People Are Sailing: Domineering on the Top Declares the Whole World

Chapter 475

The red-haired Shanks was quick-eyed, and immediately reached out to grab his crew.

But the red-haired Shanks also overlooked one point, that is, Luo Chen’s throwing strength was not included in the calculation.

But there is no way, there is no more time for red-haired Shanks to prepare.

All he can do now is to quickly catch his crew, which is the most important thing for him.

Others, the red-haired Shanks didn’t think too much about it at all.

When the red-haired Shanks caught his crew, he was instantly stunned.

Because the red-haired Shanks didn’t know that this force would be so strong? ?

It was too terrifying.

Now that his legs are covered with armed domineering, he still can’t stand it? ?

What is this concept? It shows that the strength of Luo Chen’s throwing has exceeded the limit of the red-haired Shanks himself.

Along with the red-haired Shanks, this crew member was directly sent flying from afar.

In addition, Garp’s continuous fists followed.

Luo Chen’s domineering look had already sensed that Karp was approaching, but Luo Chen basically took his time.

Luo Chen: “Interesting!”

“You people are really cooperating more and more tacitly.”

“Very good, come on! Play to your heart’s content.”


Luo Chen’s every move accurately counteracted Karp’s attack.

No matter how violent Garp is attacking, there is no way to cause any harm to Luo Chen.

The most uncomfortable thing for Garp was that no matter how he swung his fist, it was like hitting cotton.

But this kind of cotton is not cotton, it is Luo Chen!

If the opponent fights back, Karp can’t stand it.

Cap yelled, “You **** kid.”

“It’s really not ordinary arrogance! Damn it.”

“The iron fist of the old man can’t even do any harm to you.”

If Garp hadn’t known that Luo Chen’s was too powerful, he would have started to wonder if there was something wrong with his iron fist? ?

Have your fists softened? What’s the matter?

But these are not, this is because Luo Chen’s combat power is too strong.

It will become Garp as if facing Luo Chen, it seems that he has no fighting power.

Karp himself dares to say that his strength can definitely be ranked among the top three in the world.

But at this moment, Luo Chen really beat him to pieces.

No way, who made this boy Luo Chen too strong? ?

I don’t know how to describe Luo Chen’s terrifying strength.

Garp himself can feel the most profoundly, no matter how hard he exerts himself.

It just couldn’t shake Luo Chen, it was too obvious.

What does this mean? Karp himself is very clear.

That was Luo Chen’s strength, which was far higher than him.


Otherwise, such a situation would not have occurred!


A very real problem is because of strength.

Luo Chen accurately blocked all the fists that Karp swung with his hands.

These incomparably terrifying fists are very powerful in the eyes of outsiders.

But in front of Luo Chen, it’s nothing more than mediocre!

Luo Chen mocked: “Karp, who is called a hero, do you only have this level of power?”

“Let’s use our strength to the fullest! Karp.”

Karp was also speechless by Luo Chen’s words, this **** could just stand and talk without back pain.

This bastard, Luo Chen, was so difficult for Karp to describe.

Of course Garp won’t be easily hit by Luo Chen boy and said: “Luo Chen boy, you really know how to speak!”

“Of course, if you can beat the old man to death, then give it a try!”

Garp was also unceremonious and directly sent boy Luo Chen back.

However, as soon as Garp’s voice fell, Garp felt a sharp pain in his stomach.

Because Luo Chen kicked Karp in the stomach.

And Luo Chen’s attack speed was so sudden that Garp couldn’t even react.

Luo Chen’s attack had been overlaid with the power of armed domineering and domineering domineering.

The terrifying power directly made Garp unable to bear it.

“Damn it, you’re so powerful.” Garp was instantly shocked by Luo Chen’s attack.

Garp was kicked out by Luo Chen.



“Lieutenant General Garp.”

“Lieutenant General Garp.”

The sailors were all worried because they were worried that nothing would happen in their karp.

They couldn’t do anything, and there was nothing they could do to help Lieutenant General Garp.

Even the Warring States Marshal couldn’t help, so he could only watch.

Now their entire naval headquarters has become very passive.

I don’t know what to do in the future.

Huang Yuan flew to Lieutenant General Garp and said, “Lieutenant General Garp, are you okay!”

Huang Yuan was a little terrified, but he could see clearly just now.

He was hit by Luo Chen’s armed arrogance and domineering arrogance at the same time.

If Huang Yuan could bear it by himself, it would be unbearable at all.

Now that Huang Yuan sees this, he doesn’t know why he feels very heartbroken.

Huang Yuan suffered Luo Chen’s blow just now, but his memory is still fresh!

Seeing Lieutenant General Garp like this now, Huang Yuan wanted to laugh for some reason.

But you have to refrain from snickering, if you snicker!

Huang Yuan was worried that he would be beaten to death by Lieutenant General Garp afterwards.

Garp slowly got up and said, “The whole stomach almost burst.”

“It’s amazing! Huang Yuan, you have to be careful yourself.”

Garp also quickly reminded Huang Yuan, because this guy’s armed domineering is not that strong.

If he was hit by Luo Chen, he would definitely be seriously injured directly.


The corner of Huang Yuan’s mouth couldn’t help twitching.

Why didn’t he understand what Lieutenant General Garp meant?

He was saying that he wasn’t that stupid, so he ran up to confront Luo Chen head-on.

How many more years does he want to live? If killed.

That is, if you are beaten to death, you will be beaten to death, and everyone will simply disappear.

Anyway, Huang Yuan has thought about it, and it will be fine to attack from behind when the time comes.

Huang Yuan no longer thinks about head-to-head matters.

Garp was knocked into the air, and Sengoku had no time to deal with him.

Because Luo Chen’s attack was already pressing towards him.

So Warring States had to think about how to deal with Luo Chen.

The Warring States period turned into the form of a great Buddha, and was hit by Luo Chen just now because he did not open the form of a great Buddha.

So that’s what caused the injury.

Now the Warring States period directly opens the Buddha form without saying a word.

Because this can increase the defense power, especially when Luo Chen’s attack power is so strong.

“Big Buddha Shockwave.”

The Warring States period pressed the palm of the Buddha against Luo Chen, spraying shock waves from the Buddha.

And Luo Chen watched the attack of Warring States calmly, that’s all!

Don’t care at all.


The shock wave of the Buddha hit Luo Chen, unable to cause any harm to Luo Chen at all.

Because of the shock wave of the Great Buddha in the Warring States Period, the entire move penetrated through Luo Chen’s body.

Warring States frowned.

He knew that this kind of thing would happen, so he was already preparing for defense in advance.

Anyway, the Warring States has figured it out.

The possibility of hitting Luo Chen is extremely slim.


Warring States hurriedly covered his body with both hands, and was about to start defending.

However, the attack imagined by the Warring States Period did not fall.

Now Sengoku is wondering? Why didn’t Luo Chen attack?

It was too strange, and made Warring States feel very wrong.

So the Warring States quickly looked over, wanting to see what was going on? ?

“What? People? Where did they go?”

It’s so strange that Zhan Guo hurriedly looked for Luo Chen’s figure?

Qingzhi reminded: “Marshal of the Warring States Period, be careful, Luo Chen is above you.”

Because Qingzhi was far away, he could see where Luo Chen was at once.

It was so obvious.

Zhan Guo was dumbfounded, he didn’t expect Luo Chen to run on top of him? ?

Zhan Guo quickly looked up.

After Zhan Guo looked up, he really saw Luo Chen’s figure.

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