Pirate: I, The Fourth General, Am Eight Years Old This Year

Chapter 25

Whether they are in half-beast form or in normal form, they will not be the opponents of Tongdi, a natural disaster in human form.

Only by transforming into a beast state can you have enough strength and size!

And Kaido is not changing, in the dragon man form, he completely let go of all the power in his body!

And with Kaido’s powerful resilience and physique, only in this period of time, the breath that was injured by Xia Tian just now recovered half.

“I don’t believe it! Even if an eight-year-old child can exert extreme strength, what can I do!”

Kaido was not convinced, but he also thought in his heart that if he continued to fight, this child emperor would definitely show his flaws.

What’s more, he has absolute confidence in his own defense!

“Come on! Then have fun!”

Xia Tian looked at the picture of the three giant beasts and Kaidolongren, his blood began to boil, and he planned to fight hand-to-hand.

After all, what is in front of you is the powerful and well-known pirate group Tiantuan in the world of Pirates.

In terms of physical strength, Kaido and the Three Calamities can be said to be at the pirate ceiling level.

Just to temper myself.

The improvement of the system has already been a series of various ability enhancements on the panel in his mind.

From domineering look to physical strength, they have grown a lot, but summer still needs more!

Step by step, clenched fists!

With a height of less than 1.4 meters, facing Kaido and others, the minimum height is ten meters.

This picture is deeply imprinted in the minds of all the people watching the battle.


Xia Tian and Kaido punched directly at close range! The fist was struck out at a high speed, and a sound broke through the air!

The red domineering armed color and domineering color are surging!

Kaido also shrank his pupils and let out a loud roar. The dragon claws were covered in black, and it was also wrapped around the overlord-colored, armed-colored claws!

The two sides collide!

A violent airflow was set off, the earth was shattered, and the fierce arrogance shot out!

Kaido couldn’t stand Xia Tian’s strength and arrogance at all, and was directly repelled, his arms were numb!

The whole person stood on the ground and slid back out, dragging out of the ravine.

at the same time!

The elephant screams, the dragon roars, and the pterosaur roars!

Three major disasters attack at the same time!

Jhin’s long, sharp beaked pterosaur peck stretched back like a rubber, and then rushed towards Xia Tian fiercely!

Even with the sharp beak, there are laser-like rays shooting out!

Quinn’s modified weapons and arrogance all concentrated on his head, and it fell from the sky!

The mammoth Jack raised his forelimbs high, and his trunk pointed to the sky. In this way, he accumulated energy, and all the domineering and armed colors were concentrated on the trunk!

With the sound of breaking through the air, it swept over like a huge whip!


There is incomparable domineering in the immature voice!

Xia Tian directly ignored Jhin’s move “Diao Zi Zun Huang”, and still fell from the sharp beak and the laser-like shock wave.

He punched Quinn above his head with a punch!

He grabbed Jack’s trunk with one hand!

Some of the people watching the battle didn’t see the specific actions clearly.

After Jhin’s shock wave exploded, Quinn flew out with his head down!

The huge figure of Mammoth Jack was even lifted up, rolling in the air and falling not far away!

After the explosion, the dust dissipated, and the domineering air flowed from Xia Tian’s back, resisting Jhin’s pecking, and the shock wave had no effect at all.

Yan Calamity Jhin’s eyes were full of shock, he never thought that this kind of move of his would not break Xia Tian’s armed domineering aura!

next moment.

Xia Tian turned around, and a fist directly hit Jhin’s head again!

With a bang, the same picture appeared, and Jhin was lying in the big pit blasted by Xia Tian again.

“The animal department, it’s really resistant to beating… Is this the awakening?”

Xia Tian looked coldly, and found that although the blood was flowing from Jin’s head, the vitality was recovering extremely vigorously.

Although one’s own armed domineering can cause more serious damage.


Kaido’s eyes widened, bloodshot, within a short time.

Unexpectedly, three of his most proud subordinates were beaten to the ground again!

The eight fasting mace in his hand was dragged on the ground, the angry Kaido sprinted and struck again!

“You have stronger resilience, that’s how the Navy Headquarters can’t kill you.”

Xia Tian can be considered to have seen the terrifying recovery power of the strongest creature, and couldn’t help but sigh in admiration.

Then the domineering aura surged around him again, and the punch and the mace hit together firmly!

The Opening Fist Strength broke out again!

Kaido’s weapon was thrown directly at the coast.

The whole person is back again and again! Step by step, he stepped on the ground to relieve his strength, and exploded a large area of ​​the ground step by step, while suppressing the fishy and sweet breath in his throat.

“I don’t believe it! Come again!”

Beast Kaido completely ran away!

Having given up his weapon, relying on his terrifying resilience, he stepped forward to fight Xia Tian fist to fist!

The whole Dressrosa trembled.

Both Xia Tian’s giant power and Kaido’s dragon body have terrifying power.

During the confrontation, cracks visible to the naked eye spread out.

Everyone is dumbfounded!

Chapter 34 Beast Pirates, Fell

“Get a power boost…”

“Gain stamina boost…”

“Gain armed domineering boost…”

“Get the domineering boost of the overlord color…”

“Gain rapid self-healing ability improvement…”

A series of prompts from the system made Xia Tian extremely excited.

The fist-to-body battle with Kaido is even more exciting!

You must know that Xia Tian is already stronger than when he fought with Whitebeard, the general strong can’t carry out this level of hand-to-hand combat with Xia Tian like Kaido!

Even the powerhouses at the Four Emperors level are not good, only Kaido, who is generally unkillable, can do such a high-intensity head-to-head confrontation with Xia Tian.

Doflamingo was so stupid that he was trembling all over!

Dressrosa still didn’t escape the result of being destroyed.

It is even more destructive than the battle between Akainu Sakaski and Kaido just now.

As soon as Xia Tian punched out, no matter whether Kaido caught it or not, that terrifying punch was like an irresistible shock wave, bursting out in a fan shape!

Not to mention its width, its length is full of destructive power, directly bombarding the bottom of the royal city!

The building complex was in a mess, and when Kaido attacked in the same way, the whole island was shaken…

“My Dressrosa… my capital of passion…”

Doflamingo cried out helplessly in his heart, mourning for the country he had run for ten years.

At the same time, they were even more shocked in their hearts. The strength of Xia Tian had completely surpassed their cognition!

Even Akainu Sakaski and Aokiji Kuzan were stunned, and so was Momotu!

Summer is like a humanoid disaster!

The whole body is full of destructive power, the raging power is unimaginable!

Kaido was able to withstand Xia Tian’s impact from the beginning, and now he spurted blood every time he received a punch.

The three major disasters were even more miserable. After finally recovering from it, they wanted to help.

As a result, he was directly punched by Xia Tian and fell down.

Among such repetitions, the Three Calamities have been knocked out for the third time…

“Peach Rabbit… What monster did you bring back…”

Aokiji couldn’t help but said in amazement.

There is no doubt that Xia Tian is already the strongest general.

Even Aokiji reckoned that, except Marshal Warring States and Lieutenant General Garp, there seemed to be no one in the navy who could compete with Xia Tian.

“Anyway, he is a navy, eight years old, and he will be the backbone of the navy in the future!”

Akainu Sakaski also affirmed convincingly.

Ten years later, no, even eight years, six years, Xia Tian may be qualified to go one step further!

Because Xia Tian, ​​who is already so powerful now, is destined to be above the invincible sea!

This hand-to-hand combat lasted for several hours, and it was almost evening.

The Beasts Pirates had already stopped, watching the terrifying battle on the island tremblingly.

The big billboards are over, and Master Kaido seems to be unable to hold on…

The shattered clouds in the sky look even more brilliant under the rendering of dusk.

Below, the setting sun shone down on the island.

Half of Dressrosa has been completely broken.

The setting sun shone on Xia Tian’s back from the sea surface, making his whole person more gorgeous.

Kaido panted heavily, the dragon scales in front of him were already covered with blood, looking at Xia Tian in front of him, a trace of fear emerged.

How long has this feeling of fear not appeared? Kaido doesn’t know, he only knows, from Rocks, to Whitebeard, to Kozuki Oden back then… Now there is another character that makes him extremely jealous and even afraid!

The three major disasters were the first to be unable to bear it, and fell to the ground, wailing endlessly.

The chest and limbs all have unusual sags and twists!

This was smashed by Xia Tian’s fist abruptly!

Recovery power also has a limit, especially under Xia Tian’s absolute armed color domineering, the damage caused is even more terrifying.

And Kaido was angry from the beginning, full of dissatisfaction, trying to use his own advantages to consume Xia Tian.

But he miscalculated.

Xia Tian is like a monster that won’t get tired, keep fighting, keep fighting!

And the more you fight, the braver you are! Every punch will increase by one point.

Kaido’s physical strength was exhausted violently, and he was almost…unable to hold on!

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