People Are Sailing: Domineering on the Top Declares the Whole World

Chapter 92

That’s why I couldn’t bear it anymore.

Back then, it was not uncommon to see a pirate group that was several times more terrifying than the Luo Chen pirate group.


Rocks Pirates, the strongest overlord of the sea!

Under that hand is the real monster Ruyun!

Three of today’s Four Emperors came out of the Rocks Pirates back then.

Including the disappearing Golden Lion, also came out of the Rocks Pirates.

This is the real horror, the crew cadres are all super monsters.

Now that the Luochen Pirates are like this, these juniors can’t bear it anymore? ?

How will we face the big pirate in the future? ?

Lieutenant General He’s unceremonious criticism really lifted the spirits of some people present.

They are the solid backbone of the navy, and they cannot be decadent.

Huang Yuan: “There are so many powerful people around Luo Chen, the little devil.”

“Maybe in the future, if you go to the new world, you can really break the situation and become the new emperor.”

Huang Yuan thought for a while, the current configuration of the Luochen Pirates is to become the Four Emperor Pirates.

The conditions are already met.

The difference is only a matter of time, as well as the territory and people.

But these are small problems for the powerful pirate group.

Flying Squirrel: “Yes!”

“Shazhi, Enilo, and Lafitte, these three alone, following Luo Chen, are enough to become a powerful low-profile model.”

“Not to mention the lucky fruit ability!”

“These conditions combined show that this pirate group has sufficient potential.”


Brannu: “Bashas, ​​he used to be a fighter.”

“Physical arts and armed domineering are better, so pay more attention to this aspect.”

“Poison Q, don’t look at this is a sick person, they are all fighting.”

“But he is a very cruel person, his moves are fatal, and he is a master of poison.”

“What you need to pay attention to when fighting against him is that the opponent uses poison.”

“Van Oka, the sniper, can hit targets from kilometers away.”

“In the future, he may become a sniper master like **** Bu of the Red Haired Shanks of the Four Emperors.”

Huoshaoshan asked suspiciously: “Is it that powerful?”

“There is a sharpshooter **** Bu, and now there is another sharpshooter??”

“A sharpshooter will play a very critical role in the battle.”

As Huoshaoshan talked, he understood what role a top-level sharpshooter would play in the battlefield.

Huang Yuan said in a strange manner again: “This old man hates snipers the most.”

“Next time I see it, I’ll get some more before I talk about it.”

Others don’t know why Huang Yuan hates snipers, especially that kind of snipers.

Brannu: “Crow of the Luochen Pirates, this person has been analyzed by us.”

“Has a very high intelligence, very close to the wisdom of Beckman of the Red Hair Pirates!”

Huang Yuan stretched out his hands suddenly, and said with a very exaggerated expression: “It’s so scary!”

“Luochen Pirates??”

“When I see the Luochen Pirates in the future, is this old man going to take a detour?”

“Otherwise, it may be life-threatening??”

Zhan Guo looked at Huang Yuan speechlessly?

There must be a limit to speaking out of tune!

The dignified general of the Navy headquarters also has the ability to shine fruit?

Need to be afraid of these?

Say it, can ghosts believe it?

Zhan Guo shook his head and followed Huang Yuan.

Eight five zero two nine six five zero one

Huang Yuan has this virtue, I don’t know how many times he has said it!

Anyway, if it was useful, Huang Yuan would have changed it long ago.

Precisely because it is useless, it is useless to talk too much.


Brannu took a sip of water, and continued, “Ajin, a combatant of Luochen Pirates.”

“At the same time, he is also a training freak, a person who can be very spicy to himself to the limit.”

“Such a person, even if he can’t become a top-level powerhouse in the future, he can still become a first-class powerhouse.”

“Just this desperate effort can explain everything.”

“Hawkins, from Beihai.”

“With a devil fruit, we still don’t know what devil fruit ability the other party is.”

“But being able to be valued by Luo Chen is definitely not a simple devil fruit ability.”

“After this point, we will pay more attention!”

“Carpenbeki, from the Xihai gangster.”

“This is also a very ruthless person.”

“Although his strength is not strong, he is an extremely ruthless person.”

“Castle fruit ability users, the ability is to be able to become a huge castle man.”

“At the same time as the castle man, it can accommodate thousands of times more people in the castle man.”

“Therefore, Kapenbeki is an important strategic figure in the Los Chen Pirates.”

Branno speeds up to explain!

“The last Trafalgaro, this person has an unclear relationship with the current king Shichibukai Doflamingo!”

“I used to work under Doflamingo.”

“It’s a fruit of surgery ability!”

“Speaking of the fruit of surgery, the world government offered five billion Baileys to buy this devil fruit.”

“A devil fruit that can make the world government bid five billion Baileys.”

“It shows that the potential is very huge.”

“At the same time, there is another point that everyone should be very careful about the fruit of the operation.”

“That is the fruit of surgery ability, the ultimate big move.”

“Able to perform ageless surgery.”

“So as to allow the surgeon to have an immortal life!”

“But the price is that the person with the devil fruit ability will lose his life.”

When Brannu introduced it here, many people gasped several times at the same time! !


Flying squirrel: “It’s too scary.”

“Unexpectedly, a rookie pirate group could gather so many masters in such a short period of time.”

“It shows that Luo Chen’s methods are very clever.”

Huoshaoshan: “Flying squirrel, you are right!”

“From the time Luo Chen went to sea to now, his purpose is obvious, the purpose of traveling around the world.”

“It is to recruit pirates with full potential.”

“Then use this power to challenge the status of the sea supremacy.”

“Wisdom and strategy, what a formidable young man!”

Karp sat there for a while, took out a pack of senbei from nowhere, and ate it alone.

Warring States wanted to slap Karp to death directly.

On such an important occasion, where is the mood to eat senbei all the time? ?

I’m so angry.

When Taotu heard this, he was different from others.

Taotu didn’t have any worries, but felt very happy in his heart.

Because as long as Luo Chen becomes stronger.

Then the chances of them being able to revenge in the future will be greater.

After all, the opponent is the Celestial Dragon who has never been shaken for 800 years!

If you don’t have enough strength, how can you fight against the Tianlong people? ?

Taotu himself felt that he had to speed up to win over talents.

After all, she will become a general of the headquarters in the future, and she will also need troops.

Can’t be a polished commander.

That would be too incompatible with the status of a general.

Even though it hasn’t started yet, Taotu is already fantasizing about their bright future.

I hope that one day, the Tianlong people can be truly wiped out!

I haven’t started yet, so I have to take a photo of the base film first.

Warring States said with a serious expression: “We can no longer treat the Luochen Pirates as a newcomer who has just debuted.”

“Otherwise, we will be the ones who really suffer.”

“Here, let me give you a vaccination first!”

“Usually you have to strengthen your training.”

“Now the pirates are getting stronger and stronger.”

“If we are not working hard to improve our strength, let alone suppress the sea.”

“Maybe they will all be wiped out by pirates in the end!”

Of course, the tone of Warring States may be a bit heavy in the end.

It is generally impossible for the navy to be wiped out by pirates.

The main thing is for people like them to sound the alarm.

Give them a sense of urgency!

Now there is a Luo Chen pirate group, which makes the Warring States people wonder if the Navy Headquarters is getting worse.

If it continues like this, sooner or later the Navy Headquarters will have problems!

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