Pirate: I, The Fourth General, Am Eight Years Old This Year

Chapter 19

Xia Tian didn’t even look at it, and directly punched Lafitte who was holding the hypnosis tool, and kicked Poison Q away!

The two of them were also like Badgers. They only felt a huge force that was too big to compete with, and their eyeballs were about to protrude, and then their bodies flew upside down uncontrollably, spitting out blood amidst the turbulence of Qi and blood.

Witnessing this scene after Fan Oka shot, he was stunned!

What the hell, a humanoid monster! ?

At this time, Xia Tian had already arrived in front of Fan Aoka, and his little hand had already grasped Fan Aoka’s gun barrel, and it was… crushed!

Another unpretentious punch.

There was no sound, no explosion of anger, and it hit Fan Oka’s stomach in an instant.

Immediately, Fan Oka fell to the ground and bowed his body like a shrimp, eyes full of pain and unable to speak.

“To beat you, I don’t even need to use one-tenth of my strength.”

Xia Tian yawned boredly, and there was no sound during the whole process. This was a technique to control domineering and counteract air resistance. q.o

But the sound of hitting the ship’s plank still made the naval soldiers notice, and they ran over with weapons in hand.

“what happened!?”

Taotu also noticed the movement here, and hurried over.

“it’s okay no problem.”

“It’s just a friendly exchange with the Blackbeard Pirates who will soon become Qiwuhai.”

Seeing everyone’s fighting posture, Xia Tian waved his hand and said.

The navy soldiers also saw that nothing was going on and put away their weapons one after another.

Only Ace, who had witnessed the whole process, watched in shock.

Is this the Blackbeard gang who defeated themselves? In front of Xia Tian, ​​Blackbeard Tiki couldn’t even use his dark fruit ability!

On the other hand, Momotu looked at the black-bearded Tiki who had lost a few teeth with a strange face and smiled and nodded, saying that he was just communicating.

What kind of communication, one is still clutching his stomach and groaning in pain, and the three can’t get up after being knocked down… and the broken gun, there must have been a gunshot just now.

But Momotu didn’t say anything, and immediately asked the navy sailors to repair the ship’s plank, which should be carried down for treatment.

As for Blackbeard Titch, he was full of horror at this moment.

The ability of the dark fruit… actually used it!

But after touching Xia Tian’s fist, he was broken up directly!

It was broken up when the body was about to emerge!

“Shocking! At the age of eight, he is already… a top-notch armed domineering!”

Under Xia Tian’s gaze, Blackbeard Titch could only nod in resignation, and handed it over silently.

It is basically invincible, no wonder, it is said that it can repel the red hair, and it is evenly matched with the white bearded father.

Xia Tian grinned, his body had already returned to its full strength after two days of rest, coupled with the increase of various upper limit, even if it is not entangled in armed domineering, it is not easy to beat Blackbeard Tiqi.

Of course, this also has the reason that Xia Tian Thunder makes a move.

Those who hit were pirates, and Taotu didn’t bother to ask Xia Tian why he beat them.

Then be honest.

Xia Tian chatted with Ace for a few days, and moved forward at full speed along the way, riding the wind and waves to Dressrosa.

the other side.

The port of Dressrosa was already a sea of ​​flames, and magma was everywhere.

Haiya had already been beaten to pieces.

Drought Jack’s elephant-head boat and several other ships were ablaze.

On the coast, Jack stood together with Doflamingo, Diamanti, Olag, Delinger, Pique and others in scorched black, watching the battle in the sky with shocking eyes!

With a bang of red, the red dog Sakaski, who was incarnated from magma, and a huge blue dragon were fighting fiercely in the sky!

Domineering, the collision of heat breath and magma dog’s head, every time the turbulent magma falls, forming black cooling crystals on the sea surface.

Akainu Sakaski is about to fall into a disadvantage, but he still attacks ferociously!


Another fierce confrontation between the canine-toothed red lotus and heat!

The sky is full of flames, and the magma is falling, rolling and falling!


Doflamingo’s veins bulged, watching Dressrosa being constantly damaged by the aftermath of the battle, but there was nothing he could do.

Akainu has burned down all the underground factories!

But now that Kaido is encountered, Doflamingo can’t persuade the fight, so he can only watch helplessly.

Whether it is the red dog representing the navy or the four emperors Kaido, they can’t afford it!

Chapter 26 Red Dog Against the Whole Beast Pirates

“Akainu! You ruined my devil fruit, don’t think about running away so easily!”

Kaido’s huge copper bell-like eyes were full of anger.

Ben didn’t care much at first, until Doflamingo notified Kaido, and Kaido was furious.

When I heard that most of the navy’s power is not in the new world, I couldn’t help but chase after it directly.

Just stopped the red dog Sakaski who was about to leave!

According to Akainu Sakaski’s violent temper, how could he be cowardly in the face of pirates! ?

Thus, a great battle begins!

Akainu is like a ball of hot and tumbling magma, attacking Kaido with explosive force and flexibility in the sky!

Big fire, giant magma fist, ghost dog… All kinds of moves are constantly beckoning Kaido’s green dragon form!

Every blow brought a grand rain of magma, so that there was already a sea of ​​magma below.

Beast Kaido is even more terrifying. Although the bursting flames of Akainu Sakaski can make him feel burning pain, but with his strong body, he is not afraid at all!

Bad wind, heat, tornado…they are also all kinds of moves, and Akainu Sakaski is a fierce attack.

For a while, no one can do anything to anyone, but if the battle continues like this, Akainu consumes more, and coupled with the power gap with Kaido, it gradually loses the wind.

“Today, even if I die here, I will not retreat!”

Apparently, Sakaski also played real fire, his eyes were extremely fierce, and he made moves without regard to consumption.

The magma fell into the sea from time to time, Kaido’s heat sprayed on the sea from time to time, and the sound of explosions continued.

“Governor Kaido! I’ll help you!”

After recovering from the drought for a long time, Jack finally felt that he had enough physical strength, and immediately began to become a half-beast, wanting to go up and help Kaido take down the red dog.

However, the marines at the scene had no time to stop, Jack had already jumped up and rushed towards Akainu!


The crazy Akainu who had been fighting for a long time saw the drought and Jack dared to step forward, and he just punched and breathed fire!

The huge lava kept getting bigger and collided with Jack!

Jack was completely incapable of air-to-air combat, and after a few seconds of persistence, he was directly knocked into the air by the red dog and flew towards the island.

But the next second.

Kaido’s dragon tail roared and came in front of Akainu!


Akainu Sakaski’s instantly elementalized body covered the armed domineering in time.

With a bang.

The magma burst, and the red dog Sakaski also flew to the hill of the island and crashed into it.

Kaido didn’t stop attacking at all, and a hot breath gushed out instantly!

With a loud bang, the hill exploded completely!

The gravel flew and flew to the town. q.o

“General Sakasky!”

The marines who fought against the Beasts Pirates were shocked, but they had to deal with the pirates brought by Jack.

“Everyone evacuate!”

Doflamingo watched the scene in front of him, his eyelids twitched.

He didn’t want to be left with a lonely island after today, although Dressrosa was very vast.

“Young Master, everyone has escaped… But should we just keep watching like this!?”

Behind Olag, Diamanti and others couldn’t help but speak.

“I can only watch them fight, no one can help…”

For the first time in so many years, Doflamingo encountered such a situation.


If you move Akainu, the news will definitely be unstoppable, and the identity of Shichibukai that you have worked so hard to maintain will be lost, and the price will be too high.

And after helping Akainu, Kaido, the Four Emperors, may not be able to bear the anger of himself…

“Master, Akainu is fine!?”

At this time, amidst the bursting flames, the figure of Akainu reappeared, and the ground under his feet quickly turned into a land of magma.

With one punch, it was like a volcanic eruption!

The red dog itself is magma, and under the full elementalization, Kaido’s two attacks were actually dodged.


Another flame descended from the sky!

It was a pterosaur with a beak!

Fire disaster, Jhin!

Descending from the sky, roaring straight down, the speed is unbelievably fast!

With his unique Pteranodon flame, it’s just a peck at Akainu!

“Fire disaster!”

Akainu Sakaski’s face became even uglier.

The direct shot was the canine-toothed red lotus, and a magma dog rushed over!

The fire disaster has arrived, which means that the other members of the Beast Pirates are not far away.

This had to make Akainu a little anxious.

It stands to reason that the Navy Headquarters will also have support, but Akainu also understands that all the generals are out to perform tasks, and the support is not so fast!


At this time, Yan Calamity passed through the canine-toothed red lotus, stopped the offensive, and then rushed towards Sakaski again!

“Ha ha ha ha!”

Seeing his subordinates coming, Kaido laughed and launched a gust of bad wind to sweep over.

Maybe you can keep Akainu Sakaski today!

Of course, Kaido’s anger turned to anger, and he also knew that the general could not be killed for the time being.

Otherwise, there will be a desperate attack by the navy. Although Kaido is not afraid, it will undoubtedly make his plan to form an army of man-made devil fruit ability users run aground.


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