People Are Sailing: Domineering on the Top Declares the Whole World

Chapter 79

It starts to change form, and the armed domineering color is like an invisible armor form.

The breath of the beast became more violent, and the wind blew up! !

But Luo Chen still didn’t move at all. In fact, just now when Garp said he would use his full strength.

Luo Tian already knew what form Garp was going to use.

That kind of power is nothing more than bursting out the domineering power beyond the limit!

But that kind of consumption, as long as the opponent is not defeated, the consequences can be imagined!

This form is to greatly improve the offense and defense.

But only to this extent!

Luo Chen didn’t pay attention at all.

There is another disadvantage, this is a trick that consumes vitality.

Luo Chen’s eyes were full of indifference! ! Everything in Luotian is like floating clouds.

After Garp’s form change was completed, he looked at Luo Tian angrily.

“Little devil!…”

“The old man wants to see, what is the power that makes you so calm???”

Although Kaido was angry, he never dared to be careless, because Luo Tian’s strength was unfathomable!

Luo Chen slowly lowered his arms around Xiongbu.

He said calmly: “Is this your strongest form? Karp.”

“It doesn’t look like anything!!”

“Then let you see that.”

As Luo Tian said, he turned his body sideways…

The aura on his body has also improved, how much Garp has improved.

Luo Chen raised his strength to a level even higher than Karp’s!

Garp also noticed that Luo Chen’s aura had increased.

The eyes are getting heavier……

Both hands clenched into fists, the strong wind blows and sways from side to side…

Use the strongest trick “Super Iron Fist, Broken Star!”

He threw it at Luo Chen!

Luo Chen was not using a weapon this time.

I told Garp to watch something before, so of course I have to…

Luo Chen pulled back with his left hand, and the energy light **** of the twisted fruit gathered together.

Garp’s pupils shrank, knowing that this was the power of the Devil Fruit ability.

I am also more vigilant in my heart, the destructive power of space-type devil fruits is not a joke.

Everyone in the Luochen Pirates in the distance shouted excitedly! !

“Captain Luo Chen, it’s time to use the power of the devil fruit.”

“Now, that Garp is dead.”

“Even the hero Garp will be eclipsed in front of the captain.”

“Let that Garp know how powerful our Captain Luo Chen is!”

“Our Captain Luo Chen is the strongest, the strongest in the world.”


Luo Chen’s eyes were cold and piercing, and the twisted energy ball exuded destructive power.

Garp swung his super iron fist vigorously, “Lie down! Luo Chen brat.”

“Try the old man, the most powerful super iron fist.”

With the breath of a beast rushing away…

“Heh!” Luo Chen also waved his fist out! !


The two forces finally collided together!

The deafening sound spread throughout the sea area! …

Both of them used their prehistoric powers!

“Luo Chen brat!”


Lightning, thunder, and wind and rain! The entire sea area is causing ripples.

The strong can understand that this is different from before.

Before it was a domineering collision of domineering colors.

And now it’s a real showdown of power.

A strange scene forms over the island! !

A stream of white and a stream of red collided with each other left and right, refusing to give way.

Continue to stalemate.

The combat effectiveness of the two is also constantly improving.

Stalemate for a while!

When a certain tipping point is reached…

Luo Tian’s twisted energy punch finally surpassed Garp’s full-strength burst.

In an instant, mountains and seas overwhelmed.

The whole fist hit Garp’s chest.

Garp finally couldn’t help but spit out a mouthful of blood.

The air twists and shatters…

Terrible twisted eruption.

One after another twisted cracks swept across Garp’s body.

The opponent didn’t even have time to defend, and was punched to the ground.

As the power raged, the ground burst into pieces.


Garp was hit hard, his strong body trembled, blood sprayed out of his mouth, and then he let out a scream.

“Heh!” Luo Tian roared angrily.

Distorted attack power suddenly increased.

The violent power continuously penetrated Garp’s body, twisted and penetrated Garp’s body, and spread out directly.

A twisted crack with a length of more than 100 meters appeared instantly.

Some rocky mountains on the entire island couldn’t bear it at all and collapsed directly.

The strong wind blows, and the ships in the distance are not docked stably.

Karp felt that his bones were about to be distorted and broken, and he spat out several mouthfuls of blood in succession.

The entire face was distorted, which was caused by the intense pain.

He fell heavily to the ground.

After being hit hard, he wanted to struggle to stand up.

But it can’t be done for a while!

Punch! …

After Luo Chen broke out seriously, he only used one punch!

Just beat Garp to the ground!



Luo Chen looked at Karp as if looking down, no matter what expression on the other person’s face, he said directly

“The move just now was basically my best effort.”

“Unexpectedly, it just made you vomit blood!”


Cap resisted the pain in his body, wanted to stand up, and gasped hard.

“Damn it, Luo Chen brat.” Garp’s eyes were red, or he was in severe pain all over his body now.

They must continue to get up and continue to kill Luo Chen.

He suffered the damage of Luo Chen’s blow to the twisted fruit head-on, the kind of power that wanted to twist everything into pieces.

Even when Garp’s body is getting tougher than the monster, there are times when he can’t hold it.

I couldn’t help spitting out another mouthful of blood, and now there was blood all over the corners of my nose, mouth, and forehead.


“Don’t underestimate the old man, Luo Chen brat, who do you think I am!”

Garp roared continuously, no matter whether his body hurts or not, he wanted to kill Luo Chen now.

Garp stood up again.

Luo Chen was a little surprised, that was his punch with all his strength just now!

He recovered and stood up so quickly.

The physique is really not ordinary and terrible! !

Because of anger, Garp’s whole person changed…

There was hot air in his mouth.

Luo Chen clenched his fists, and the energy of the twisted fruit gathered together again! !

But Luo Chen suddenly stopped attacking.

Because Garp gave up on this attack in the premonition of the future.

In reality, Garp also put away his attack afterward.

Said: “Next time we will fight again, this time forget it.” “

Luo Chen didn’t respond but just smiled.


“Boy Luo Chen, a military ship is coming from afar.”

“There is no need for this battle to continue.”

At this time, Cap reminded.

And Luo Chen had already noticed the domineering look before! .

“Looks like she’s a heroine in our navy! Boy Luo Chen.”

Karp said.

“See, what’s the problem? Garp.”

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