Pirate: I, The Fourth General, Am Eight Years Old This Year

Chapter 112

The little suit on his body was already tattered, and Xia Tian tore it off directly.

The scars on the body were broken, and strange lines began to emerge, all over the body!

As if breathing, with the flickering of these lines, Blackbeard Tiqi and the other captains were frightened.

“Impossible… What kind of monster is he!?”

“A series of onslaughts, all timed just right…”

“Under the difficult onslaught, only a little bit of skin was broken?!”

A sense of despair began to emerge in the hearts of Laqilu and others. They had never seen such a terrifying figure.

No matter which era’s strong and fierce people are, there is no one as perverted as Xia Tian.

who are they? The pirate group known as the emperor of the sea! The power is enough to rival the Navy Headquarters, and even as the world’s strongest emperor-level combat power, including the world’s strongest man, Whitebeard, there are a total of eight!

All of them go together, just to make Xia Tian like this! ?

Breaking the skin means meaning! ?

The more they thought about it, the more frightened and panicked the crowd became!

“Gu la la la… It seems that the world has been calling us monsters wrong. What is a real monster? What is in front of us is it.”

Newgate picked up Cong Yunqie again, and said in amazement.

Today, even the loser admitted it convincingly.

The eight-year-old Tongdi has already stood at the top of the pyramid, and even Lockes will not be worth mentioning in front of him.

The golden lion Shiji and the red earl, Barrett’s complexion was already so ugly that ink was dripping out, and his heart was trembling when he looked at Xia Tian, ​​who was just a torn skin.

A feeling of regret floated in their hearts faintly…

Wouldn’t it be better to go straight at the beginning? Don’t come to provoke this terrible guy! ?

“It’s too powerful, even if it is described in history, no one can compare it…”

Lei Li’s pupils were throbbing, isn’t this more terrifying than ancient weapons?

No, Emperor Tong is simply an ancient humanoid weapon!

Go too far!

“Mr. Raleigh…I got you into this…”

Red-haired Shanks shook his head bitterly.

Today, I really couldn’t save Ace, and even took all of my own people into it.

“Are you frustrated? Why don’t you attack?”

At this time, Xia Tian suddenly walked towards the pirates step by step.

The laughing voice sounded like harsh sarcasm to their ears.

“Fight to the death!”

When it came to glory, these cadres gritted their teeth and persisted.

“Yes, that’s it, continue!”

The corners of Xia Tian’s mouth grinned exaggeratedly, and there was a strong fighting spirit in his eyes

These guys, don’t run away! This experience is not over yet!

Marko, although guys at the level of **** Bu have not improved much, they are still very optimistic after coming down many times.

Especially the improvement brought by the eight emperor-level combat powers to Xia Tian is even more gratifying.

As soon as the voice fell, the sound of gunshots, the sound of slashing through the air, the sledgehammer and other various attacks covered the past from a distance towards Xia Tian!

These pirates are arrogant guys, how could they hold back!

Armed color domineering flowed in the hand again, punched out!

The attacks in front suddenly seemed to be stuck in a quagmire, and slowly slowed down!

Then it was broken open suddenly, and all of them were scattered by Xia Tian’s punch!

Xia Tian, ​​with the same footsteps, gasped for breath and walked forward.

The first one is, Beckman.

His bullets made Xia Tian feel annoyed, it’s okay to break through his armed domineering or something.

The most important thing is that this kind of bullet attack can’t let you get any more upgrades.

So Xia Tian… was angry.

However, the red-haired Shanks and others seem to have seen Xia Tian’s goal.

One jumped forward and attacked again!

Here, the pirates once again misunderstood that Xia Tian was afraid of Beckman’s shooting.


A series of three bullets of the enhanced version of the 100-fold amplification bullet shot towards Xia Tian fiercely!

Beckman doesn’t even need to aim, he knows that Xia Tian will not dodge at all.

It’s just that Xia Tian, ​​who seemed to be panting heavily, no longer stretched out his hand to pick it up like before, but raised his two fists, and directly swung his fists on the bullet, smashing the bullet flat!

“I don’t accept it, what can this method do to me.”

Xia Tian pouted with some disdain, as if his body was very tired, he moved forward again.

The jaws of Beckman, Blackbeard and others were about to drop in shock.

Doesn’t this kind of attack make your armed domineering look overwhelmed! ? Why is he flattened and shot aside with one punch now?


White-bearded Newgate brandished the naginata, and slashed towards Xia Tian from the side.

Under the white halo, the violent aura is menacing.

Behind him, the members of the Whitebeard Pirates followed closely behind!

Xia Tian twisted his arm to block it, and then directly bombarded Whitebeard with the other fist!

The shady-like deceitful punching force exploded wildly from Xia Tian’s fist!

There was a bang.

Blocks of rock and mud on the ground around Xia Tian’s feet exploded crazily and flew!

With this punch, the world changed!

Ma Erke, Vista and other team captains hadn’t even arrived in front of Xia Tian, ​​and then they were directly impacted and flew out by the huge force generated by the two people’s confrontation.

“He…why, he looks like he’s about to exhaust himself, why is he still punching harder than one punch!? It seems that his strength is still growing!”

The Golden Lion Shiji and the Red Earl looked at each other, their pupils trembling!

Not only the two of them, but almost everyone who watched the battle noticed it!

Xia Tian’s power is still changing constantly in the battle, becoming stronger!

White-bearded Newgate had long known about Xia Tian’s terrifying talent, so he didn’t feel that it was so strange at this time, but he was amazed by Xia Tian’s endless physical strength.


White Beard finally couldn’t hold on anymore, his entire body over eight meters was blown away by Xia Tian!

And Xia Tian…seems to have resorted to a black natural disaster, panting even more quickly.

“Come on! Come again!”

Xia Tian looked really tired and tired, as if he was about to fall to the ground in the next second!

Chapter 159 The heyday of the navy is coming

Marko’s Qingyan, Beckman, Jesus’ bullet, Vista’s slash…

One after another attack surges towards Xia Tian crazily.

Xia Tian, ​​who was already out of breath, could either just tear apart the sword energy with his hands, or shatter all kinds of attacks with one punch!

Walking towards the pirates, the oppressive force of the battle made the pirates feel more and more palpitating.

Whitebeard Newgate, Golden Lion Shiji, and Red Earl gritted their teeth and continued to attack.

But Xia Tian obviously looks like he is about to fall down, but in this state, he can raise his hand and swing his fist!

“What the **** is going on with this guy!?”

After Barrett was sent flying by Xia Tian again, he felt like he was going to collapse.

“Something’s wrong… Not only did he not collapse from exhaustion, but he became stronger and stronger!”

Pluto Raleigh looked at White Beard and the others, and said solemnly.

The person who was on the verge of exhaustion could still punch the world with a punch, and the domineering look swept the audience! ?

And Xia Tian, ​​who was constantly besieged, didn’t weaken at all, but the power of ordinary punches became more and more tyrannical!

From the previous siege, they could still break through Xia Tian’s armed arrogance, causing wounds to make him bleed, but now, they played again but found that they couldn’t break through.

“Come on! Don’t you want to knock me down!”

Xia Tian shouted arrogantly, originally he was just a little out of breath, pretending to be about to fall down at any time.

“I’m down now. These pirates shouldn’t give up easily, right? It’s cool to keep fighting. Armed color domineering has already fulfilled the secret meaning! Work harder…”

In fact, Xia Tian was thinking secretly in his heart excitedly.

However, watching the whole process of the navy, Qibuhai, and the people all over the world who watched the live broadcast, they were numb.

Beside the ruins of the original naval fortress, everyone in the navy didn’t care about Marin Fando who had collapsed into ruins.

Fortunately, the underground of the navy was safe and sound, and the wounded were sent to the underground for refuge and treatment during the earthquake.

Others would rather stay on the ground under the powerful force, watching the epic battle in the original square.

The sailors were all sweating coldly, swallowing their throats one by one, already amazed in their hearts.

The Marshal of the Warring States Period has already returned to his human form, standing with Garp, Steel Bone Kong, and the three generals, watching from a distance.

“This kid, did he do it on purpose!?”

Garp’s eyes gradually became strange, from worrying that Xia Tian would really fall down at the beginning, to now doubting.

“What a powerful monster… Polusalino, is he really your biological brother?”

Steel Bone Kong knows the horror of these pirates, be it the Red Earl or Whitebeard, these guys are all famous guys.

But now? The panting Xia Tian still punches one by one, smashing and smashing again! ?

“…is biological.”

The yellow ape Polusalino was also a little confused.

My brother is too fierce, isn’t he? Especially now, defeating this group of top pirates.

Even the two star elders who were secretly observing were stunned, with a look of disbelief on their faces.

“Lox back then couldn’t hold on under this kind of siege…”

Too strong, this level of strength may not be able to beat all the stars together!

Especially this kind of physical strength and powerful arrogance are simply unimaginable for an eight-year-old child.

“Relax a bit, with Lord Im around, it doesn’t matter how strong he is.”

The second elder sighed, and spoke in a comforting way.

At this time, the Qiwuhai were already dumbfounded, and Doflamingo opened his mouth wide, looking at the battlefield in shock.

“His strength has already exceeded the normal range…Obviously he is about to fall…”

Moonlight Moriah was trembling when she spoke, that one was Whitebeard, Whitebeard!

The strongest man in the world, Pluto, the Red Earl…

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