People Are Sailing: Domineering on the Top Declares the Whole World

Chapter 480

Akainu was very confident about his continuous attacks just now.

I believe that it is impossible for Whitebeard to persevere, although Akainu knew just now that Whitebeard was ill again.

But this is war, and at the same time it is a pirate, even if it is not a pirate as long as it is an enemy.

In Akainu’s view, they must kill each other by any means.

This is Akainu’s philosophy of absolute justice.

Originally, Whitebeard suffered so badly that he should have died a long time ago, but he was still able to persist!

It’s nothing more than relying on willpower to persevere!


Now after being attacked continuously by him, do you want to continue to persevere? Basically wishful thinking.

Chiquan turned back confidently and walked towards Luo Chen.

Although the enemy to be faced next is more powerful, Akainu will never back down.

As for Whitebeard, it’s over.

And these remnants of the Whitebeard Pirates? Akainu didn’t intend to chase him down either.

Because he is also very tired now, and at the same time his physical strength is also exhausted.

If he had chased and killed the remnants of the Whitebeard Pirates in the past, he would have lost all his stamina at the end of the battle.

But in Chiquan’s view, Luo Chen’s threat is the greatest.

Therefore, Red Dog directly gave up chasing and killing the Whitebeard Pirates, but chose to fight Luo Chen in the past.

Now in the Warring States Period, Kapu Qingzhi Huangyuan and others are the most seriously injured in the Warring States Period.

It can be said that it is also possible to lose life safety at any time.

So Chiquan walked towards Luo Chen without any hesitation.

At this moment, Whitebeard was still burning with magma.

At the same time, White Beard stood still, without any sign of moving!

As if it was dead.

And it is true that White Beard should be dead, but White Beard does not have real death in his mind at this time.

Whitebeard felt as if he was about to die, and his body was completely out of control.

Including the severe pain in the heart now, and the fact that the body is still being burned by magma.


It can be said that Whitebeard’s life is really counting down.

Not to mention whether other people feel it, including White Beard himself will feel dead.

On the other side, since Luo Chen came over, the golden lion has not participated in the battle for the time being.

Because Garp, who had been fighting with him, ran over to deal with Luo Chen.

So the golden lion was formed, and there was no opponent for the time being.

The navy soldiers, not really stupid, ran over to fight the golden lion.

Because that is completely an act of courting death, so no one is in charge of the golden lion at this moment.

He was very free in action, and the Golden Lion did not choose to fight Luo Chen in the past.

Because there is no interest in it at all.

The person Golden Lion hates the most is the navy, so what if Luo Chen provokes everyone?

It seemed too unwise to run over to fight Luo Chen.

So the Golden Lion temporarily chose to stop and watch the battle.

But now the golden lion is also frowning, seeing an incredible scene.

Golden Lion: “That guy with the white beard, what the **** is he doing?”

“Even if he is seriously ill, he shouldn’t be beaten to death by a navy magma kid?”

The Golden Lion was speechless, seeing White Beard standing still, being burned by the magma!

At this moment, the Golden Lion was really speechless. Why did the guy with the white beard become so old?

The guy with white beard was very strong even when he played against Roger back then.

The fighting power is astonishingly exaggerated!


Now it’s getting harder and harder to fight.

For a magma kid, 183 can’t even show the deterrent power of the king of the sea.

It’s really that.

Just look at Luo Chen now, he has shown such exaggerated fighting power at a young age.

This is what a pirate should look like!

With White Beard in his current state, it was really too inferior.

It really made the Golden Lion can’t stand it anymore.

Although the golden lion himself is also old, the golden lion will not admit that he is old.

Holding his weapon tightly, he aimed a flying slash at Akainu, and slashed over.


From using swords with both legs to now using swords with both hands, Golden Lion’s swordsmanship has recovered by eighty to ninety percent.

Therefore, the attack power of this slash is quite fast.

Akainu felt an attack approaching him, and turned his head to look.

It was found that the golden lion attacked him.

Red Dog: “So that’s it! There is another fish that slipped through the net! I forgot.”

“Since that’s the case! Then I’ll clean up with you too, Golden Lion.”

There is also a golden lion that slipped through the net, but Akakenu forgot.

But now that the golden lion jumped out on its own initiative, the red dog is going to kill the golden lion by the way.

Although these old guys are indeed old!

Staying here is also a disaster, so it can be solved directly.

“Big fire.”

Although it consumes a lot and has little physical strength left, Akainu is a general.


With a physique like a monster, there is no problem at all to attack again.


The red dog’s magma fist and the golden lion’s flying slash collided together.

Akainu and Jinshi looked at each other from afar.

Akainu said: “Golden Lion, it seems that you really want to die early!”

“Then the old man will fulfill you.”

In the eyes of Akainu, the golden lion is already a dead person.


“Navy magma brat, you are really arrogant!”

While the golden lion smiled, he showed a vicious look.

In Jinshi’s view, Akainu, the magma kid, is no longer arrogant.

Just ignore him at all! How can the golden lion bear it? ?

So the golden lion also planned to kill the red dog, something that White Beard couldn’t do.

It was done by him, the Golden Lion.

He Jinshi doesn’t have a sick body like White Beard.

Just a broken leg!

In Golden Lion’s view, it didn’t affect his combat performance at all.

Therefore, the golden lion has great confidence that he can personally kill this ignorant lava kid.


[336] Red dog and death pass by with broken arm


The golden lion and the red dog are also ready to start fighting.

The standing white beard also slowly opened his eyes at this time.

Originally, Whitebeard should have died, but his strong willpower still allowed Whitebeard to support him.

At the same time, Whitebeard’s body was still burning with magma, but Whitebeard didn’t care about the magma at all.

Including Whitebeard’s body now, he couldn’t even move.

Whitebeard prepares to deliver the final coup de grace to slay the Magma Imp.

Don’t know where the power came from, White Beard clenched the supreme sharp knife Cong Yunqie.

The whole person flew out directly.

At this moment, the red dog is fighting the golden lion, and the golden lion is in the upper hand!

Relatively speaking, the state of the Golden Lion is much better than that of the Red Dog.

So when it comes to fighting, the Golden Lion can gain the upper hand, and there are reasons for this.

At the same time, Akainu’s perception has also dropped a lot now.

Basic knowledge and domineering are all things that can be used from time to time.

“Admiral Akainu, be careful! Whitebeard is behind you.” Some marine soldiers exclaimed.

They also all thought that Whitebeard had been killed by Admiral Akainu.

Unexpectedly, White Beard rushed forward so suddenly.

It is simply too exaggerated.

So they hurriedly reminded General Akainu, otherwise General Akainu would definitely be in danger.

And the red dog was fighting desperately with the golden lion, and he didn’t notice what was going on behind him!


When Akainu noticed that there was a murderous approach approaching behind him, he was also taken aback!

They were completely shocked. From Akainu’s point of view, Whitebeard should be dead.

Still continue to jump out? What are you kidding?

Under such a severe magma attack? How could it be possible to stand up? ?

It was too late for Akainu to make adjustments.

Because he was in the state of fighting the Golden Lion with all his might.

So there is no way to notice the sudden approach of White Beard!

Now Akainu became passive.

Time was running out for him, and he couldn’t make adjustments.

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