People Are Sailing: Domineering on the Top Declares the Whole World

Chapter 55

But from Zhan Guohe He’s point of view, it was Garp who planned to take the opportunity to be lazy and run to the East China Sea.

Sengoku interrupted: “Karp, you need to guard the Navy headquarters.”

“Don’t run around.”

“As for the Luochen Pirates, I will first ask the world government for advice.”

“This matter is a headache for the world government, so we don’t have to worry about it.”

Warring States intends to throw the blame on the World Government, because the Luo Chen Pirates cannot simply send out a general to deal with it.

At least two admirals of the Navy headquarters are needed to guarantee the bottom line, and several lieutenant generals are also required to deal with the cadres of the Luochen Pirates.

Warring States is known as a wise general, but the Navy Headquarters will not take too much risk.

This problem in the Luochen Pirates, if one can’t handle it well.

Maybe the final result is thankless.

And let the world government do it absolutely, even if there are unbearable consequences in the end.

That is also an order issued by the World Government! !

Their navy headquarters does not need to take too much risk.

If the Luochen Pirates are just ordinary pirates.

There is no need to be so troublesome at all! !

When the Luochen Pirates were in the East China Sea before, they dispatched the alternate general Momotu.

As a result, even the captain of the other party didn’t make a move himself.

Let that woman, Saori do it, and the result is that she is evenly matched with Momotu.

The bounty offered to Luo Chen was already extremely high.

Now defeat Hawkeye Mihawk again.

Their navy was caught off guard again.

I have to prepare to increase Luo Chen’s bounty again, as well as the bounty of the entire Luo Chen pirate group.

It can be said that the current threat of the Luochen Pirates is no less than that of the Four Emperor Pirates in the New World.

To say that it is worse than the Four Emperor Pirates in the New World is nothing more than the strength of the troops.

There are also those cadres who have not yet grown up.

The most important thing is that Luo Chen is too young.

Being young means there are infinite possibilities.

There are four Four Emperor Pirates in the New World, which is enough to cause headaches for the Navy Headquarters.

Now there is one more pirate who is about to become the Four Emperor Pirates.

No…it should be the Five Emperors by then.

At the same time, what Huang Yuan said just now is more or less reasonable.

That is to let the Luo Chen Pirates go to the New World to fight the current Four Emperors.

Let them consume each other’s strength.

And the navy just lost face!

But relatively speaking, the navy does not need to lose combat power and troops.


On the other hand, it’s the next day.

A violent storm began with a great route, and quickly swept across the four seas, and then to the new world!

In the already restless world, a shocking wave began to shake.

The world’s number one swordsman, Hawkeye Mihawk, fought another great swordsman in the sea area of ​​Gaya Island in the first half of the great route.

In the end Hawkeye was defeated.

And this great swordsman, the photos taken by some reporters have also started to hit the headlines of the news,

The mysterious great swordsman finally surfaced and let the whole world know.

It was an extremely handsome young man, and even a photo could make people feel the unique charm of him.

A photo also let the world know that this is Luo Chen, a super rookie who has been very popular recently.

A rookie pirate who just made his debut was able to defeat the world’s number one swordsman Hawkeye Mihawk.

A huge storm swept across the world. At this moment, the world was shocked!

Even the new world ruled by monsters immediately boiled.

Compared with killing King Shichibukai Crocodile, the impact of defeating Hawkeye Mihawk is even greater.

Hawkeye Mihawk has been the number one swordsman in the world for several years.

During this period of time, no one can shake the position of the number one great swordsman.

A man with eagle-like eyes, a man who makes people feel wary when they see it.

Now such a man was defeated by a newcomer who just debuted? ?

The Seat of the Strongest Sword Hero has been replaced.

At this moment, the whole world remembered Luo Chen.

This rookie who has just debuted has achieved great feats one after another! !

There has never been anyone in the sea who can rise as fast as Luo Chen.


People all over the world!

“Oh my god! The great swordsman Hawkeye Mihawk, known as the number one in the world, has been defeated?”

“Has Luo Chen become the new number one swordsman in the world now?”

“This Luo Chen is so young!”

“Is this about to emerge a new maritime overlord?”

“I don’t know what the future of the world is going to do!”

“Are the World Government and the Navy Headquarters dead?”

“Why can’t even pirates be suppressed?”

“A powerful pirate, constantly rising?”

“That is, because of the appearance of the Luo Chen Pirates, the number of pirates on the sea is increasing.”

“When will this be a head!”

“Is it really impossible to stop the era of great pirates?”

“What are we civilians going to do!”

“The navy is getting worse and worse.”

And speaking of the Navy, more and more disappointments are starting to appear, inhabitants of the world!

The Navy is there to keep them safe.

The result is that there are more and more pirates, and at the same time, the number of big pirates is increasing.

Just like the Luo Chen Pirates today.

Anyone with a little vision can see that he will definitely become the new emperor of the new world in the future.

A man who can defeat Hawkeye Mihawk with swordsmanship, no one will doubt that Luo Chen can’t become the new Pirate Emperor.

That is why! Only the people will be deeply worried from the bottom of their hearts.

If the pirate power continues to expand.

Life was already extremely difficult, and now the pressure has become even greater.

Always beware of pirate invasions.

Once the pirates invade, how will they resist?

Thinking of this, full of despair! !

Some people are desperate, so naturally some people look forward to it!


Those who have hope feel that the Navy Headquarters and the World Government are beginning to be unable to suppress the sea.

Then those ambitious people have a chance.

They are all careerists who are keen to take action when they smell the smell of blood.

In this era of heroes competing for hegemony, whoever has the strength and courage can get everything they want.

The atmosphere of the Bigmom Pirates in the New World is somewhat bad at this moment.

After all, most of them looked down on Luo Chen Pirates before.

Now Luo Chen directly defeated Hawkeye Mihawk head-on with swordsmanship.

In the entire Qiwuhai under the king, the person who can make Bigmom afraid is Hawkeye Mihawk.

The world’s number one swordsman is not a showman.

It’s a real super powerful combat power.

Quiet Belt, Nine Snakes Island.

She Ji was also watching the latest news, and in fact, this time it was the news about Hawkeye’s defeat.

This is already the biggest news since the red-haired king came to the new world a few years ago.

“Hawkeye, has become the world’s second great swordsman.”

“The mysterious boy Luo Chen has become the world’s number one swordsman!”

“This mysterious man… gave Aijia a very unique feeling. Why does Aijia have a feeling that he is about to meet him?”

“Men…are dirty creatures after all.”

“No one can resist the beauty of Aijia, after all, Aijia is so beautiful!”

She Ji flipped her hair naturally and extremely proudly, her movements were full of charm.

The subordinates who witnessed this scene were almost suffocated with excitement.

Indeed, Snake Princess is too beautiful.

It was still the first half of the great voyage, an island that even the world government had been looking for but couldn’t find.

The island of white soil, Baldigo, is also the anti-world government headquarters!

“The great swordsman who defeated Hawkeye, how strong is he?”

“Can you win over this great swordsman?”

Drago, staring at the newspaper in his hand.

“Such a great swordsman must be recruited! If you can join them, or support the cause.

That is undoubtedly a good thing for them. “

“Dorag, this man is so young!”

The second in command Sabo said.

“Yeah, she’s too young, and she’s also from all over the world, famous in the East China Sea!”

Drago couldn’t help feeling emotional, and he remembered that his son was not a few years younger than Luo Chen!


New World, Dressrosa, Royal Palace.

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