People Are Sailing: Domineering on the Top Declares the Whole World

Chapter 71

Also watched in real time, the shocking duel between Garp and Luo Chen! !

Aunt happily eating cake and drinking tea! !

Youyou smiled and said, “Well, well~”

“That old fellow Garp is fighting against Luo Chen’s brat.”

“But it looks like that guy Garp can’t pose a threat to Luo Chen kid!”

“What a powerful brat!”

“The strength makes my mother very satisfied, if he knows how to do it!!”

“Well, well~”

“Then marry me well!!”

In fact, when the aunt said this at this time, she was also shocked by Luo Chen’s strength.

With such a strong strength, the aunt herself felt that it would be difficult to take down Luo Chen.

And with Garp, can you still look relaxed? ? ?

But doesn’t this mean that her aunt is afraid? ? ?

Then use another method? !

The marriage binds the Luo Chen Pirates led by Luo Chen to the BIGMOM Pirates.

When my mother said this…

Daughters out there! ! Everyone was shocked! !

It also changed from the shocking eyes of the battle just now to the start of examining Luo Chen’s appearance! !

Really more and more satisfied! !

After all, as one of the great forces in the sea and a pirate, of course he worships the strong! !

Or Luo Chen, such a young and promising super strong…

Whoever gets it will really make a lot of money.

But as the aunt’s sons, even if they didn’t guess this kind of result.

And it won’t be too much of a shock when you know! !

After all, this is their mother’s style!

I have become accustomed to it.

But Katakuri thinks on a deeper level.

Just the fighting power that Luo Chen showed now! !

Possibly subservient to Mama?

It is estimated that even half a step may not be possible at all.

This is the arrogance of the strong.

At the same time, Katakuri believes that he is not the only one who has discovered a problem! !

Others can be found as long as the eyes are sensitive and sharp.

That was the battle between Luo Chen and Karp, as if it was a normal state of mind against the enemy.

Katakuri changed his position and thought about it, only to realize how terrifying this Luo Chen was.

It is completely an opponent who regards Garp as a practice.

To be able to fight with this mentality, at least one level of strength must be surpassed! !

wrong! ! It must be at least half a level stronger to show this state.

Unbelievable, unbelievable! ! This is a guy about 20 years younger.

Already standing on the top of the whole world.


The Red Hair Pirates.

Red-haired Shanks said with certainty: “There is nothing wrong with it.”

“Luo Chen’s strength is already at the pinnacle of the sea.”

“I don’t know how this kid did it.”

“In this world, there are not many people who can reach this level!”

“I don’t know whether this Luo Chen’s ambition is good or bad for the world!!”

Shanks had a guess that Luo Chen’s combat power might already belong to…

The strength of Captain Roger and Whitebeard when they were at their peak.

That is to say, it belongs to the kind of situation where you can surpass the general emperor level by half a step, and you can completely do one-on-one!

The super strength to kill any admiral and the Four Emperors himself.

Of course, it can’t be done to any general and four emperors. Those who are senior generals and emperors are not so easy to kill.

And this Luo Chen is even more terrifying, mainly because he is too young, and there is still room for growth in the future.

It may have surpassed the strongest period of Captain Roger and Whitebeard.

Even if it is half a step beyond the general emperor level, there is still a slight gap! !

Such a strong man can easily have a profound impact on the world! !

Luo Chen is still so young, will he truly surpass the rank of general in the future? ? ?

Just by imagining, Shanks even felt deeply worried! !

Beckman saw Shanks’ worry! !

Said: “Shanks, don’t worry so much.”

“If you want to surpass that level, this is something that no one has been able to achieve in hundreds of years of history.”

Beckman also has his own set of unique insights! !

So quickly analyze the cause and effect! !

“Hahaha! Don’t worry! Beckman.” The red-haired Shanks responded with a smile.

It is really difficult to go beyond that level! !

If it can be surpassed, then his captain Roger the Pirate.

It was already surpassed.

You won’t be stuck at the peak level for so long! !

The same is true for White Beard, who will not be left with a disease in his old age! !

That level is a watershed! !

The red-haired Shanks continued: “Then let’s rest easy and watch the battle between Garp and Luo Chen!”

“What the boss said was such a wonderful battle.” Lagilu said while eating a piece of ham! !

The rest of the Red Hair Pirates are also watching the battle with full attention! …

This kind of top-level collision is also a difficult scene! !

Details can be missed there.


Luo Tian and Beast Kaido, in the most primitive way, the ultimate collision of power against power! !

Thunder rumbled across the sky…

Luo Chen and Garp fell to the ground almost at the same time.

The moment their feet were lifted from the ground, the two rushed forward at the same time, and at the same time their blades and fists collided fiercely.

Because the overlord colors intertwined and collided, the entire space began to vibrate, and slight electric arcs flashed faintly.

“You boy! Your strength is good! The old man recognizes you!?”

Garp roared as he charged.

Only Lockes back then, Whitebeard, Roger, and Golden Lion could give him this kind of pressure.

Now that there is another Luo Chen, Luo Chen’s memory is not bad.

“There are many things you don’t know!”

Luo Chen sneered.

Actively blinked and retreated from a distance of more than ten meters, and pressed his palms to the ground.

“Boy, do you think you can really defeat this old man?”

Garp’s expression changed slightly, and the next second he grinned grimly and showed his white teeth.

Clenching your right arm and spinning it wildly like a helicopter propeller.

“Who do you think this old man is!??”

In the next moment, Karp took the initiative to rush into the **** mouth of the beast.

Luo Chen narrowed his eyes and became serious.

When the big sharp knife Frost held tightly in both hands.

“One word cut!!”

The sword energy bursting out with a full blow vowed to split the space.

Luo Chen’s swordsmanship and overlord’s color are intertwined, and the combined combat power is combined.

It’s also beyond imagination…

The impact of sword energy and fist energy caused the beaches of the islands in the entire sea area to begin to collapse.


The Luochen Pirates and others retreated quickly, raising their hands together to resist the storm brought by the aftermath of the impact.

If you are not careful, you will be involved.

“Isn’t this too exaggerated!?”

“This is the top power of the new world…”

“The island will sink! What a terrifying combat power!?”

Facing this battle, which was undoubtedly an island-destroying battle, even Enilo and Saori couldn’t intervene.

Lafitte: “We’ll just watch quietly.”

“Collisions at the top level are all normal.”

“However, I think Captain Luo Chen still has room for it, and he hasn’t fully exploded his combat power.”

“But it should be to accompany this Garp, warm up and fight first!!”

“Haha! Lafitte, if Garp hears your words, he will remember you!” Crowe laughed and teased at this moment.

Lafitte was not afraid of anything, and responded forcefully: “Then just let Karp come.”

Enilu also almost analyzed Garp’s combat power, sighed and said: “I am far from being an opponent.”

“The gap is huge, even if there is a real confrontation, unless I can always resist the huge strength of that old man.”

“Otherwise you will lose quickly.”

Even Enilo has great confidence in his fighting power.

Saori said slowly: “If Luo Chen goes all out, Karp may lose quickly in the end!”

Why did the others show expressions of why? ? ?

You have to know why Saori suddenly said that, quick defeat and defeat are two different meanings……

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