People Are Sailing: Domineering on the Top Declares the Whole World

Chapter 7

Two gunshots directly caused a riot in the arena.

After all, if someone dared to challenge the arena, they would basically not survive the second day.

Otherwise, the largest arena in the South China Sea would not be able to survive here.

Of course today must be a special case! !

After all, it was Luo Chen who took the lead in breaking into the arena.


The people here are all contestants.

Looking at the three strangers?

Generally speaking, if you want to participate in the competition, you have already come to report.

Rather than the end of the game now, come here.

The three of Luo Chen walked directly in the direction of Bashas.

Bashas also found out that these three people had come to look for him.

So he looked up at the three of them, his eyes full of provocation.

Those who dare to challenge him, no matter how many come, will not refuse.

[009] Bashas joined


Bashas: “Are you here to challenge me?”

Bashas looked back and forth at the three of them, and then at Luo Chen who was leading the way.

Luo Chen: “I’m here to invite you to join my pirate group.”

“You won, take it easy.”

“If you lose, join in.”

Basha suddenly became interested. He likes fighting the most, so how could he refuse Luo Chen’s request.

“Boy, fight against me, I, Bashas, ​​will not be polite.”

“Let me down, Weihahahaha…”

As soon as the words fell, the person was like an arrow leaving the string, heading directly towards Luo Chen.

He clenched his fist the size of a sandbag, with a crazy look on his face.


It seemed that Bashas was rushing towards him, Lafitte stood up and said: “Captain Luo Chen, leave it to me!”

Luo Chen glanced at Lafitte, and since Lafitte was going to play, Luo Chen simply handed it over to Lafitte.

Bashas looked at one of the three people who were going to fight in front of him? ?

Laughing: “Weihahaha!”

“Lie down for me!”

Lafitte turned the scepter in his hand and drew out the staff knife.

Sweep to Bashas.

Originally, Bashas didn’t care about this fair-skinned clown villain at all.

But as soon as Lafitte made a move, Bashas felt that Lafitte was not easy.


The battle starts instantly!

Bashas: “Weihahaha!”

“You guys are fast!”

Bashas continued to attack continuously, and Lafitte could dodge accurately every time.

“You’re not bad either!”

“Unfortunately, you are not my opponent?” Lafitte went through several rounds with Bashas.

The specific combat effectiveness of Bashas has been almost calculated.

But as far as Bashas’s combat effectiveness is concerned, he is not his opponent at all.

Bashas frowned upon hearing this.

The fist waved with increasing intensity.

The entire arena saw that the ever-victorious Bashas had met his opponent.

Ever since Bashas fought, he has never seen Bashas fight so hard.

Cappenbecky took a puff of cigarette and said slowly: “Captain Luo Chen, it seems that our new crew members are pretty good!”

Judging from the battle, Kapenbeki himself does not have much confidence in defeating Bashas.

In addition, Lafitte’s strength also gave Cappenbecky a big surprise.

Capembecki then asked: “Who will win in the end, Lafayette or the big man?”

After all, judging from the current battle, Bashas has the upper hand on the surface, and Lafitte has always been a passive defense.

Kapenbeki wasn’t too sure, so he asked.

“Not Lafitte’s opponent.” Luo Chen responded flatly.

Kapenbeiji stared, and had some guesses.

Now that he heard Captain Luo Chen’s affirmation, he knew that Lafitte was a master of hiding.

It is also stronger than him in terms of strength.


As the fighting time goes on.

Bashas also began to feel that he himself was no match for Lafitte.

I wanted to teach these three people some lessons.

It’s a pity that he didn’t expect that he didn’t have the confidence to win even one person came out.

Not to mention the leader.

That man gave Bashas the feeling that there was no bottom to it.

It seems that today is really kicking the iron plate.

Suddenly Lafitte spread his wings behind his back.

Bashas: “Devil fruit ability user??”

“Damn guy, I didn’t expect you to hide so deeply.”

Other people watching in the arena also showed shocked eyes.

Because among the four seas, devil fruit ability users are extremely rare.

Can you not be shocked to see a devil fruit ability user now?

When Lafitte used the devil fruit ability.

Bashas became even more passive.

Even if he is extremely powerful, as long as he can’t hit Lafitte.

Actually it doesn’t work at all.

Just when Bashas hit Lafitte’s face with his fist.

Lafitte dodged it with a dodge, and then counterattacked.

Stick knife, the light of the knife flashed.

A **** of several tens of centimeters was opened in Bashas’ chest.

Blood spurted out.


“Oh my God!”

“Unexpectedly, Bashas, ​​who has been victorious in our arena, was defeated head-on.”

“That’s right! It’s really incredible.”

“Even if this person is so powerful, I don’t know how powerful the other party’s leader is?”


“Don’t be heard by the other party.”

“If the other party targets us, it will be a disaster.”

All the people watching were discussing.

After Bashas was cut by Lafitte, he knelt on one knee and panted heavily.

Unconvinced, he said: “I never imagined that I would be defeated by your face.”

Although he wanted to continue the fight, Bashas already knew that he had lost.

What’s more, there are more powerful people on the other side who haven’t played yet.

Lafitte grabbed the hat with his left hand and stroked it and replied: “Now you are defeated.”

“According to the agreement just now, you will join our Luochen Pirates.”

“The one over there is the captain of our pirate group.”

“Let me warn you first, don’t have any bad thoughts.”

“Because of that, not only Captain Luo Chen will kill you.”

“I’ll kill you too.”

Lafitte solemnly issued a warning to Bashas.

The meaning is obvious, if you don’t join, you have to join.

Bashas stood up slowly: “It seems that I really have no choice!”


“But you are indeed strong enough.”

“If I’m not strong enough, I’m not qualified to ask Bashas, ​​the fighting champion, to join me.”

Although it was defeated just now.

But Bashas himself had his own arrogance.

Lafitte smiled and said, “Then welcome to join the Luo Chen Pirates.”

【010】Strategic objectives


The Luo Chen Pirates sailed in the South China Sea for eight days.

There’s an extra sick ship doctor on board! Poison Q.

“Hey, you bastard, listen up,” Bashas quipped to the new crew member.

“The rules on the ship, the strong are respected.”

“Now Lao Tzu is stronger than you, you should understand!”

Although Bashas didn’t understand what he said, he still meant it.

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