Pirate: I, The Fourth General, Am Eight Years Old This Year

Chapter 145

However, everyone in the Pirates is loyal, and naturally understands the principle of repaying kindness. The beauty they enjoy now is brought by summer. If others ask for themselves, how can they not help.

“Of course there’s no problem with this, but it’s a long way to go to Blue Sea Star, so I need to prepare well.”

“Okay, just let me know when you pack it up, I hope it will be within half a month.”

As time passed, Xia Tian’s reputation gradually fermented, and he directly became a hot figure in the Starry Sky Pirate Base.

This kind of reputation has also attracted the attention of many people, even the owner of Starry Sky City, the main city of Starry Sky Pirate Base, is no exception.

In the palace-like building in the main city, a middle-aged man sits on the throne. He has sword eyebrows and starry eyes. Despite his age, there is no wrinkle on his face. The aqua blue robe on his body has no embellishments. It’s that plain and simple look.

Even so, the man’s gestures still exude the charm of a superior.

The feeling of not being angry and self-prestige can only be cultivated after staying in a high position for a long time.

“Master Louis Rand, everything you told me has been done. That kid is called Xia Tian, ​​and he came to the Starry Sky Pirate Base with the Purple Star Pirates twenty-one days ago.”

“According to the crew there, Xia Tian claimed to have fought against the Heavenly Dragon Pirates, and he was victorious. After the victory, he drifted on the sea of ​​stars for half a month, and his body was not corroded in any way.”

“Then on the way back to the Starry Sky Pirate Base, he defeated the Wolf Pirates with one punch, and what happened next is what the Starry Sky Daily said.”

The man in black came to the hall quietly, and his deep voice reached the ears of the city lord word by word.

“Dragon Pirates, I didn’t expect that young man to have such abilities. I underestimated him before.”

“He Zhen is a little guy worthy of attention. Apart from these, have you got any other news, such as what they are going to do in the future?”

Facing the city lord’s question, the man in black lowered his head even lower.

“Go back to Lord City Master. It is said that they are going back to Blue Sea Star. Recently, people from the Purple Star Pirates are looking for a suitable compass master in the city.”

As the voice fell, a stream of light flashed in the city lord’s deep eyes.

“So that’s the case, then we might as well help them, and now let the best compass master in the city contact them.”

“I really want to see what is so strange about this young man.”

The city lord issued an order, and the figure of the man in black disappeared right there.

In the main city, Laura and two members of the pirate group are looking for the compass master in the city.

The road to the blue sea star is extraordinary, and now they have everything ready, and now they only need a compass master.

For a long-distance voyage, the compass master at the Star Pirate Base is equivalent to the navigator on the great route, and this profession has an irreplaceable position.

“Captain, the price we offered is already quite high, why is no one going to Blue Sea Star with us?”

The middle-aged man said in a deep voice, his eyes were full of doubts, since they came to the main urban area, they have been searching here for three days, and the real estate masters above the middle and high levels have basically asked them all over.

After everyone’s joint discussion, they agreed that the price they gave was not low at all, but still no one was willing to take the order. This kind of thing is simply puzzling.

As for the doubts of the crew, Laura shook her head helplessly.

“It’s not that the price we gave was too low to bear the cost of this voyage. The key problem is that in the eyes of these compass masters, Blue Sea Star is just a small star in a remote area. There is nothing wrong with taking a trip. Great gain.”

“You must know that the voyage fee is only a part of their total salary. The real big deal depends on whether these people can get a relatively large salary in the target galaxy. If not, they will not choose.”

“Let’s look again. The main city is huge, and we haven’t asked all the masters. I believe someone will come to take our order.”

Laura whispered comforting words, but her eyes were full of loneliness.

After hitting a wall for three days in a row, even if she is as confident as she is, she doesn’t think too much about it now.

Chapter 214 Igor

“Excuse me, are you looking for a compass master? I don’t know if this old man meets your requirements.”

Just when everyone was extremely troubled by this, an old man in a yellow robe flashed in front of them at some point.

The few people present were taken aback and looked forward intently, with a certain consensus in their hearts.

“Well, the person in front of him is completely dressed as a charlatan, and has nothing to do with the person they are looking for.”

Seeing this, a **** man in the Purple Star Pirates wanted to drive the old man away.

Before he could speak, Laura stopped him.

“Wait a minute, dare to ask this old gentleman’s name.”

“Igor, you can also call me the strongest compass master. This is my qualification certificate. It was granted by the previous generation of city lords. You can go to any place to verify it, and it is guaranteed to be replaced.”

While speaking, the old man threw a purple-gold token directly to Laura.

With a light touch of a finger on it, relevant information is listed.

[Ding, identity confirmation]

【Name: Igor】

[Occupation: Compass Master]

[Ability: Superman, Starry Sky Fruit]

The token issued by the city lord was held in his hand, and the identity of the old man in front of him could naturally be confirmed.

In an instant, Laura only felt that her body was hit by an electric current, and her whole body shook accordingly.

“You…are you really the strongest master in the city? Isn’t it said that you have retired and will never explore the sea of ​​stars again?”

Laura’s eyes widened, her face full of doubts.

The little girl has heard about Igor since she was a child. Igor has been practicing for nearly 50 years and became the greatest compass master in the main city when he was in his twenties.

In the years since he became famous, he has maintained a high-intensity working state, and the wealth he has accumulated is self-evident.

Because of this, when the old man is old, he is fully qualified to choose to lie flat.

Doing nothing and counting money at home every day can lead a very prosperous life.

This kind of life is really enviable, but how could such a person choose to go out of the mountain again in order to explore the small star field of Blue Sea Star?

“It’s true that I don’t have to work anymore, but it’s not interesting to stay at home all the time. Just a few days ago, I found an interesting kid in the ring. It’s good to get in touch with such a person in my later years.”

“I’m doing this trip entirely out of interest. You don’t need to pay me anything. I’ll just treat myself as a trip and meet new friends like you.”

Igor said lightly, with a smile on his old face.

At that time, several members of the Purple Star Pirates were also excited.

“My God, our luck is too good. We were able to meet Igor who just came out of the mountain. Now we have an explanation, and we are worthy of Xia Tian.”

Everyone in the pirate group had smiles on their faces. The happiness came so suddenly that they were not prepared at all.

Based on the principle that there is no use for nothing, just like that, the greatest compass master in the history of the Starry Sky Pirate Base joined the little-known little temple of the Purple Star Pirates just like that.

Three days later, the large ship that Laura rented from the ship shop was also dispatched, and everything was ready, and the group of people could finally set sail.

“Summer, let me introduce you. This is Igor, the greatest compass master in the history of the Star Pirate Base. This time he will go with us, and he will definitely be able to reach Blue Sea Star without detours.”

Laura introduced Igor beside her to Xia Tian, ​​and the smile on her face could not disappear for a long time.

“Oh, that’s really fortunate. In the next summer, there will be Senior Lao on this trip.”

Xia Tian bowed his hands towards the old man, showing a respect belonging to the younger generation.

“Haha, no need to introduce, I know your name. In the past few days, looking at the entire Starry Sky Pirate Base, who else can be more prestigious than the word Xia Tian.”

After introducing themselves to each other, the group boarded the big boat that Laura rented from the ship company.

The entire hull of this warship is made of the strongest materials, and the facilities inside are gorgeous, which can be said to satisfy the characteristics of long-distance sailing, and also allow the people living inside to feel at home.

The crew had never experienced such a feeling, so once they entered the ship, these people looked like children who had a good time and couldn’t stop at all.

“Captain, you are amazing, you actually rented such a big boat for us, it should cost a lot of money.”

Many crew members looked at the captain Laura very puzzled.

Seeing everyone’s eager eyes, Laura cleared her throat first.

“cough cough”

“Actually, I rented this Dazhuang when I was on a special offer at the shipping company. It’s only 1/3 of the usual price. How about it? Your captain is lucky, right? Once you go there, you can experience the opening ceremony.”

Hearing Laura’s words, the crew members present kept applauding, saying that the captain of his family was really amazing, and his luck was simply against the sky, and he was able to meet such an event as a big reward for the opening.

And at this moment, the expressions of Igor and Xia Tian changed almost at the same time.

“Laura, have you fully inspected this ship, and whether there are any safety hazards and other issues.”

Xia Tian took the lead in asking, and Laura’s complexion also changed slightly.

“Of course there is. I am very concerned about safety issues. This ship has been fully inspected for me, and there is no major problem.”

“Xiamen, don’t worry, as the head of a pirate group, I control the lives of the entire ship. You can’t joke about this kind of thing.”

Laura showed a very serious look, and Xia Tian nodded noncommittally. Through this period of contact, she can still feel the little girl’s seriousness.

On the other hand, Igor on the side, when no one noticed, a faint smile appeared on his face, and then quickly disappeared, as if nothing had happened.


When several sailors came to the battleship, various power engines were pulled in by them, and the deafening roar also echoed from the Starry Sky Pirate Base.

With the full firepower of the starship battleship, this behemoth also left the port of the base and quickly fled towards the southwest.

Not long after they left, a woman in a fiery red dress appeared at the place where the battleship had just left with two followers.

“Assistant Red Ghost, our people are also ready to go.”

Chapter 215 Sailing

In the vast sea of ​​starry sky, Laura personally controls the warship “Star” that she has been thinking about.

Countless pops passed by, none of which made this battleship look small, and with the special electromagnetic system, whenever a crisis approached, the battleship would give an early warning and at the same time activate the energy cannon carried by the main body , smashing those meteorites again and again, without exception, and the ultra-high performance was perfectly displayed at this moment.

The capabilities possessed by a battleship are almost beyond doubt, and nothing can stop its voyage.

“Reporting to the head, we have entered the stage of constant speed cruise, and we don’t need to stay in the control room of the battleship.”

Although everyone is immersed in the joy of driving the Star, before obtaining the devil fruit, people’s physical strength is generally limited. After staying up for three days and nights in a row, no matter how good the mood is, it is inevitable that they will suffer. feeling tired.

“Okay, then let’s take a normal handover and rest as we did before.”

“You guys keep an eye on the situation here, and I’ll come back later to replace you.”

Laola patted the shoulders of several crew members, and then walked straight towards the lounge.

At this moment, in that spacious hall, Xia Tian is playing chess with Igor.

This eight-year-old child looks very small, but his eyes are so deep that they can penetrate the stars, and they are no worse than Igor.

“Hey, young man, your skills in chess are not bad. The old man and you have killed so many games, but still haven’t achieved any substantial victory.”

“However, this game is different. Your chess pieces have been surrounded, and even the base camp has received a fatal threat. Under such circumstances, how can you break the game?”

The old man’s words were meaningful, and the slight sigh seemed to explain something.

To this, Xia Tian just smiled warmly.

“It doesn’t matter. Even so, it won’t be a big problem. As long as this most dazzling chess piece is still there, am I still in an undefeated position? Why should I panic too much?”

Xia Tian’s voice was flat, and he didn’t care about the situation in front of him at all.

Everything is so indifferent, even on the verge of the city.

Laura moved closer to the two of them. The short words of the old and the young seemed to carry infinite meaning. He listened to them, but he didn’t understand them at all.

With her IQ, she has absolutely no idea what the two of them are talking about.

And at this time, the real situation proved the point of view of the two.


The battleship was hit violently, the entire hull suddenly uttered a word, and the wine glasses placed in the cup holders fell down one by one, and the sound of glass shattering could be heard endlessly.

At the same time, the warship’s alarm also sounded, and the calls of the crew were also transmitted.

“Captain, come to the control room quickly, our warship is under attack.”

Hearing the call from her subordinates, Laura’s complexion also froze suddenly, three steps turned into two steps, and she ran towards the controller very eagerly.

Just as he left, the old gentleman leisurely took a sip of the special rum from the Starry Sky Pirate Base.

“The incident happened faster than I imagined. Those people were really impatient. They couldn’t bear it so quickly and wanted to take action.”

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