People Are Sailing: Domineering on the Top Declares the Whole World

Chapter 89

In the future, he will compete with that maritime overlord, although Captain Luo Chen is strong enough.

But the strength of these crew members must be accelerated.

Because of their strength, it is indeed a bit of a hindrance.

Although compared to other ordinary pirates, it is already very powerful.

But to compete with the top level, one must have sufficient strength.

The reason why the Four Emperors of the New World can become the Four Emperors.

That’s because they own territory and power, combined with the powerful strength of the Four Emperors themselves.

If not these are combined together!

No matter how strong one’s personal strength is, one cannot become the overlord of the sea.

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t pay attention to it or not, I’m going to practice now.” Ajin picked up the double iron bars and got up and walked to the training room.

Among the captains of their squadrons, Ah Jin was the one who had the worst training.

Sometimes there will be several injuries, all of which are healed by Trafalgaro with the fruit of surgery!

Otherwise, it will fall to the root of the disease in the end!

It can also be seen how important an excellent ship doctor is to the entire pirate group!


Trafalgaro sighed and said, “Akin, this guy.”

“It was deeply influenced by Captain Luo Chen!”

“It’s completely a training madness.”

“I’m really worried, without me, this guy will definitely have physical problems!!”

As Luo, who often treats Ah Jin, he knows very well how Ah Jin trained desperately.

It can be said that he doesn’t care about his own body at all.

Just focus on improving your strength.

But it is also true that such reckless training has made Ah Jin’s strength improve very quickly.

Another point, Luo has been doubting in his heart!

Is it because he has the ability to perform surgery, and is at the top level in terms of treatment.

That’s why Ah Jin trained so unscrupulously and desperately to improve his strength.

I think he will help with treatment afterwards!

Of course this is not impossible! !

Don’t tell me if you see through, even if the truth is not the answer!

In fact, it doesn’t matter at all.

They are all a pirate group, and whose strength improves, then the strength of the entire team will also increase.

Luo himself can be regarded as a relatively transparent person.

A big laugh! came…

Bashas: “Weihahaha!”

“The captain is invincible.”

“There’s nothing to worry about and be afraid of.”

“Whoever came, was also beaten away by Captain Luo Chen.”

“What about Hawkeye Mihawk or Cap?”

“These powerful men at the top level of the sea, didn’t they come aggressively when they came, and ran away with their butts between their buttocks when they left.”

At this moment, Bashas directly and unceremoniously belittled Hawkeye Mihawk and Karp who were defeated by Luo Chen.

Although Bashas himself is not as strong as them.

It doesn’t mean that Bashas will be merciful when he speaks, because Captain Luo Chen is standing behind him!

Poison Q shook his body sickly while drinking and said:

“Bashas, ​​you should say these words the next time you meet Hawkeye Mihawk or Karp!”

“I’m all for speaking out in front of them.”

Poison Q is speaking normal words on the surface, but the meaning behind the words is obvious…

It’s time to borrow someone else’s hand and teach Bashas a good lesson.


However, the Luochen Pirates sailed peacefully on the sea.

But the whole world has caused a huge shock.

After Garp led Momotu back to Marine Vandor, the headquarters of the navy, he was immediately called to a meeting by Sengoku.

no way!

Karp himself is not in a hurry, but the Warring States side is already in a hurry.

Only Garp himself was the one who fought Luo Chen himself, and knew the actual situation best! Even if they just watched the battle…

Certainly not as clear as Karp!

Luo Chen must be analyzed as quickly as possible now!

If you don’t analyze it clearly, no matter who is on the navy’s side, you will be restless.

As far as people at the top level of combat power are concerned, it is estimated that only the toughest red dog will directly choose toughness!

Of course, the Warring States Period will not let Akainu mess around.

Garp and Momotu walked into the meeting room together.

open the door.


Garp: “Hahaha! Everyone is here!”

“Why are you so nervous?”

“Let’s relax and have a cup of tea together! Haha!”

Many of the naval generals present showed helpless expressions!

Lieutenant General Flying Squirrel: “You really deserve to be Lieutenant General Garp!”

“No matter how severe the situation is, remain calm and calm!”

“This is something we should learn from.”

Lieutenant General Flying Squirrel’s words made many lieutenant generals present nod repeatedly.

Before, they felt a little depressed. After all, Dahai suddenly jumped out of a super rookie with such terrifying potential and combat power.

It would be a lie to say that it is not suppressed, because their navy is going to face pirates.

Now because of Karp, everyone has relaxed a little bit.

Seeing his younger sister Taotu returning safely, Crane was relieved.

Taotu also responded to Sister He with a reassuring smile.

No matter how! The sisterhood between Taotu and He is firm and solid.


Warring States didn’t talk nonsense, and said directly: “Garp, tell me about Luo Chen’s ability and strength!”

“We must analyze Luo Chen’s situation clearly.”

“Prevention against the Luochen Pirates in the future, so that we can better target and deal with it!”

Garp picked his nostrils, looking indifferent!

Seeing that Sengoku gritted his teeth, he wished he could beat Garp up.

It’s so out of tune, it’s just a complete old urchin.

But helplessness is helplessness, important things have to be settled.

Cap didn’t really make Sengoku very anxious.

Akainu sat aside, tapping his fingers constantly, and it could be seen that he was very impatient.

On the other hand, Qingzhi and Huangyuan pretended to sleep with their eyes squinted.

A manicure, drinking coffee, very leisurely.

After Garp sat down, he said calmly, “Boy Luo Chen!”

“This little devil is very strong, very strong.”

“To be honest, the old man can’t beat him.”

“Haha! It seems that the old man is really old!”

“I can’t even hit a little devil’s head.”

Although Karp has always been known as the strongest in the navy within the navy.

But Karp himself knew that he could not continue to be strong, and one day he would be surpassed.

Sure enough, although it was not surpassed by the juniors of the navy, it was surpassed by a new pirate.

But Garp is very open-minded!

When the people present heard this, their expressions were not very good. Garp has always believed in the hearts of the navy!

Now that belief has collapsed.

It is really hard for people to accept the reality now!

Their navy is upholding the justice of the world!

Now even faith is no match for pirates.

This makes people all over the world, how do you think of the navy?

It is estimated that many people are disappointed with the navy now, right? ?

When Karp saw more than half of the people, he became depressed and frowned?


Karp: “Where are you negative and what are you doing!”

“The old man is not negative at all, so you are negative?”

“Anyway, you are also the lieutenant generals of the Navy Headquarters!”

“The important backbone of the navy, if you are all passive, how can you protect people all over the world?”

“If the people below see this, the cohesion of the navy will soon dissipate.”

Garp’s words instantly awakened many people, and they immediately reacted.

What Lieutenant General Garp said is not wrong at all, if they are all negative.

The soldiers below will definitely be influenced by them.

At that time, the combat effectiveness of the entire Navy Headquarters has declined.

Let alone defending justice.

Maybe even the pirates can’t be suppressed.

“Lieutenant General Garp said so.”

“It’s really our fault and shouldn’t be negative.”

“This affects not only us, but also the countless sailors below!”

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