack? Impossible, it flew out of the marshal’s office.

With the Warring States Marshal, Lieutenant General Garp and others, how could an enemy invade the Marshal’s office area on the top floor of the fortress.

The huge movement immediately attracted many people, and they all looked up at the attic.

The purple-haired Zefa also noticed, frowned, and rushed directly to the marshal’s office.

“what happened!?”

At the door of the marshal’s office, Zefa looked in.

Warring States, Karp, Aokiji, and Yellow Monkey are all there, as well as Granny Crane, Peach Rabbit…

“Huh? Little doll?”

“What’s going on? Why did Sakarski smash a fire pit in the square?”

Zefa was a little strange. The kid looked seven or eight years old, standing on the table and retracting his fist?

“Zefa…you’re here.”

“It’s up to you, Taotu…”

The Marshal of the Warring States Period was a little at a loss, and he was still surprised.

So, under Taotu’s description, Zefa knew this young lady who was asking for money and the position of general.

“Hahaha… so that’s the case! What’s the age? It’s enough if you have strength!”

“Warring States, I am very optimistic about this kid.”

Zefa laughed loudly, and was about to pat Xia Tian on the shoulder to express his high appreciation.

At this time.

From below came Sakalski’s cry…

“Good boy! Come down and fight!”

Xia Tian went to the window to look down, and smiled.

Sakaski had already stepped out of the pit with an unconvinced look on his face.

I punched just now, and in the short fight with Akainu, I got Akainu’s body art template!

“Admiral Akainu’s physical combat template has been obtained, the details are as follows…”

The system’s prompt appeared from Xia Tian’s mind, which meant that he had learned all the fighting skills that Akainu knew!

This is one of the places where the system perverts.

With this function, no matter who Xia Tian fights with, he can learn the opponent’s fighting moves and skills during the battle, and the template will be strengthened!

“Red Dog…”

The yellow ape Polusalino was trying to persuade him not to be serious with his eight-year-old brother.

In the next second, Xia Tian jumped out of the window directly!

This fight is exactly what I want!

Chapter 5 One Form · Zhenshan

“This kid is very tough!”

Garp looked like he was watching the excitement, and immediately ran out of the attic guardrail.

Sengoku, Zefa, Aokiji and others also followed, watching in amazement.

Xia Tian jumped down, and he could see that his hands had been covered in black, and he was clenching his fists!

And the red dog is full of magma, and the flames burst out!

Use the magma fruit ability.

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