People Are Sailing: Domineering on the Top Declares the Whole World

Chapter 8

Anyone who understands understands.

Poison Q glanced at Bashas, ​​full of evil…

Threatening: “You can try it.”

Poison Q itself is also a murderous person.

Although he joined this Luo Chen pirate group, Captain Luo Chen’s strength made him unable to see through it at all.

But because of this, he would not allow others to provoke him.


“I’m afraid that I will kill you with one punch.”

Bashas was still brooding over the loss to Lafitte before.

Now that a newcomer has come, he must give him a serious blow.

Otherwise, no one would know the strength of his master Bashas.


Saori and Baccarat stood together.

The two were chatting on the second deck of the ship.

Baccarat: “On our ship, the people who joined, I feel that none of them are good people.”

Bakara felt that if there was no captain Luo Chen pressing down.

This group of people may fight at any time, or do other dangerous things, it is not impossible.

“Don’t worry! They don’t dare to mess around.” Saori said confidently.

Because of Luo Chen’s character, this group of lawless guys are not allowed to mess around.

Kapenbeki: “Captain Luo Chen, let’s go around the world”

“Aren’t you going to enter the great route?”

Kapenbeki knew that a person as powerful as Luo Chen was bound to enter the great route.

Here in Four Seas, there is no place for someone as powerful and ambitious as Luo Chen.

Only the great route called the Dead Sea is the place to fight for hegemony.

Lafitte kept smiling from beginning to end, giving people an eerie feeling.

Luo Chen responded blankly: “Yeah!”

“If you want to compete for hegemony in the sea area over there, without a strong team, it won’t work!”

“Now in the second half of the great route, the competition is quite fierce.”

“However, the Whitebeard Pirates, the Beasts Pirates, and the BIGMOM Pirates, the three big pirates are firmly on the throne.”

“Including the red-haired Shanks who became the new Four Emperors in recent years.”

“Then you think, relying on me alone, there is still your level of strength!”

“Can you compete for hegemony in the sea over there?”

“Become the new emperor, and then rule the entire new world.”

“Based on the new world, aiming at the world government.”

Luo Chen told Lafitte and Capembecki about the next strategic goals.

The strength of Bashas and Poison Q is simply not enough.

It is also to enable them to prepare psychologically as soon as possible.


As Lafitte and Capembecki, who both planned to go to sea in the past, of course they have heard of these pirate groups.

I already thought that Luo Chen’s ambitions were great.

Only now do I know that Captain Luo Chen wants to compete with those emperors for hegemony.

Lafitte, Cappenbecky, Lafitte and others were also inspired by Luo Chen to prepare for a big fight.

Lafitte: “Captain Luo Chen, what you said is true, according to what you said!”

“As far as we are alone and weak, we can’t compete in the waters over there.”

Kapenbeki: “Captain Luo Chen, let’s go! I can’t wait.”


The current pirate ship, Kapenbeki.

It is already very good to be able to build such a ship that can accommodate thousands of people in a short period of time.

However, Luo Chen has already made a plan. When he goes to the capital of seven waters, he will use the precious tree Adam to make a boat.

Pirate ships also need to use the best materials.

Luo Chen and his party left the arena.

Originally, the guards here were going up to stop them.

But looking at this pedestrian, they were not simple characters, so he immediately gave up this idea.

After all, it didn’t bring much loss to the arena, only two guards died.

If you offend a group of terrifying people because of this incident, the loss outweighs the gain.

Thinking about it, luckily I didn’t do anything, this leading pirate.

The performance just now made them remember being very shocked.

As a member of the world government, there must be the eyes of cp and the navy here.

Luo Chen and his party have been exposed.

But Luo Chen didn’t care, he had already sensed this matter before.


This incident quickly spread to the Marine Headquarters of the Navy and the World Government.

After all, as long as it is a person with certain strength.

The Navy Headquarters and the world government will always pay attention.

Of course, Luo Chen didn’t care about the problem that would be exposed.

Luo Chen was not afraid of even the general of the navy headquarters.

【011】Luo Chen attracted the attention of the Navy Headquarters


The first half of the Great Route is Marine Fodo, the Navy Headquarters.

A pirate group with powerful potential suddenly appeared on the sea

Their navy needs to pay more attention.

Buddha Warring States Office.

Warring States looked very bad and hung up the phone.

From the report just now, Sengoku knew it was the group of pirates from before.

The current situation is quite turbulent, and the organization of Qiwuhai under the king has not had any effect.

Recently, various major events have been happening continuously in the New World.

These have given the Warring States a headache.

Now there is a newcomer pirate, and this newcomer pirate is not an ordinary person.

From the information I have learned so far, I already know that the other party has a domineering aura.

This alone must be redoubled attention.

Let the navy soldiers on duty come over.

“Go and inform the Heda staff to come over.”

“Yes, Marshal.” The navy soldier hurried to inform Vice Admiral He.

After Lieutenant General He came over, he sat next to Zhan Guo and asked, “Is there anything important about Zhan Guo?”

“Specially inform me to come over??”

Lieutenant General He rested his chin with both hands, knowing that there must be something important in the Warring States Period.

That’s why he asked her to come over in such a hurry.

Otherwise, under normal circumstances, there is basically no way for him to come over suddenly.

Warring States said: “A rookie pirate with great potential has appeared.”

“The captain, Luo Chen, possesses the aura of a king.”

“At the same time, his own strength should not be underestimated. It is estimated that he is already at the level of a quasi-general after all. It is possible.”

Warring States told Luo Chen the greatest possibility.

After all, there is no such thing as a domineering person in the sea.

The Navy has to pay more attention.

Once these people are fully grown, they will be the overlords of the sea in the future.

And what their navy has to do is not let them grow up.

Or secretly join their navy.

Either it must be eliminated!

There are no other options.

Crane nodded, probably already learned the basic situation from Warring States.

So Crane said: “The first point is the current location of Qiwuhai under the king.”

“We can try to win over.”

“Second point, looking at this Luo Chen’s operation, the pirate group may be taking the elite route.”

“It’s the same as the red-haired pirates in the new world.”

“The third point, we have to send two lieutenant generals to intercept each other on the great route.”

“It would be best if the other party could join the King’s Qiwuhai.”

“If you don’t join, then kill directly.”

Lieutenant General He told Warring States what he thought of in a short period of time.

Lieutenant General He, as the chief of staff of the Navy headquarters, can think of more comprehensive.


Warring States heard Lieutenant General He’s suggestion and knew that their decisions were similar.

Warring States: “Little Crane, you are right, when the time comes, we will distribute according to what you said.”

“Then let’s place a bounty on these four people!”

“Luo Chen, the captain of the Luo Chen Pirates, 100 million Baileys.”

“Lafitte of Luo Chen Pirates, 20 million Baileys.”

“Cappon Becky of the Luo Chen Pirates, 20 million Baileys.”

“Bashas of Luochen Pirates, 20 million Baileys.”

The Warring States Period originally wanted to position Luo Chen as someone between 60 and 80 million Baileys, but now is a very special period.

A bounty of 100 million Berries will be offered directly.

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