Pirate: I, The Fourth General, Am Eight Years Old This Year

Chapter 153

I saw them jumping into the sea one by one, for fear that it would be too late for me to express my attitude.

After a few breaths, the young marines salvaged Genos from the sea.

Because of the presence of salt in seawater, the imbalance of internal and external osmotic pressure will also dry out Genos’s already dehydrated skin.

When the guy was pulled out, his skin looked very shriveled.

Not only that, his body looked smaller, and he kept shaking while sitting on the shore.

“Hey, are you convinced?”

Xia Tian took the initiative to walk over, and put his palm on Genos’ shoulder, and the dark green air gradually evaporated from the pores, and was reabsorbed into the body by Xia Tian.

After that, Janos’ condition improved a lot, his eyeballs were no longer protruding, and his body was not shaking so much.

“Hmph, you just won me over with tricks and tricks. Naturally, I don’t agree with you.”

“However, before the war, I didn’t stipulate that you must not use poison, so I lost this game, and I have no complaints, just follow your rules.”

Genos approved the result of this competition, and Xia Tian’s goal has been achieved. Even if the episode before the council is completely over at this moment, it is time to talk about serious things.

“Everyone, we are guests from afar. The Navy Headquarters has prepared tea for everyone. Please come in and have a chat.”

As the initiator of the incident, Xia Tian has the authority to surpass Admiral Warring States, he can directly invite everyone into the Navy headquarters to discuss matters.

After being invited, the invited pirates are also very active at the moment.

On the conference table of the Navy Headquarters, all the people invited by the Navy are above the rank of lieutenant general, except those who are responsible for the defense of the headquarters.

Warring States sits in the main position, Xia Tian and Garp sit on the left and right respectively, the other three generals are sorted at once, and then lieutenant generals.

On the other hand, the Four Emperors are still over there, as the overlord of the sea, they are equivalent to the marshals and generals in the navy.

In the position of Marshal of the Warring States Period, Red Hair sat here, next to Kaido, the leader of the Beasts Pirates, and Marco, who represented the Whitebeard Pirates.

In the battle for the main position, Kaido and the red hair have had related disputes.

It just came to an end because of the existence of Hawkeye. Kaido, who has always been stunned, chose to give up and let his opponent sit in the most conspicuous position.

On both sides of the three major and four royal groups, there are Hawkeye, the world’s number one swordsman, Boa Hancock, the number one beauty in pirates, Moonlight Moriah, and Genos, the only one of the rising forces who came to participate in the meeting.

Now, 80% of the combat power on the entire great route has expired.

To be able to recruit so many people is an unexpected surprise for Xia Tian. In his thinking, only the redheads of the Four Emperors will come to participate. People like Hawkeye who go their own way may not even look at the recruitment order glance.

Right now, everyone except aunt actually came here.

“Lamia, you can use your ability on me now.”

With a snap of the fingers, a delicate girl in a floral skirt came to the back of Xia Tian.

He placed two small snow-white hands beside Xia Tian’s ears, as the light flickered, his ability was also manifested at this moment.

The devil fruit owned by Lamia is called Heart Mirror. As the name suggests, she can present other people’s inner memories or some scenes to others through mirroring, just like playing a movie.

This point is a little bit similar to the Soul Soul Fruit owned by Big Mom, but Lamia does not have the ability to fight. ..

This little girl was discovered by Aokiji when he was out on a mission during the summer when he was away from the Navy Headquarters.

After bringing the little girl back, she served as the intelligence officer of the Navy Headquarters to interrogate prisoners. In just a few months, Lamia made great contributions with her own ability.

It is also the object of worship of countless sailors in the Navy headquarters, but because of the special ability, no one wants to be with such a woman, so that he will have no secrets at all.

In the next second, the big screen of the Navy Headquarters suddenly changed the scene, and the sky full of stars was reflected on it.

In the deepest part of the galaxy, everyone can see a huge city.

“Is this the old lair of the Sky Dragon Pirates? It’s really impressive!”

The red-haired sighed, and the attitude of the people next to him was similar to his.

“No, the Sky Dragon Pirates come from Sky Dragon Star, so it has nothing to do with here.”

“This place is called the Starry Sky Pirate Base. There is a complete trading system there, and it is jointly managed by the city lord and several big families.”

“Because everyone here has starships, and the range of activities is the sea of ​​stars, so they have the name of starry sky pirates.”

“These guys are very good at exploring the outside world. If they find a certain planet has a lot of property or human resources, they will plunder it at all costs.”

“The place we are in is called Blue Sea Star. The position of the planet has now been exposed to the Tianlong Pirates by Im, the former controller of the world government. This model is divergent. There are still many people who have received this information. .”

“This is also the reason why I recruited everyone here today. The current Blue Sea Star is no longer closed but perilous.”

When Xia Tian talked about this matter, whether it was pirates or the navy, he remembered what happened to the World Government before.

Im, the former world government manager, exposed the coordinates of Blue Sea Star, and sacrificed to the star at the same time, and then even attracted the Sky Dragon Pirates.

All she did was like opening a Pandora’s box, allowing risks from the outside world to flood in.

At this moment, everyone was silent. Even Kai, who was known as the strongest creature and possessed an immortal body, felt a sense of palpitation.

The Star Pirates have super powerful battleships. Compared with that thing, their own flesh and blood have too many shortcomings.

His strongest is just in the world of pirates.

Chapter 230 When I first met the Empress, Igor lost his composure

“Then General Tongdi thinks, what is the strength of the starry sky pirates you have seen, and what is their combat effectiveness compared with the Tianlong pirates?”

When the audience was silent, the red hair was the first one to speak.

The voice fell, and everyone else looked forward to looking at Xia Tian.

“From the people I have come into contact with, the Sky Dragon Pirates are the most powerful, and the rest cannot be compared with them.”

“Compared to the overall combat effectiveness, the people on Blue Sea Star and those in the Starry Sky Pirate Base are on par.”

“It’s just that we are still missing one most important thing.”

Xia Tian deliberately throws bricks and jade at the conference, asking everyone to search for what they are lacking now.

Soon, the red-haired Shanks was still the first one to give the answer.

Sure enough, looking at the entire pirate world, there are really too few people who can surpass this person in wisdom.

“What we lack is the Star Warship. If we don’t have this thing, we will always fall into a relatively passive situation.”

Redhead’s words caused a wave of waves, and the others also followed suit.

“That’s right, isn’t what we lack is the Star Warship? Since our strength is not weak, as long as we have this thing, we don’t have to stick to the Blue Sea Star, and we can go outside like those Star Pirates.”

Marco stood up excitedly. The Whitebeard Pirates should not make a living by plundering. Exploring and contacting family members is the core of the entire Pirates.

So, their members are very interested in exploration.

And as far as he is concerned, what the Beast Pirates think about is plunder.


Suddenly, Kaido slapped his big hand on the table. At that time, Garp and Akainu sat up straight almost instinctively, with an attitude of ready to fight at any time.

“Haha, I am very supportive of building starships, and our Beast Pirates can provide raw materials.”

Knowing that Kaido wanted to provide raw materials, Sengoku also waved to Garp and Akainu next to him, and the atmosphere in the conference hall became peaceful.

With Kaido’s support, this matter is basically half done.

At this moment, Zhan Guo also probably understood why Xia Tian behaved in a cloud at the meeting. He had clearly explained many things in yesterday’s meeting, but today he still made it mysterious.

His purpose of doing this is very simple, it is to take a heavy blow from the past pirates.

Use the raw materials they provide to build starry space battleships for themselves, so that the loss of the Navy headquarters will be reduced, and then a large amount of this money will be invested in military expenses, and the gap between the pirates and the navy will continue to widen.

The status of the Navy Headquarters as the overlord of the great route will not change.

“This kid is really much stronger than his brother. With him around, I even believe that the Navy Headquarters will be able to conquer the starry sky one day.”

Warring States murmured silently in his heart, and felt grateful that Xia Tian was on his side.

At the meeting, Kaido and Marco’s overly excited performance has already broken the deadlock.

Beside them, the red-haired Shanks and Ben Beckman have already seen through this.

They originally wanted to do some maneuvering and strive for some convenience in materials, but now that Marco and Kaido are so excited, the heads of the two big and four royal groups have been able to decide the trend of this negotiation.

Things have reached this point, and Shanks has nothing to do.

“If necessary, the red-haired pirates will also provide relevant raw materials, as long as who is within the scope of our ability.”

“I also agree on behalf of those with no fruit ability.”

Responses echoed in the room. Except for Boyahan Cook, the number one beauty from Snake Island, who did not express his intentions, other powerful people had expressed their intentions.

“Okay, since everyone has passed it unanimously, let me tell you about the next thing.”

“Before that, let me introduce Master Eagle to you. He is the most powerful real estate master in the Star Pirate Base and the greatest shipbuilder in history.”

After Xia Tian’s voice fell, the door of the conference hall should not be opened. In the next second, an old man in tattered clothes staggered in from the outside.

His eyes scanned the crowd, and finally landed on the empress.

Seeing the smooth white skin and the small waist that could be held with one hand, Igor froze in place for an instant.

“Oh my god, this… This is as beautiful as the wife of the city lord. How can this little blue starfish be so beautiful.”

When Igor saw the number one beauty in the pirate world, his cloudy eyes became squinted.

For such behavior, the Empress is also quite angry.

“Bad old man, watch your feet”

The empress jumped onto the table, her snow-white jade feet raised high, ready to give Yi brother a leg lift.

Seeing this, Hawkeye, who had been silent at the conference, suddenly moved.


The black knife blocked Hancock’s fragrant feet, and the tyrannical armed domineering directly forced the number one beauty in the pirate world to retreat. Fun Court

“Hawkeye, what are you doing?”

After blocking the empress’ attack, Hawkeye put the black knife on his back again.

“It’s nothing, I just don’t want you to die. That old man is not as bad as you imagined. If you made a move just now, it would not be difficult for him to make you look ugly.”

“You don’t want to lose face in front of so many people, do you?”

Hawkeye has always said so little, and words like gold are quite appropriate for him.

Hearing these kind words, the empress also re-examined the old man in front of her.

Her knowledgeable domineering aura is not strong, but her ability to become a well-known figure in the sea is definitely not weak.

In the process of re-examining, she also understood why Hawkeye wanted to stop herself.

At this time, Xia Tian also took the initiative to come to the compass master Igor.

“Master Igor, let me introduce you. This is the number one beauty of our Blue Sea Star, Boya Hancock, who is nicknamed the Pirate Empress. She is in charge of the entire daughter country, and she is very powerful. woman.”

“You shouldn’t be so frivolous to others just now. As a senior, it’s really out of style.”

Xia Tian found a step in a few words, which also made Igor realize that his behavior just now was indeed somewhat offensive.

Standing in front of him was such a beautiful woman, and he was not even familiar with the wife of the castellan of Starry Sky Pirate Base, so why not apologize to such a person?

So, Igor made a very gentlemanly bow.

“I’m sorry, Queen Hancock, I offended you just now, and I sincerely apologize to you.”

Chapter 231 layout, building the Blue Star

For Eagle’s apology, Hancock is obviously not very satisfied. This is the place of the navy, and Xia Tian needs to come forward to adjust it at this time.

“Hancock, Master Eagle is from the Star Pirate Base. He once told me that he has an old friend who is as beautiful as you.”

“However, he was not strong back then, no matter from which aspect, he was not worthy of that old man, and he could only die with regrets in the end.”

“When he saw you just now, he might have been touched by the situation. I hope you can stand on the overall situation and forgive him this time.”

Xia Tian talked about this, and Igor also behaved very piously.

Under the watchful eyes of everyone, Hancock also had to give this face.

“Okay, then for the sake of General Tongdi, I won’t bother with you. If there is a next time, I will goug your eyes.”

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