People Are Sailing: Domineering on the Top Declares the Whole World

Chapter 75

Ace smiled: “Haha! Don’t worry, Marco!”

“I won’t give up easily.”

“The stronger Luo Chen is, the better, so that I will be more motivated.”

Although Ace felt great pressure, this pressure was his motivation.

There must be an unyielding spirit.

“That’s right!”

“That’s right!”

“How could our Ace be worse than that Luo Chen?”

“This is impossible!”

“In the future, Luo Chen will definitely be able to stand up to Luo Chen.”

“It’s Ace, but the captain of the second division of our Whitebeard Pirates!”

The other team captains are full of confidence in Ace.

Because Ace is also young, he has quite powerful strength.

Future growth is also unlimited.

As long as Ace grows up, he will be no worse than Luo Chen.

This is what they agreed on.


White Beard laughed loudly: “Hula-la-la~”

“Ace, feel the pressure! My son.”

“Train hard!”

“I understand, Dad, I won’t let you down.” Ace replied firmly.

It’s rare for White Beard to mention that Ace needs to work hard and train well, usually.

No matter who the white beard is to, he seldom says these words!

Because of him, no one dared to touch the Whitebeard Pirates easily.

Now even Whitebeard himself feels the pressure, let alone his sons? ?

One thing that has to be admitted is that he is indeed old.

He no longer has the strength of the super peak period, even if the combat power has not dropped much.

But physical function has begun to decline.

I saw Karp, an old guy, still alive and well.

This is what Whitebeard didn’t expect.

So Whitebeard also has to consider quickly training Ace.

After all, his body has been able to persist for several years without any problems.

As long as he is still there, no one dares to touch the Whitebeard Pirates.

And during this time, Ace will be able to grow well.

As long as Ace grows up, he will take over the Whitebeard Pirates.

It can also better lead the Whitebeard Pirates to continue sailing in the sea.

But these white beards can’t say anything, if they say it, his sons will definitely be worried.

White Beard couldn’t be more clear about this.

But Luo Chen’s talent was indeed frighteningly exaggerated.

Now Luo Chen’s strength is almost the same as his in the eyes of Baibeard.

If he is still at the peak, if he keeps fighting for a long time, he may be able to defeat this brat.

But it’s hard to tell now.

This is where Whitebeard gets stressed, but he is Whitebeard.

There is nothing to be afraid of.

If this kid comes to the new world and dares to challenge him.

White Beard didn’t suggest to teach the kid a rare lesson, let him understand what the older generation is.

Generation after generation, times are constantly changing!

Those people they fought for hegemony back then, how many people are left now?

How many are still alive.


The audience on the Chambord Islands were so shocked that they didn’t know how to express it.

Strong…too strong…strong beyond imagination.

These people have seen this kind of battle scene there.

This real battle has broadened their horizons.

Including the pirates who came here, wanting to break out a world in the new world.

Powerhouses of the level like Luo Chen and the hero Karp.

Must understand, only know their strength.

Only by comparing yourself can you know where the shortcomings are.

This sea is the world of the strong, and the weak will only be eliminated!

On a certain island in the four seas, the future supernova Bonnie is hiding behind a bush to watch the battle.

It was impossible for Bonnie to stop eating snacks and food in her mouth.

While eating, he said, “Damn it, that Luo Chen is really strong.”

“Facing Garp, the hero with the highest combat power in the navy, he can fight until he is evenly matched.”

“You’re only about the same age as me? That’s how strong you are.”

“It was really shocking.”

“But my wife won’t give up easily.”

Even if the two people in the battle are so strong that they are desperate, Bonnie will not admit defeat.

The screen returns to the battlefield.

Luo Chen looked at Karp sharply and said, “Karp, please please me as much as you want!”

“Let me see your strongest posture, Garp!!”

“Don’t let me down!!”

“Little Luo Chen, do you look down on the old man???”

Garp is very angry now, Luo Chen actually said that he can’t do it.

This is undoubtedly a humiliation for his navy, which stands at the pinnacle of the world.

Garp didn’t talk any nonsense, just a terrifying aura.

Released with him as the center, a force of courage is like a prehistoric flood.

It exploded, rolling mountains and seas towards Luo Chen, and the space instantly turned red.

Among them, there are countless thunder and lightning torn apart, and the violent wind rushed out.

In the sky, in an instant, the clouds gathered.

Garp hadn’t used the domineering color for a long time, and a large number of naval soldiers and the younger brothers of the Luochen Pirates fell to the ground.

Even those who didn’t fall down were all crawling on the ground with difficulty.

Feeling the blood in the body tossing the river and the sea, it was extremely painful.

This force naturally rushed towards Luo Tian.

This is Luo Chen coming from this world, once again appreciating the domineering aura of others, and it is extremely terrifying.

These figures standing at the pinnacle of the sea are very domineering and domineering.

“As expected of Dragon’s father, Luffy’s grandfather! This domineering look is really powerful!”

Luo Chen felt in detail the domineering arrogance Garp constantly exuded.

“It’s time to try the highest state of overlord’s color and domineering, the overlord’s territory!”

Luo Chen hasn’t used Tyrant’s Territory yet, so he doesn’t know how terrifying this kind of power is?

1440485057 (Remarks into the group)


There was an explosion, deafening.

With Luo Chen as the center, he also released a domineering look.

The ground collapsed on the spot.

There are only a small number of people in the whole world who can bear this level of domineering arrogance.

“Luo Chen brat, yes!”

Garp was surprised, he didn’t expect Luo Chen’s domineering look to be so terrifying to this extent!

However, how would he know that Luo Chen had only just begun!

Although Luo Chen had used the domineering look before, Luo Chen had never exploded with all his strength.


The two domineering aura collided, and at this time, the two domineering domains of the domineering color collided again.

At the place of collision, lightning flickered, as if countless cracks appeared in the space.

In the sky, the clouds are directly divided into two sides, as if the sky is cut off!

Overlord’s Territory, it hasn’t started yet!

The two overlord-colored domineering domains are now fiercely clashing and colliding.

Both fields have a radius of about 100 meters, so they are extremely huge.

And where the two realms collide, thunder and lightning intersect, like a tear in space.

And within the two realms, the ground crumbled, and the gravel was smashed to pieces by the lightning within.

Above the sky, the thick cloud layer was directly divided into two sides, and the crack in it was like a chasm, constantly surging with thunder.

This is, the domineering confrontation of domineering colors!

Moreover, when the domineering looks of the top powerhouses confront each other!

On the other hand, Garp was also surprised by Luo Chen’s dominance.

After all, at Luo Chen’s age, it doesn’t matter if he is strong, and he has a domineering look and arrogance that cannot be improved through practice.

I didn’t expect how Luo Chen could do it, and it was so powerful.

It’s incredible.

But what Karp didn’t expect was that the domineering look that Luo Chen used now was not his limit.

But Karp’s level here is almost the limit! ! …

At this time, Robin and the girls on the Luo Chen Pirates’ ship could only hide and watch from a distance.

Feeling Luo Chen’s terrifying aura, she felt herself now.

How safe it is, but at the same time, how small it is.

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